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Lolitas At The Movies by Hawkheart29 Lolitas At The Movies :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 3 0
To An Abuser
You're a coward and a bully.
The tactics you use are disgusting and low.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
No decent human being would act the way you do.
Now you're scared because she realized she doesn't need you nor deserve the abuse you've given her.
Now you desperately try to regain the control over her you once had.
But she's finally breaking free.
You're filled with panic because for the first time you realize you're small and weak and nothing;
Without someone to put down, you can't inflate your ego.
She'll be glad to be rid of you.
You're pathetic
And not worth her's or anyone else's time.
The world moves on and you'll just be another lowlife no one will mourn.
Enjoy being forgotten.
:iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 2 1
Poison And Ivy by Hawkheart29 Poison And Ivy :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 4 0 Harley And Quinn by Hawkheart29 Harley And Quinn :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 3 0 Baby Shark by Hawkheart29
Mature content
Baby Shark :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 2 0
Fantastic Beasts Collection by Hawkheart29 Fantastic Beasts Collection :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 4 0 Ghost Says 'Boo!' by Hawkheart29 Ghost Says 'Boo!' :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 4 5 Fries And Burger Buddies by Hawkheart29 Fries And Burger Buddies :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 1 0 TMNT OC Yurihime Of The Kappa Blackwater Clan by Hawkheart29 TMNT OC Yurihime Of The Kappa Blackwater Clan :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 3 0 Gargoyles OC Pisces by Hawkheart29 Gargoyles OC Pisces :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 3 2 TMNT OC Celine Watson by Hawkheart29 TMNT OC Celine Watson :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 5 0 Cupid And Psyche Mardi Gras Necklace by Hawkheart29 Cupid And Psyche Mardi Gras Necklace :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 4 0 Cat Collar by Hawkheart29 Cat Collar :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 1 0 Little Starfire by Hawkheart29 Little Starfire :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 0 0
DBZ Race: Experimental Saiyans
DBZ Race: Experimental Saiyans
Template by Strickerplayer
Name: Experimental Saiyans.
Homeworld: All Experimental Saiyans are originally from Earth before they were abducted.
Culture: None; Out of the hundreds of people abducted and experimented on over the years, only 4 survived both the mutation and testing phases, leaving it impossible to develop a culture.
History: An alien race of scientists thought it was a shame that the Saiyan race was all but extinct. They decided to re-create the race but with their own 'improvements' to the species. They began kidnapping human children (mostly orphans or kids from broken homes; people who wouldn't be missed) and started altering their DNA. The aliens however wanted results right away, which meant the experimentations were rushed and careless. Many of their subjects died mid-mutation. Of those that survived many were unstable which led to their deaths (one example: A subject tried to create a kai blast, but her cells overloaded and, in a chai
:iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 4 3
Little Lunarian: The Truth
Little Lunarian: The Truth
Author's Note: This is an AU were people from the Moon Kingdom are naturally smaller than people from Earth (about the size of a child's doll). I don't own Sailor Moon.
Today was the day. Today Princess Serenity was finally going to tell Prince Endymion the truth. Show him the truth. She just hoped...he didn't reject her once he saw the real her.
Currently both Serenity and Endymion were sitting on a bench, tucked away in one of Elysian's many flower gardens. Endymion had his arm wrapped around Serenity's waist, while she rested her head on his shoulder.
Serenity sighed. “Endymion...” “What is it my love?” Endymion asked. He was slightly concerned, Serenity had seemed distracted and worried today. He hoped nothing was seriously wrong. Serenity pulled away from her prince. “There's something I need to tell you.”
“What?” He asked, his concern growing by the minute. Serenity was refusing to meet his eyes, her hands
:iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 1 0


Meanwhile in Hogwarts... by Maximilien-Serpent Meanwhile in Hogwarts... :iconmaximilien-serpent:Maximilien-Serpent 41 6 Inktober Day 22: Expensive by WolfJayden Inktober Day 22: Expensive :iconwolfjayden:WolfJayden 30 5 Fantastic Beasts by meganrenae-art Fantastic Beasts :iconmeganrenae-art:meganrenae-art 4 0 Fantastic Beasts: JacobxQueenie by Iksia Fantastic Beasts: JacobxQueenie :iconiksia:Iksia 9 0 tinkling bell noises by Meirii tinkling bell noises :iconmeirii:Meirii 125 4 Newt And The Zouwu by DorkWolf-Nightmare Newt And The Zouwu :icondorkwolf-nightmare:DorkWolf-Nightmare 15 1 yknow like,,, nyaa by dreamsley yknow like,,, nyaa :icondreamsley:dreamsley 7 0 A Nutcracker Cosplay by Elbeno62 A Nutcracker Cosplay :iconelbeno62:Elbeno62 8 4 Yugioh Vrains Blue maiden by leokearon Yugioh Vrains Blue maiden :iconleokearon:leokearon 27 7 Playboy bunnies by TrinaElaine Playboy bunnies :icontrinaelaine:TrinaElaine 3 0 Life Will Always Find A Way by DragonDogFilmsG Life Will Always Find A Way :icondragondogfilmsg:DragonDogFilmsG 230 70 Life Finds A Way by johnnygreek989 Life Finds A Way :iconjohnnygreek989:johnnygreek989 77 3 JJ: I'VE LOOKED AT CLOUDS FROM BOTH SIDES NOW by MystMoonstruck JJ: I'VE LOOKED AT CLOUDS FROM BOTH SIDES NOW :iconmystmoonstruck:MystMoonstruck 16 2 Flirty Angel Dust by FelicityForNow743 Flirty Angel Dust :iconfelicityfornow743:FelicityForNow743 11 0 Charlie from Hazbin Hotel by FelicityForNow743 Charlie from Hazbin Hotel :iconfelicityfornow743:FelicityForNow743 7 0 Redemption [Fanart] by Veemaxima Redemption [Fanart] :iconveemaxima:Veemaxima 19 2
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I got to meet him once, at a convention. I didn't have anything I wanted him to sign, but I did give him a quick sketch of my Marvel OC The Jade Dragonfly (Amanda "Amy" Jacobs) who was inspired by Spider-Man along with a note thanking him for the inspiration. She was my first serious OC and I owe her existence to his work. I plan on drawing a tribute to him, but idk when I'll have it posted. Rest in peace Stan Lee. 


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United States
My name is Ariadne (pronounced: air-ee-odd-knee)...that's all you're gonna get ;p

I'm a not-so-normal (weird) girl; my best friend's a teddy bear and my head's in the clouds most of the time. I enjoy reading and doodling. I sometimes write stories and poems but not often. I joined DA so that I could share my creations and recieve feedback on them.

My name is XanaduHawk and I will be posting my fanfics there as well as here on DA.



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