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The Mighty Three 2

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Location  Skyrim
Adonvlan Omoerus now knew his destiny, to defeat Alduin the World-Eater and save the world of Skyrim, possibly even that of Tamriel. He felt it ironic that he has finally been given a purpose in life, and yet felt knees weak about fulfilling the prophecy. Failure was always a possibility. If it weren't for the support of his lover Sofia and best friend Inigo, he might've felt more unsure of himself, given he's been suffering selective Amnesia ever since we awoke on the cart to Helgen. Sky Haven Temple, it was a place long forgotten by any Man or Mer in Skyrim, and yet has been well preserved throughout the ages. It dumbfounded him why the ancient Akaviri race got themselves involved to travel across the ocean to Tamriel and solidify the prophecy of the Dragonborn. Don felt as if he was put a player in the greater scheme of things. But if that was the case, what else did fate have in store for him. There was only one way to find out, to travel back to High Hrothgar and commune with the Greybeards. 
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Cool looking trio!

Ever thought about submitting these to art clubs?
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What is that?

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