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Reforging the Shattered

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Character  Dragonborn Dunmer
Adonlvan Omoreus wished that the siege of Windhelm felt like a distant memory. On any normal day, he wasn't one to start any wars. But as soon as he joined the Legion in hopes of reuniting Skyrim, he was determined as ever to end it. As much as he disliked spilling the blood of Skyrim's son's, he wished to see his kin liberated from the racial oppression of Ulfric Stormcloak. He always thought that if Ulfric really wanted independence from Imperial rule, he could've always persuaded High King Torygg rather than kill him. Despite what many people said, Don never saw Ulfric as a coward. To kill a High King and start a civil war in hopes of liberating your homeland was courageous and audacious, depending on the perspective. As he hammered away at a stone structure, a woman came along. At first she was silent, unmindful of his presence as she started to mend the broken stone as well. "Wait a minute...you look familiar..." She eventually said.

"Legate Adonlvan Omoreus. I'm the Dragonborn." He replied, stating his two most acknowledged titles.

"Dragonborn? The slayer of Alduin the World Eater! It's a privilege to stand by your side." The woman said, a hint of nervousness escaping her trembling lips. "I was at Kynesgrove the day you defeated that nasty Dragon Sahloknir. I had never been more thankful than ever to be alive. Tell me, what brings you here to Windhelm, especially at a time such as this?"

"I took part in the siege to end the Stormcloak rebellion. I hold myself accountable for the damage have caused, even though it might've been necessary. So I'm doing what I can." Don replied.

"I heard the Temple in Solitude was accepting donations to aid the repairs of Windhelm and establish renovations to the Grey Quarter." The woman said as she continued to hammer away.

"They are. But repairing an entire city is certainly no easy task. So I decided to donate about 10,000 Septims." Don said. The woman nearly dropped her hammer on her feet upon hearing that. 

"You...donated that much? But...can you even afford it?" She asked flabbergasted.

"You'd be surprised how much riches a Dragonborn such as myself can obtain in a fortnight or more." Adonlvan said.

"How delightful!" The woman replied. "How about we settle down at Candlehearth for a drink afterwards? I'll gladly pay."

"Sound like a plan." Don responded with a smile. He kept hammering on late into the afternoon as he heard shopkeepers spoke out for customers to buy their wares. Fortunately for Don, he already had some Goat Cheese and Jazbay Juice to sate his appetite. 
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