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United States
A cage inside,
Evil bound and soundly,
Always rattlin the bars,
Always bangin at the walls,
Always wantin out.
A Monster inside.
I always fear it's escape.

I use it's voice for fun,
My control so absolute and sound,
Always rattlin it's walls,
Always bangin on the bars,
Always teasing it from without.
This Monster Inside.
I always fear it's escape.

I find now it's conscious,
So vile and sound,
Always so slick at the talk,
Always so hard to ignore,
Always sounding like a man,
The Shadow it truly is,
I always fear it's escape.

Found Love and Care outside,
So sweet and calm,
This beauty so fun and controlled.
Always keeping the unknown calm,
Always keeping the rape-inside away,
Always helping me keep control,
The proverbial leash I needed,
No longer fearing it's escape.

Broken promise of Love and Friendship,
So broken inside,
This beauty breaking my castle of glass.
The glue and glass and fire,
clogging, cutting and burning me so.
My once Iron Fortress in ruins, 
Become as glass and broken.
I now fear it's escape.

The beast I find,
It's cage still as metal,
it's door hinges bent and bending.
The beast, through it's tiny window,
I see it's grinning eyes, knowing...
I am broken inside.
This Monster, My Monster.
Wonka's acid high, The Danger,
It must be growing, for I keep on rowing,
I show no signs of slowing...
Will I find that one to calm a Monster?
Will I find the one that will calm My Monster?
Or will I become my Monster?
  • Listening to: Monster - Imagine Dragons
  • Playing: League of Legends


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Happy birthday! :iconsapphire-plz:
Hawkbri Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
Thanks. I feel the same as I did yesterday, but here I am, another year survived, lol
DresdenQ Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
thanks for the watch
Hawkbri Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
Some people just have no sense of pride or intelligence... Come to MY page, post YOUR shit, and BLOCK me??? REALLY??? How much of a plebe must you be to do such a thing? Now bite thine thumbs and get off my page and out thee door and find a train station to take yourself far away from annoying those whose comments are truly hilarious and informative!

For those of my friends and fellow artists and commenters alike, should you see such people, just remember that "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate" and that you don't have to take their shit without fighting back, and you don't have to rely on DevArt admins, useless bastards that they are, with their useless lazy lawyers that should've had their law practice licenses revoked years ago...

Also: need someone to start making Torgo's Executive Powder... and lawyers should be part of it...
Shadow-pikachu7 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
well you shouldn't have been bullying
Hawkbri Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018
I guess you are way off from the times, if you're commenting on stuff 3+ years old.
Might I suggest you take heed of the Time Stamps before commenting?

If I remember right, the original comment was in response to, yet another plebe, commenting, ill-wishing, and then blocking, instead of opening a ways of communication, like the cowards that they are. You will never see me pull such actions, because pride and proof dictate my actions.

As for bullying, I won't deny that I used to be such a person for a short time. Far shorter than most who spent their entire lives trying to bully their lives ahead, and died trying.

If you would like to open a line of communication and keep a steady dialogue going, you are more than welcome here.
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"dare dare"

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