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-Giftart- Phoenix: Pyrokinetic



Soo, this is a gift piece from my good friend :iconchobaryu:.

I loves it. ^v^

Please, if you want to talk about the art, comment on ~Chobaryu's version of the image here, which I will be keeping an eye on. This one is here more so that I can put some backstory/personality to the character, and answer any questions about the character herself.

Art (c) ~Chobaryu, Character is mine. ^v^


The door began to glow as the armed male now trapped inside the basement cowered against the wall behind an overturned table. He fumbled a fresh magazine into his gun and tried to hide when the door melted into a puddle of molten metal. The firebird he had just tried to capture to sell stepped through the door, her ambient temperature enough to vaporise water. Flames flickered over her body like a gentle breeze and he stayed silent, hoping for mercy from the normally-kind bird. Only her eyes said he would get none. Then there was nothing but light and noise.

When the police investigated the following morning, they were baffled. The room was utterly bare, and the only thing in the blackness on every wall was an inverse silhouette of a sitting man, and a dribble of molten metal on the floor in a pile of ash. The officer in command shook her head and left. The black marks on the wall of the corridor outside, in the shape of a solid rectangle matched the shape of the now cool, but bubbled, doorframe. The only thing they could find as actual evidence was a single orange feather, untouched by the sheer heat of whatever had destroyed the room.

Upon entry of this into the police database, the case was considered unsolvable. The mention of the method of death, and the feather set alarm bells off in a monitoring facility far underground in an unknown location.

Phoenix had finally resurfaced, and now they would be able to hunt down the failed experiment gone rogue...
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