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orig species base recolours! (full hksdhs)

i find base recolours a lot of fun both to make and to receive so i did some of my favourite closed species, i hope you guys like these kids!! the examples shown here are all gifts ;v; the chime is Velums's, the nybian is jaywalkings's, the bab is burrdog's, the roo is Azurice's, and the minkin is Moriartea-time's! i couldn't be bothered to find examples for the yev and weaver but i thin you get the basic idea haha

:star: these are $15 USD or 1,500 points each.
:bulletyellow: the lucky chime and default (unedited) yevren are $10 or 1,000 points each. (if you want your yevren edited, it is the normal $15.)
:bulletyellow: there will be a surcharge of up to $5 or 500 points for complex designs.
:star: you will receive your character on your chosen base! expression, ears, tail, etc are all fully customisable. They come with this kind of weird minimal shading (although that's actually optional if you don't want it)

to order, comment here or note me with this form:
expression: (you can pick the defaults if you like, of course!)
additional notes?:
payment method:

i'm taking 10 slots a round, with one slot equaling one form, not one customer.
thank you for your time!

:star: round 1: :bulletred:
1. neonzebraas :bulletgreen:
2. Ponacho :bulletgreen:
3. Moriartea-time :bulletgreen:
4. CoffeeCupPup :bulletgreen:
5. ColdIko :bulletgreen:
6. albinosharky :bulletgreen:
7. CloverCoin :bulletgreen:
8. celesse :bulletgreen:
9. edelilah :bulletgreen:
10. Alunaa :bulletgreen:

:star: round 2: :bulletred:
1. Grimmald :bulletgreen:
2. landlotl :bulletgreen:
3. CloverCoin :bulletgreen:
4. Joestaro :bulletgreen:
5. Velums :bulletgreen:
6. Velums :bulletgreen:
7. Velums :bulletgreen:
8. Velums :bulletgreen:
9. celesse :bulletgreen:
10. celesse :bulletgreen:
11. MowenDesigns :bulletgreen:
12. MowenDesigns :bulletgreen:


lucky chimes belong to burrdog
nybians belong to aevei and nil
mantibabs belong to PhloxeButt
giraffaroos belong to paexiedust
minkin belong to SA1B0T and edelilah
yevrens belong to VanillaToxin
weavers belong to bananamantis

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© 2014 - 2021 hawberries
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Okeki's avatar
hawberries's avatar
oH i dont think i'll be re-opening them tbh ;A; i've kind of moved on from the style a bit? wAH IM SRY TO DISAPPOINT…
Okeki's avatar
BBY NO no disappointment!!! I totally understand! <333
JollyMutt's avatar
hawberries's avatar
nooo I don't have a baby yev base : (
HerWitch's avatar
ohhh noooo You're not taking anymore? ;_; I'd kill to have my weaver done *sobsob*
hawberries's avatar
aaa not for now, i'll open another round when i'm finished with the current slots! ;_; sorry dear :c
HerWitch's avatar
Its okaiii <3 thanks love
Nimbose's avatar
gonna have 2 git me a yevvie slot next time >8U
hawberries's avatar
AHH thank you for your interest!! sorry these all went at the speed of light skhdds
Nimbose's avatar
NAW IT'S COOL DON'T BE SORRY I'm like, super happy for you B)

hawberries's avatar
//v______v// tHANK YOU :HEART:
SA1B0T's avatar
rr missed again!!!!!
tfw i cant get art of my own species jk
hawberries's avatar
IM SO SORr YRYFGJDL;J lkdf slkd; sdjf omg DO YOU WANT ME TO HOLD A SLOT OR TWO FOR YOUR FOR THE NEXT ROUND. species creator privileges. idk
SA1B0T's avatar
OH MY GOSH!! OKAY... thank u Ur so nice fdfgf.. I WILL PAY EXTRA when the time comes for ur niceness
hawberries's avatar
fhkjsHSDH YOU … DONT NEED TO DO THAT… omg…… no… thats not necessary (thank YOU BUT NO)
dachsi's avatar
aarg next time CLENCHES FISTSSS
hawberries's avatar
IM SORRY EVERYTHING WENT IN LIKE 10 miNUTES HKJHKSJD thank you for your interest………
dachsi's avatar
totally fine. you're IN DEMAND. keeping me on my toes, lol
hawberries's avatar
ljfk thaNK YOU OMFG i feel bad… i better get all these done quickly so i can open moRE LMAO (they're really fun though so i hope i can aaaaa)
BlazeDeNosferatu's avatar
I'll snag one!! :"3 Weaver slot for sure
hawberries's avatar
slots are full for round 2 dear ;_; im sorry uhsdkjshd
BlazeDeNosferatu's avatar
*sobs* lol no worries <333
Next time!
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