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Zothxitchil, the Consumer



This is my entry for LordLevithan422's Titan Wars contest. [link]

Name: Zothxitchil, the Consumer

Category: Extraterrestrial

Height/weight: Variable


The origin of the creature known as Zothxitchil is lost in the mists of time. What is known is that he/she/it is millions upon millions of years old, a stranded member of an extra-dimensional race. He is trapped in our dimension, and as such in order to survive must consume the life energies of living things. Having watched entire races evolve and die out during his own lifetime coupled with the pain and loneliness of knowing he can never get home has driven the being hopelessly insane. He has long since given up any chance of ever returning to his home dimension, Zothxitchil no longer cares about the lives of other sentients, and wanders through our universe, feeding on those who cross his path.


Zothxitchil's body is highly amorphous, with only a rough humanoid shape and the barest basics of a skeletal frame. He has some control over his cellular structure, and is able to change size and shape at will.

Zothxitchil is able to create a hard shell-like structure around himself, by which he uses to travel through the stars. In this pseudo-asteroid form he's able to reside in suspended animation for the thousands of years it takes to travel between planets. The strain and energy requirements of interstellar travel will force him upon landing on an inhabited world to burst this outer cocoon and immediately begin to feed upon all organic matter.

The method by which Zothxitchil feeds is by absorbing organic matter directly into his cells through a form of parasitic osmosis. Living creatures are usually stuck within his own form until they are consumed, however even if one were to escape once infected it's only a matter of time before one is eaten from the inside out on a cellular level. Zothxitchil is only able to consume organic matter, and cannot effect soils, minerals, or metallic objects. Inorganic objects such as vehicles may be seen stuck within his body, but are quickly disposed of once their organic occupants are consumed.

The ability to control every cell in his body makes Zothxitchil a formidable opponent. Normal physical attacks do no damage, as there are no vital systems or organs to injure. Damage to his rudimentary skeletal structure may incapacitate him momentarily. Zothxitchil is able to withstand the extreme cold and lethal radiation of outer space, although he may be vulnerable to extreme heat based attacks. Those who are "infected" by Zothxitchil can also be cured by quickly raising their body temperature (i.e. fever) although this in itself often proves lethal to living beings. It is also not known how much control he could maintain upon dispersal of his body equally over a large area.
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Damn, that's pretty beast...