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The Hydra

The Hydra was the guardian of the underworld, slain by Hercules in Greek myth.

Another that will go up on Freaks, Mutants, and Monsters tomorrow:


Remember I post a new monster there every day (and only occasionally here on deviantart ;)

8.6.12 - Apparently this image gets around a lot, and is appearing on several dozen blogs., wikis, and other sites. My favorite so far is this page, where it appears they used it (without my permission) in some kind of political newspaper in Tajikistan:

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I would like permission to use this image please? this is for an trade magazine. how do i go about it?
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Please send me a private message. 
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Reminds me of Ghidra. 
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Awesome job of the Hydra! :wow:
Hi Hawanja,

can I use your image for my column in a column for primary care physicians? Of course I will put your name beneath it.


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Sure go ahead. When you have it up send me a note with the url so I can check it out.

Hi Hawanja, check this out: [link]


May I use your hydra image on my personal blog? [link]

Thank you!
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Yeah sure, go ahead.

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May I use this Hydra picture for an RPG Monster Manual I am working on. Not Commercial just for inhouse fun.
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Sure, be by guest.
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thank you very much
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I like how you have the heads an odd number - for some reason, they just seem to look better than if they have an even number of heads...
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Just Splendid!Great Work:)*i think i spelled splendid wrong*
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its cool how hydras are never alone :3
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The Hydra has a Japanese counterpart, the Yamata no Orochi (Eight Branched Giant Snake). It was slain by a storm deity by the name of Susanoo
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7 dragon heads are always better than one!
looks like the mighty king ghidorah and is therefore spectacular! nice work.
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