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We gladly consume those who would subdue us.

Favourite Visual Artist
Wayne Barlowe, Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, Brom, H.R. Giger
Favourite Movies
The Toxic Avenger, Nightmare before Christmas
Favourite TV Shows
I don't watch TV
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Residents, Tool, Devo, Tori Amos, NIN, Jane's Addiction, Radiohead, P-Funk
Favourite Books
Stuff with scary monsters in them
Favourite Writers
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Noam Chompsky, H.P. Lovecraft, Frank Herbert
Favourite Games
C&C: Renegade, C&C 3, Metroid Prime, Primal Rage, Double Dragon, Mario games, Mortal Kombat
Favourite Gaming Platform
All of them
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Paper, Photoshop, Acryllics.
Other Interests
Long walks on the beach, Yelling at old people, kicking small dogs, starting World War III.
You know, Trump has been around for a couple of years now. It's not like he's a new name in politics, no. I mean the guy has a reputation as a con artist on the level of P.T. Barnum. So why the hell are people buying stock in his obviously worthless company? As of this writing shares in DJT have lost more than half of their value. Did anybody really think it would turn out any differently? I mean seriously folks, it's not like this is the first time Trump has fleeced the living F out of his flock. Last month this guy was selling shoes that you can find on Ali Express for twenty bucks for five times as much. Two weeks ago he was selling sixty dollar bibles. Last year he fleeced the red hat crowd out of millions over freakin' NFTs. Every single thing this guy is involved with is one giant rip-off. Maybe this will be it. Maybe losing thousands and thousands of dollars will wake the red-hats to the reality that they've been getting bootie-ranked by this fascist carnival
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When A.I. first made the scene a few years ago I wasn't too afraid. Images made by A.I. were weird and wonky, and video was a sloppy unintelligible mess. But those days are quickly disappearing as the latest offerings from companies such as Sora A.I. are capable of output that nearly matches Hollywood quality. I think we, as artists, are going to be in for a rude awakening. This has the capability of putting entire industries out of business, and also the potential for small time creators to compete with million dollar productions from their bedrooms. In this episode we review some of the demo reel from Sora A.I. and discuss the future of employment, not just as an artist but employment in general. How long before there's an A.I. that can write a web page, create a video game, or output high quality video with human looking characters? How long before pretty much every office job is automated? We also talk about A.I. in relation to scams, fake news, and other related subjects.
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Americans have always been a mistrusting people, since the very beginning. If there's one trait that all Americans seem to have, it's a healthy distrust of authority. This mistrust is even built into the very structure of our government - three branches which continuously check and balance each other, because no one side can be trusted to hold too much power. However this predilection comes with a downside, that being a very large number of Americans are vulnerable to Stupid-Conspiracy theory bullcrap. Belief in conspiracy theories is so widespread in this country that whenever any event of significance occurs and is reported on in the news it will be absorbed and folded into the greater conspiracy theory narrative, and the Superbowl is no exception. The conspiracy theory goes like this: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelece are not really dating, but instead are in a fake relationship. Then the superbowl was going to be rigged so that the Kansas City Chiefs would win, then was Taylor Swift
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Thank you for a watch and all faves :hug:

Thanks for the fave!

Thxs for the fav :)

Going well. I recently got an offer to use one of my pieces as a book cover.

Hey right on!