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Its my new theme, its KDE for XP !! Feel like linux user :) True its only skin but I like kde style, now windows look like kde.

Please comments and report any bugs! :D
Package include:

Version 0.1
- Visual Style (no shell)
- Wallpaper (*.bmp) 1152x864
© 2006 - 2021 havocki
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Many thanks for that! Looking very nice on Wine!
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This is awesome for Wine if you're using the old Plastik theme sets. It'd be awesome to see an update for Oxygen. *goes to see the rest of your work*
Yeah, would be nice to see one for the KDE 4.10 Oxygen theme
Nice, please port the oxygen theme from kde 4 to Windows (so the applications under wine looks more native)
i like it too much thnx
Fantastic! Thank You for sharing it! =)
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if I can get the DL link to work... (stupid DA :P), I'm thinking it would go along well with this icon set:

[link] (nuvola theme for XP)
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looks like plastik theme for kde 3.1, keep the good work :D
Great vs, my favorite!!!

Thanx for sharing
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Plastik is'nt trendy right now :P.
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Styl jest naprawdę extra . Tylko jeszcze jedna mała prośba , mianowicie czy mógłbyś dorzucić jakiś schemacik kolorków ?? Najlepiej pomarańczowy i czarny . :)

pzdr :w00t:
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Great : )

Will you add a shellstyle
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i like it
but i think the start menu is a little bulky.
and is there any shellstyle matchs this skin ?
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it looks a bit bulky for my tastes, but I can tell you put effort into it. ignore the flamers, everyone needs to start somewhere!
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Fantastic... No, it's simply exceptional.
Yep, exceptional.
Piece of shit.
For any future designer - this is a "must-have" in the Junk folder.
You've f*cked up the beauty and smoothnes of KDE, thanks.
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Fantastic work!!!!
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it really looks good!
really nice
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Dorzuć schematy kolorów jakieś i zmień czcionki na na przykład Tahomę.
Najfajniej byłoby spotkać schemat kolorów a la Kubuntu Edgy Eft Beta ;).
Good theme but the big bold fonts everywhere look horrible. unless there's some font I need ti install, because none were included with the vs
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i like it! Even though a version with an Windows Flag on the Start Button would be cool ;)
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Thank you so much! :+fav: :D
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