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A/N: Standard disclaimer.


Havoc's dream

Havoc was in some strange hallway and the only path he can go is forward. As Havoc walk forward he can hear a little girl crying.

Havoc: Who's there?

Havoc decided to use his Xtreme speed to head towards the end. As he reached the end he saw a little girl curled up and crying.

H: Why are you so sad?

Girl: (crying) They're gone!

H: Who's gone?

Girl: My best friends!

H: What happen to them?

Girl: They ran away... to protect me.

H: But, they're still alive right?

The little girl was in the shadows.

Girl: I don't know? ...but I know one thing.

H: What's that?

The little girl got up and walk towards him.


The little girl was a young Dawn Bellwether and she was envelop in a dark purple aura.

H: Dawn? What are you doing?

Dawn: HA HA HA!

H: I know this energy, it's the leftover energy of the...

D: Goodbye, wolf breath.

Dawn put a hand in front of him and evil energy was starting to build in front of it.

Havoc was a little frighten.

H: Dawn, don't do this, this is NOT you!

Dawn eyes went from green to red and yellow.

D: Heh.

Dawn only smirked as the energy in her hand grew more powerful.

Havoc slowly closed his eyes.

H: I know this is a dream, all I need to do is wake up.

???: Is it a dream or something far worse to come.

Havoc open his eyes and saw strings attach to Dawn. Havoc looked up to see a female figure with an evil smile.

H: Who are you?

Evil lady: There aren't no strings on me but they're on you.

H: Let her go, she is NOT your puppet!

Evil lady: All that power you have, and yet you're still very VERY naive. All I see is prey and I'm not talking about prey animals. In this world or any world, there are strong ones and weak ones, the weak ALWAYS obeys the strong or they die.

H: (This lady is NUTS)

Evil lady: Kill him my little puppet.

D: Yes ma'am.

H: Oh cru...

End dream.

Havoc woke up and rolled off his bed.

H: Ow... what time is it?

Havoc checked his phone.

H: 3am? Good grief.

As Havoc went back to sleep. He can't help but think about that dream he had.

H: At least I know one thing I got from that dream. Dawn, was a pawn of something really big. Only problem is, when will it happen?


Havoc had good rest despite the dream he had.

Havoc: (yawn) That was a good rest.

Havoc notice he can't move parts of his body.

H: What the... why can't I move?

Girl's voice: (flirty) Because I'm on top of you silly.

Havoc's eyes shot wide open to see Gazella Lionheart A.K.A. Zella A.K.A. Gazelle on top of him with a big smile on her face.

Zella: (flirty) Wake up sleepy head.

A/N: Just letting you know Zella usees a geek/valley girl ascent.

H: (blush) I would but... you're on top of me.

Z: Am I?

Zella slowly flutter her eyelashes.

H: (blush) Yes and BTW this is the 1st time I see you in your PJ's. And let me tell you, you look FINE.

Havoc quickly cover his mouth.

Z: (blush) Why thank you.

A/N: This is what her pj's look like:Lindsays PJ's

Z: BTW how's your time with Miss Dawn coming along?

Havoc gave her a so-so gesture.

H: Hard to say, every time that I talked to her she just gives me the same angry look.

Havoc imitate Dawn's angry look and Zella can't help but laugh.

Z: (laughing) Well, got any plans to lighten the mood?

H: I... got one.

Z: ooo are you going to tell her your "secret"?

Havoc had a determined look.

H: Yes, it might break the ice (I hope).

Z: I think it's a great idea. She can keep a secret big as this.

H: Thanks, can you do me a favor?

Z: Sure, what is it?

Havoc clears his throat.


Z: Oh, sorry(giggle).

 opening song: [link]

Chapter 2
A rough start and a surprising truth

Day 14 5:30pm

2 weeks has passed and still Havoc was going nowhere with Dawn. He's been telling her about his best cases so far and still she gives him the same angry glare.

Havoc: Come on Dawny B, would you please stop giving me that look it's starting to get a little annoying.

Dawn: No.

H: Please?

Havoc gave her a small smile.

H: I'll tell you a big secret about me.

Dawn raised an eyebrow.

D: A secret? (ooo sounds interesting) oh... ok fine.

H: Awesome (ok, am I really doing this).

Havoc gestured Dawn to come closer.

H: Come on I'm not gonna bite.

Havoc got out of his seat and walked closer to Dawn.

D: um... can you...

H: Oh, yes yes sorry.

Havoc got on his knees.

D: Does it hurt?

H: No, not really.

Havoc gently grabbed Dawn's hips.

H: See, I'm not a scary guy and... wow!

Havoc started to feel Dawn's sides.

H: Dang girl underneath that wool... you got some fine curves.

Dawn blushed.

D: Thank... you.

Havoc blushed as well.

H: You're... welcome ( I forgot that I'm touching a cute girl).

D: (clears throat) So... are you going to tell me your BIG secret or not?

H: (clears throat) Oh... yes, yes I am.

Havoc took a deep breath.

H: Dawn, have you ever heard about parallel and/or alternate worlds?

D: Kind of, why?

H: (ok, here goes everything)

H: I'm... from one of those worlds.

D: What!

Dawn had a surprised look on her face.

D: How's that possible?

Havoc scratched the back of his head.

H: It's a long story.

Dawn shook her head.

D: Ok wolf breath I know you're a rare kind of wolf and the things you do are incredible and amazing (did I said that out loud). But, I need proof.

H: Ok, ask away.

Dawn took a deep breath.

D: Question 1: What is the name of your planet?

H: Earth... well Prime Earth so you won't get confused.

D: Prime... Earth? Where is it?

H: At the center of the Multiverse.

D: Ok, Question 2: Are there any blue fur wolves other than you?

Havoc cringe a little.

H: (nervous laugh) heh heh not necessarily.

D: What do you mean?

Havoc took another deep breath.

H: Dawn, the reason I look like this in this world it's because the reflection of my heart.

Dawn gave him a confused look.

D: Ok, so what are you anyway?

H: I'm a... human.

D: Hu... man?

H: (sigh) Yes.

D: What do you look like on your Earth?

H: Hold on, I got a picture of myself on my phone.

Havoc took the phone out of his pocket and showed the picture to her.

D: Wow, I didn't know you wear glasses.

H: Well, I only look like that in other worlds like mine. If I went to a world that is a bit more "animated" I will look completely different.

D: Really? Do you have a picture of your other human form?

H: (sweat drop) Yes I do.

Havoc showed Dawn the other picture.
A/N: It's the guy on the left:MMZX Ultimus- Vent And Aile
D: Wow, you look... handsome.

H: Thanks.

D: Could you please tell me how you able to do all of this?

Dawn gave him the puppy dog eyes.

D: Please?

H: Ok, ok I'll tell you. Please put those away!

Dawn gave him a warm small smile.

H: Lets get back to our seats. This is going to take a while.

And so Havoc told Dawn everything about him about the Sword, the friends he made, the Forgotten Wars, the Dragons, the many many worlds he had been to and lastly the Dark Spark.

3 hours later...

H: And that's it in a LONG nutshell.

Dawn was shocked and awed.

D: Wow! Can I... ask one more question before you go?

H: Sure.

D: (clears throat) Question 3: Who else knows about your secret?

H: Judy, Nick, Zella and her family.

D: What! Leo and Cassie knows?

H: Yeah, like I said, Leo and I are old friends.

D: Hold on, does that mean Leodore and Leo were...

H: Yeah.. that's a story for another time.

Havoc checked the watch on his phone.

H: It's getting late I gotta go.

D: Oh, alright.

As Havoc was about to head out, Dawn stopped him.

D: Lamar, ...thank you.

Havoc gently smiled.

H: you're very welcome Dawn.

And so another day has passed and another day their friendship grows. What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out.

  To be continued...

Ending song:[link]
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btw it's available now.
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