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Metroid Prime

Last boss of Metroid Prime - no refs

Metroid Prime @ Retro Studios and Nintendo
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is the meassage from the game that the dangerous species of the all is the metroid and can elolute to a human . So humans are a sup species of metroids ? o.o
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nice so now i ask all of those girl drawing samus fans why do every one draw dark samus as a woman and not like a man
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well...2nd to last boss...kinda...maybe...idk would you classify the Spider and Essence of MP fights as different bosses, since they fight VERY differently? or just cause Retro said they're both Prime that their then the same boss? arg i hate being so tired DX

anyway, VERY nice job. stumbled across this one while listening to the Samus vs Metroid Prime track on the soundtrack :D
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is dis wen u frst c prime,wen u enter her lair and her head pops out?
coz its kwl :)
gud job
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I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the face reminds me of Andrew Jones. And that REALLY creeps me out.
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Creepy, but as close to the original as I'll ever see!
wow it looks a lot more humanoid now, but its still creepy!
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i forgot about the creepy human face it had in its first form, great job man, i love it!
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wow!! GREAT JOB!!!
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Thanks. Glad you like it :)
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