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HMS New Zealand by haventon HMS New Zealand :iconhaventon:haventon 3 0
HMS New Zealand - Battlecruiser
According to a recent poll New Zealand is the second most peaceful country in the world.  I’m not sure why we came in behind Iceland but I am prepared to accept the result.  During the 20th Century things were different.  New Zealand participated in both World Wars and several other wars that resulted from them, such as Korea and Viet Nam.  
At the beginning of the century we even participated in a naval arms race, despite not having a navy.  These are very expensive races to join and looking back it seems illogical that we wanted to pay for a ship that in time of war would serve on the other side of the globe.  The New Zealand Government was not forced to do so.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time.  Looking back, it is very difficult to see why. There is more chance of the Pope converting to Islam, than of New Zealand doing the modern equivalent.  Pay for a nuclear-powered submarine to be built for the Royal Navy.  
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Battle for a bed :iconhaventon:haventon 2 0
Carrie the Gladiator 1 by haventon
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Carrie the Gladiator 1 :iconhaventon:haventon 19 0
Carrie the Gladiator 2 by haventon
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Carrie the Gladiator 2 :iconhaventon:haventon 19 0
Denise teaches myths of Troy.
Denise thought of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as being foundation stories of Western Civilisation.  She did not however expect her class to appreciate this.  In our modern technology-oriented world, the art of verbal storytelling is being lost.  Denise decided that the best way to show her class why these poems had such an impact was to give a performance worthy of a bard from long ago.   This involved changing a few things to fit the story but it should be well worth it.
Denise explained to her class that for many years it was assumed that the epic poems were pure fiction.  This was a reasonable assumption as the stories are full of Gods, Goddesses and monsters.  Scholars thought the city of Troy was a myth.  Homer did not live during Classical Greek period and was writing of the distant past.  Troy existed during the Bronze Age when Mycenae was the most important of the Greek cities.
Heinrich Schiemann was the first to come to this conclusi
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Helen's duel at Troy. :iconhaventon:haventon 2 2
FMO magazine cover 2 by haventon FMO magazine cover 2 :iconhaventon:haventon 4 2 FMO magazine cover 1 by haventon FMO magazine cover 1 :iconhaventon:haventon 1 0
Second Chances 6
Getting together
Nebulina hated being ordered around by Orchid in the forest and it was only the promise of linking up with their support group that kept her quiet.  They stayed in the forest until they were well ahead and out of sight of the posse before re-joining the road.  It was getting dark when they got to the meeting place.  All the pent-up frustration of the day flowed out of the princess.  Once again, her hopes had been dashed.
“Where are my servants?  Where is the rest of my stuff? I needed eight mules and I’ve only got one” she complained bitterly.
“Stop your whining, you’re lucky to get that.  A mule was needed to carry a tent and useful supplies.  The second one is a luxury.  Now get over yourself and clean your horse”, said Orchid, her temper straining at its leash.
“It’s not fair.  Everyone else has a weapon except me.  I will only clean her if you give me one of your Samur
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Carrie  the painter 1 by haventon
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Carrie the painter 1 :iconhaventon:haventon 35 5
Carrie  the painter 2 by haventon
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Carrie the painter 2 :iconhaventon:haventon 41 4
Second Chances 5
The escape
Orchid had wanted to plan their escape with input and cooperation from Nebulina.  This
became impossible when the princess proved she was incapable of keeping a secret. This was the main reason her last attempt to escape through the Badlands had been caught so easily. Everybody that mattered already knew about it.  The princess also had no concept of travelling light.  Her idea of roughing it was to travel with a pack train of mules and a mere handful of servants.  To provide such a tempting target for potential thieves made no sense to Orchid, but Nebulina insisted.  She would rather have had a caravan but since there was no road she compromised and agreed to manage with only eight mules.
Nebulina’s attempt to escape by sea taught her nothing.  She only intended to visit the Britomart to check it out.  If satisfactory she would return with luggage and servants.  This helped convince the King and others that Orchid and friends mu
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Denise teaches royal history
The girls in Denise’s history class were buzzing with royal news from Britain.  A new baby and a marriage coming up raised a few questions.  The girls wanted to know why Catherine had not been made a princess when she married William.  Seven years ago, back in 2011, magazines, newspapers, TV and social media were full of stories about Princess Catharine.   A lot of people were disappointed when they found out she only became a duchess.  Denise explained that the news media make stuff up to produce a better headline.  This is then copied by others who don’t really care.   You only become a princess on marriage if you marry someone who is a prince of somewhere, such as Wales.  The British Royal family can trace their ancestry back over a thousand years and don’t change protocol just to please the media.  The prince in question normally becomes a Duke of somewhere so that his wife can have the title of Duchess.  There is
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F.A.N.Y. by haventon F.A.N.Y. :iconhaventon:haventon 0 0 Carrie's  Judo Class by haventon
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Carrie's Judo Class :iconhaventon:haventon 83 12


Teela vs Zanta 29 by conley1959
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Teela vs Zanta 29 :iconconley1959:conley1959 15 9
Neighbors 11 by This-Cat-Has-Claws
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Neighbors 11 :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 36 66
Pin-up, Katie by Florentinoart Pin-up, Katie :iconflorentinoart:Florentinoart 140 8 pin-up, Sofia by Florentinoart pin-up, Sofia :iconflorentinoart:Florentinoart 180 12 pin-up, Natalia by Florentinoart pin-up, Natalia :iconflorentinoart:Florentinoart 255 27 Keep Your Eyes On the Hands by AtomicKirby Keep Your Eyes On the Hands :iconatomickirby:AtomicKirby 67 6 Suddenly the huntress yanked the slave backward by DannnyRau
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Suddenly the huntress yanked the slave backward :icondannnyrau:DannnyRau 9 0
Slowly Linn's forearm sunk into Drika's throat by DannnyRau
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Slowly Linn's forearm sunk into Drika's throat :icondannnyrau:DannnyRau 8 0
Dangerous intruder by Dendory
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Dangerous intruder :icondendory:Dendory 46 13
Tsundere by Dendory
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Tsundere :icondendory:Dendory 18 7
Rainbow Mika Versus Panthera 10 by DreamCandice
Mature content
Rainbow Mika Versus Panthera 10 :icondreamcandice:DreamCandice 69 35
RECHARGED by This-Cat-Has-Claws RECHARGED :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 21 31 Huntress Duel 01 by DannnyRau
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Huntress Duel 01 :icondannnyrau:DannnyRau 14 5
Teela's Three Challenges 25 by conley1959
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Teela's Three Challenges 25 :iconconley1959:conley1959 32 12
BCLS: Pvt Clarissa Dickens on the Chopping Block by perzianverzian
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BCLS: Pvt Clarissa Dickens on the Chopping Block :iconperzianverzian:perzianverzian 34 6
Teela's Three Challenges 13 by conley1959
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Teela's Three Challenges 13 :iconconley1959:conley1959 35 18



HMS New Zealand
This is the battlecruser whose story is told in the accompanying article.  
According to a recent poll New Zealand is the second most peaceful country in the world.  I’m not sure why we came in behind Iceland but I am prepared to accept the result.  During the 20th Century things were different.  New Zealand participated in both World Wars and several other wars that resulted from them, such as Korea and Viet Nam.  
At the beginning of the century we even participated in a naval arms race, despite not having a navy.  These are very expensive races to join and looking back it seems illogical that we wanted to pay for a ship that in time of war would serve on the other side of the globe.  The New Zealand Government was not forced to do so.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time.  Looking back, it is very difficult to see why. There is more chance of the Pope converting to Islam, than of New Zealand doing the modern equivalent.  Pay for a nuclear-powered submarine to be built for the Royal Navy.  
The original offer was for New Zealand to pay 1.7 million pounds for a dreadnought.  This was modified slightly when larger guns meant an increase in the size and cost of battleships.  We paid for an Indefatigable class battle-cruiser instead to keep within the original budget.  This class were about the same size as the early dreadnoughts but with one less gun turret and less armour.  The weight saved was used to increase the size and power of the propulsion machinery to give greater speed.  The ships had coal fired steam turbines that were heavier and bulkier than the gas turbines and diesels used in modern warships.  To explain why New Zealand was so generous it is best to start from the beginning.  
New Zealand was late being settled.  It did not become a British Colony until 1840 when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed with the local Maori.  This period also marked the end of two centuries of stable naval design.  In terms of size and firepower Sovereign of the Seas 1637 is similar to HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805.    This was the battle that set the seal, after centuries of conflict, on British naval supremacy. In the century after Trafalgar they fought none while the ships changed out of all recognition.
During the 19th Century steel and steam replaced wood and sail.  Guns increased greatly in size and power.  Battles could be fought at a much greater range.  Armour was used on the bigger ships its appearance soon followed by the armour piecing shell.  The torpedo was invented and the little boats to carry them.  The battle fleets had to include Torpedo Boat Destroyers for protection.  These versatile ships were soon referred to simply as destroyers and trained to attack a rival battle fleet with their own torpedoes.  Destroyers of this era were much smaller than they are in modern times.  They were tiny in comparison with the battleships.  Tasks that needed a medium sized ship were performed by one of the several types of cruiser.  These tasks included operating independently and scouting ahead of the battle fleet.  Duties that used to be performed by frigates.
At this time New Zealanders were proud to be part of the biggest and best Empire in the world.  To protect this Empire Britain had the world’s largest navy.  The Royal Navy was designed to be large enough to take on the combined forces of whoever was second and third.  The navy kept Britain safe from invasion and from being blockaded. Instead of being starved into submission Britain could blockade her European enemies and ruin their trade.  In the early years of the 20th Century Germany mounted a serious challenge to the Royal Navy’s supremacy.  This naval race climaxed with the two sides building as many Dreadnoughts as possible.  The term Dreadnought needs explaining.
Theoretically all elements of the fleet should work well together.  There is however a problem with theories that also applies to manufacturers’ claims.  They is no substitute for battle experience.   Nobody can afford to start a war just to test a theory.  A much cheaper option is to observe two other countries have a battle and watch carefully what works and what doesn’t.  Russia obliged by taking on another empire that was a protégé of the British.  While this was an empire that kept many of its traditions they were also avid students and imitators of the Royal Navy.  They had their warships built in Britain and their Emperor was an honorary Field Marshall of the British Army.   This is of course a long time ago.  This was back when Britain had a massive ship building industry and Emperors couldn’t have too many fancy uniforms.  Have you guessed it yet?  I am referring to Japan.  
How what was originally the Russian Baltic Fleet travelled 29,000 kilometres, only to get totally smashed by the Japanese in Tsushima Strait, is a fascinating story.  They had many difficulties to overcome, such as getting enough coal.  The British had an extensive coaling network but refused to help the Russians on their way to fight a British ally. The Russians had to make other arrangements.   I don’t have the space to do justice to the story despite feeling it deserves to be better known.  
The reason I have included the Battle of Tsushima 1905 into this article, is the effect the outcome had on battleship design.  Admiral Togo had been trained by the British and had British observers on board his ships during the battle.  They noticed that while the battleships carried a range of different sizes of guns, only the biggest were truly effective.  The observers would also have admired the way Togo handled his fleet.  He used his advantage in speed with great skill to dictate the way the battle would be fought.  He completely outmanoeuvred the Russians and virtually wiped them out.
Battleships of that period carried a variety of guns for a reason.  It was expected that the size of the splash would indicate which size of gun had fired the shot.  The range could then be altered by changing the elevation of the gun.  Under battle conditions this proved to be impractical.  This problem was made worse by the individual gun turrets making different estimates of the range. It was not until the Second World War and the invention of radar that a truly effective method was found.  There have been refinements but this is the basis of the methods used today.  
The British observers on the Japanese ships learned other things from the battle.  The big guns proved to be even more effective at long range.  A far greater range than what any previous battle had been fought.   This confirmed the theories that “all big gun” battleships would be more effective.  That centralized firing would be more accurate and if it was possible to fit turbines to large ships the increase in speed would be useful.  It was time for the next step in battleship evolution. It was time for HMS Dreadnought to be born and make every other battleship in the world obsolete. .
She carried ten 12-inch guns rather than the four carried by earlier battleships and was faster.  All this was achieved for only a modest increase in size.  While not usually credited with being the first ship to introduce centralised firing she was immediately put to use in an experimental gunnery programme to benefit the many similar ships that followed.  A fleet is only as fast as its slowest ship as they have to be kept together to fight effectively.  This meant that the old style armoured cruiser also became obsolete.  These began to be replaced by Dreadnought like battle-cruisers sending the older ships to fill secondary roles.  The older battleships became known as pre-dreadnoughts.    
Some historians claim that the British was foolish to start the race by building the first dreadnought.  I think they are missing the point.  With the rapid development of ships and the improvements in technology the building of such a ship became inevitable.  If Britain had not got in first someone else would have and the Royal Navy would be forced to try and catch up.  With regards to HMS Dreadnought there were problems as there often are with experimental ships.  By 1916, only ten years after her completion she was considered not quite good enough to be part of the Grand Fleet that fought at the Battle of Jutland.  This was fought by newer ships the core of the fleet consisting of 28 dreadnought battleships and 9 battle-cruisers. They included HMS New Zealand.
Some New Zealanders would have found it exciting to be part of an arms race.  Especially the large number that still considered themselves to be British.  It was their empire that was being threatened.  The Government would have used this sentiment to gain public support.  The Royal New Zealand navy was not formed until 1941 as before then there seemed to be a need for one.  Japan was a stanch ally of the British Empire and we were thousands of miles away from any possible threat.   It made a lot more sense for the new ship to be based in European waters rather than the Pacific..  There was only one condition.  She must be called HMS New Zealand.  
There already was a HMS New Zealand in the Royal Navy but not for long.  The older ship, a pre-dreadnought battleship of the King Edward VII class, was promptly renamed Zealandia to free up the name for the new ship.  The public of New Zealand were happy with the arrangement especially in 1913 when HMS New Zealand made a good will visit to our shores. The British were very grateful to have such a fine ship paid for by New Zealand.  She cost 1.7 million pounds, equivalent to $265 million today. People came to visit her in their thousands eager to see if the tax payers had got their money’s worth
The eleven-week tour of HMS New Zealand was a huge success.  It is estimated that 500,000 people, half the total population of the country came to visit the ship.  This begs the obvious question as to why?  What was there to see? The most impressive feature of the battle-cruiser were her four gun turrets.  Each weighed 450 tons and mounted two 12-inch guns that could fire a shell weighing 386kg a maximum distance of 18 kilometres.  The gun barrels were about 14 meters long.
She visited as many ports as possible and numerous gifts were exchanged and presentations made.  The most interesting were those from the Maori people.  These consisted of a piupiu or warrior’s skirt and a hei-tiki.  Frequently shortened to tiki, this was a greenstone pendent.  These items were blessed by magic to keep its owner safe in battle.   The captain wore them in  battle and had no cause to regret doing so.  HMS New Zealand became known as a “lucky ship.”
During the war HMS New Zealand fought in all three of the major North Sea battles; Heligoland Bight, Dogger Bank and Jutland.  Despite this she was only hit once and this caused no serious damage or casualties.  Other ships were not so lucky.  Three British battle-cruisers, including sister ship HMS Indefatigable, were blown to pieces at Jutland.  They paid the price for sacrificing armour protection for speed.  Not following proper safety protocols in order to increase their rate of fire, also contributed by turning what would have been serious damage into disaster.
HMS New Zealand survived the war, but her days were numbered.  The British Empire had been on the winning side in the war but the cost in men and money had been far too high.  Britain could no longer ignore world opinion and budget restraints.  In 1922 a navy treaty was put in place to prevent another ruinous navy arms race.   The Royal Navy was quite literally cut down to size.  As well as restrictions on new construction most of the existing battle fleet was scrapped.  Three later battle-cruisers were converted into aircraft carriers.  After making another triumphant tour in 1919 HMS New Zealand’s luck had finally run out, although a memento still survives.  The family of the last captain of HMS New Zealand returned the piupiu to its country of origin.  It occupies pride of place in the Navy Museum, Torpedo Bay in Devonport.  Well worth a visit.  Ther are also two 4 inch guns from the old ship outside the Auckland War Memoria; Museum.  
I have included a link to a locally made video clip.  It gives extra details and features the piupiu and guns mentioned above.  While viewing the clip it is however important to remember that size is relative.  HMS New Zealand is far bigger than any ship that has ever served in the New Zealand navy.  Modern combat ships such as the frigate HMNZS Te Kaha, look small when compared.…
HMS New Zealand specifications
Displacement 18,500 tons
Length 590 feet     Beam 80 feet
Speed 25 knots
Armament- 8 (4x 2) 12 inch guns, 16 ( 16x 1 ) 4 inch guns, 2 ( 2x1} 18 inch torpedo tubes.
Armour – Belt 6 inch, deck 1.5 – 2 inch, turret 7 inch.
Indefatigable class battlecruisers would have been an impressive sight in their day.  It is however best not to get too carried away.  Second World War battleships such as the Iowa class are far larger.      
HMS New Zealand - Battlecruiser
The fascinating story of this warship is one of generosity, loyalty, battles fought and there is even a touch of magic.  It deserves to be better known.  

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The beautiful young blonde gave a contented smile as she walked towards the Boxing Stadium.  It was very satisfying to have the desired effect on people she passed and she found it amusing that friends failed to recognise her.  Cora didn’t normally wear snug fitting mini skirts that showed off her great legs and shapely body.  She normally wore either jeans and a loose-fitting top or mechanic’s overalls.  The reason for the dramatic change was quite simple, she was hunting for man.  Not just any man of course, Cora wasn’t that kind of girl, but one that was very special to her.

The lucky man in question was Tony “The Tank” Sherman, a promising middleweight boxer fighting on the under card. Cora was determined to meet him and claim him for her bed.  Tony was handsome in a rugged sort of way with just enough of a bad boy in his personal life to make him irresistible to the blonde.  Cora had seen him fight on TV and the sight of his muscular body in action made her tingle with desire.  She had also read an interview with him in a boxing magazine.  She liked all the answers he gave especially the ones about girlfriends. He didn’t have anyone special in his life and thought that his ideal girl would be hard to find. When pressed further as to what such a girl would be like, he gave a very accurate description of Cora.  She had convinced herself that it was their destiny to be together and no silly little rules were going to get in the way.

The security guard watched Cora as she approached the gate and liked what he saw.  He appreciated her shoulders, her nicely rounded hips and the way they combined to emphasise the slimness of her waist.  Sid noticed that her superb breasts had a nice natural jiggle to them as she moved towards him, on lovely legs with a swift purposeful stride.  This was a girl on a mission.  Sid often amused himself while on duty by trying to guess people’s occupation.  By the time Cora stopped in front of him he had her labelled as either a professional sportswoman or a fitness model.  Cora thought he looked friendly but realized that didn’t mean he would believe her little white lie.

“Hi, one of the round girls has failed to turn up so Bernie has hired me as a last-minute replacement.  May I get through to the changing rooms please,” she asked politely.  

“Sure, come on in.  There’s no doubt about it, Bernie’s got great taste,” responded the guard.

Cora thanked him as he let her through the gate. Getting in had been a lot easier than she had expected and encouraged by this Cora started moving towards the changing rooms.   Unfortunately, just as she was approaching she met a group of men coming the other way.  She recognized Tony’s manager Greg and also the promoter Bernard Burrows.  Cora tried to dodge them but it was no use.  They had seen her and Bernie called out.

“I’m sorry honey, the public aren’t allowed back here.”
Cora already knew that and decided to try and flirt her way past the group.

“I’ve only come back here to wish Tony good luck for his fight,” she said in a soft seductive voice.
It didn’t work.  Someone at the back of the group made a joke about her spelling luck with an f, while Greg reinforced Bernie’s earlier comment.

“There is no way that is going to happen so you might as well head back the way you came,” he said brusquely.  

Cora could see no alternative but as she turned to leave the promoter spoke up.
“Not so fast honey, loose the dress.”

“What,” the startled blonde exclaimed, as she got ready to make a run for it.

“You only get back here if you work for me and one of our round girls has failed to show up. Zoe thinks she can force me into giving her more money next time. If you are interested in taking her place, loose the dress; if not take a hike,” Bernie explained.  

So that is why she had got past the guard so easily.  What Cora had thought was a little white lie was partly true.  She didn’t normally strip off in public but the note of challenge in the promoter’s voice couldn’t be ignored. In one lithe fluid motion the shapely blonde gripped the hem of her dress with both hand and peeled it off over her head.  After some thought she had decided to wear a white bikini under the dress in case she had to masquerade as a round girl while hiding out in the changing rooms.  Doing the job for real suited her purposes even better. Cora knew that the tiny swimsuit showed off her gorgeous tanned curves to perfection and hoped that if she could get the job, Tony would find her irresistible.    

“Well, what’s the verdict?  Am I round enough for you?” she asked with a giggle.

Her impromptu strip met with the unqualified approval of the group who were all quick to complement her.  The job was hers and with it the promise that she would get to meet Tony.  From then on the evening went brilliantly.  Tony won his fight and fell for Cora in a big way.  So much so that a quickie in his changing room was no longer an option.  The possibility of a long-term relationship beckoned and Cora didn’t want to try and start it from a one-night stand.   She wanted their first time together to be something special and it would be so much better if he could take her somewhere nice for a couple of days.  Tony was a little worried that this might be expensive but Greg came to the rescue.  He invited them to stay at his beach house the following weekend.  Cora agreed happily to this.  She didn’t want Tony to get the wrong impression and think that she was high maintenance by insisting on a resort.      

Tony picked her up the following Saturday morning for the long drive out to the beach.  It was a beautiful day and the time was spent talking about cars, various sports and other interests they had in common.  They stopped for lunch on the way and arrived at the lovely secluded beach by mid afternoon.  After meeting Greg’s wife Pat, they had a brief tour of the house and started to get packed away in the guest bedroom.  Up to this moment things had gone very smoothly, but a knock on the door changed everything.  It was Buster Hart, a retired ex-champion on a surprise visits to his old friend and ex-manger. Unfortunately, his arrival had caused a problem.  Buster had come with his girlfriend Zoe who objected to being put in the kids’ room. The only solution was to ask politely if Tony would mind switching rooms with them.  If Tony had been alone he would have been happy to oblige but having Cora with him made a big difference.  

“I’ve been invited here with the hottest girl I’ve ever met and you want us to swap a Queen-sized bed with satin sheets, for a pair of bunks.  You’ve got to be kidding,” he replied with a chuckle.

Buster smiled as he ran an approving eye over Cora curves and started to back out of the room, only to be pushed back in.  A tall slim redhead came in after him wearing only a flimsy negligee over a thong.  Her face was classically beautiful, her attitude superior, her breasts large and expensive, which the little baby doll negligee made little attempt to hide.  Cora hated her on sight even before she gave a little whoop of delight, threw herself on to the bed, rolled on to her back and gave a sexy wriggle. She was unconcerned that she was giving Tony a flash of her boobs as she sneered at Cora. She then turned her attention back to Buster;

“Get rid of these losers darling.  I want to go to bed, and not because I’m tired,” the sexy redhead purred.

Cora was furious and feeling overdressed.  A moment later she was stripping for action..  

“Get out of our room bitch, or the only bed you will be spending any time in is one in the nearest hospital,” Cora snarled as she peeled off her shirt and threw it aside.

“Did you just threaten me grease monkey,” the redhead said contemptuously.

“Of course I did you idiot,” replied Cora as she prepared to climb on to the bed by taking her shoes off..

An expression of delight announced the arrival of Greg and one of horror from Pat gave notice of her intention to intervene.  She screamed at the two boxers to grab their girlfriends, which they did, although there was nothing they could do to cool their tempers.  Greg wasn’t happy either.

“What’s the matter Pat?  What’s wrong with these two wildcats having a fight? They are obviously pretty keen on the idea,” he complained.

His wife finished getting an alarm clock she was about to throw off Zoe before replying.
“I have no problem with them fighting for the bed, just one with them fighting on it.  I know you love a good girl fight.  I just want them to settle it where they can’t break anything valuable,” Pat replied.

“How about the training ring in the basement. I’m sure you have some gloves that will fit them,” suggested Buster.

The girls both agreed enthusiastically to the conditions and got off the bed to stand with their men.  Cora could see that the idea excited Tony and her body tingled with fierce pleasure at the thought of what would follow the bout.  A glance across the room at her rival gave her another reason to welcome the chance to tangle with the swimsuit model.  Zoe and Buster were looking very smug and pleased with themselves.  Zoe angry reference to Cora as a grease monkey showed that she knew the blonde was the mechanic who had replaced her as round girl.  If Cora had been given a choice she would rather have taken the fight outside.  She was certain that she could take Zoe in a no rules brawl. Unfortunately, it was too late for that now.  She was committed to a formal boxing match, a format in which she could well be at a serious disadvantage.  

It only took a few minutes to get things organized.  Zoe didn’t want to change so to Tony’s delight Cora stripped off her jeans.  Down to bra and panties she listened carefully to the other conversations in the room as Buster and Tony laced up the girls’ gloves. The surprise visit didn.t make sense until it was revealed how unwelcome Zoe was.  Pat and Greg thought Buster should go back to his wife.  If he had called ahead some excuse would have been made to put him off.  Tony was excited by the idea of watching Cora fight and she had no intention of letting him down.  Zoe would have to pay for the insults and for trying to ruin Cora’s weekend.  She would have to pay in pain.    

Greg checked to see that both girls were ready and then rang the bell to begin round one. Zoe’s extra height and reach gave her an advantage and it was obvious from her stance that she’d done some serious training.  Cora planned to counteract this by getting in close and slugging it out.  The young mechanic figured that she was stronger and tougher than her foe and would win if she could turn the boxing match into a brawl.  This was obviously the last thing that Zoe wanted to do.  Up on her toes she was dancing around the ring flinging out left jabs whenever Cora came close.  The blonde soon tired of this and tried to get close but her rival’s skilled footwork and left jab held her off.  Zoe enjoyed showing off and taunted the shorter girl.  Most of the blows either missed or got blocked but enough got through to sting Cora’s face and get her worried.  Chasing after Zoe wasn’t working; it was time to try something else.  Cora decided to keep her distance to see how her opponent would react. If she could get Zoe to attack her she might be able to counter punch if she stood her ground.  Zoe reacted with boasts and insults.

“Oh dear, poor little girl has realized she’s no match for me.  Had enough already Grease Monkey,” Zoe sneered contemptuously.

“I’ve had enough of watching you audition for Dancing with the Stars.  I thought we had come down here to fight,” Cora replied.

“Happy to oblige you dumb bitch,” Zoe replied as she moved forward to punish her cheeky opponent.

She hit Cora on her right tit with a jab and then backed off.  So did the blonde, giving a plaintive little cry of pain as she did so.   It worked; Zoe gave her the opening she wanted.  Fully convinced that she had given Cora a severe pounding the redhead moved in to finish her rival off.  She hit Cora in the face as she approached with another left jab but when she tried to land a right cross to the jaw she got a nasty shock.  Cora deflected the punch and stepped in close. Now it was the model’s turn to wince in pain as the mechanic’s fists thumped into her body.  The redhead hit back but all thoughts of slugging it out soon evaporated.  Cora was short on formal boxing experience but she knew how to throw a punch.  A solid right to the belly winded the model and the following left hook struck a glancing blow to the boobs that destroyed Zoe’s flimsy negligee.  The redhead was soon in full retreat with Cora in hot pursuit.  The model had learned a painful lesson.  The more curvaceous mechanic was tougher than she looked and packed a heavier punch.  Zoe would need to soften her up a lot more before closing in again.  Playing with her rival was no longer an option and she now knew that her left jab was not hurting Cora enough to bring her down.  The bell sounded the end of round one.  The girls went back to their corners and a very different reception.

Tony was lavish in his praise.  He told Cora she was putting up a fantastic fight and he was very proud of her.  He was worried about her getting hurt and was delighted that she was ok and eager to continue the fight.  After lovingly wiping her down and giving her a drink of water, the bell sounded for the start of round two.  He gave her a tender kiss and told Cora; “Go get her Gorgeous.”

Zoe’s reception was rather hostile in comparison.  Buster was clearly disappointed in her  performance and started criticizing everything she had done.  Zoe already knew she had made some mistakes.  She didn’t need Buster carping on about them.  He only commented on her exposed breasts when the bell rang to start round two; “Not much point in keeping that on,” he said as he pointed to the torn negligee.  

Angrily Zoe tore off the ruined garment and moved forward to meet the advancing blonde. The boxer started using combination punches determined to hurt the brawler as much as possible while darting in and out of range to avoid getting hit.  This she was able to do, effectively working on her rival’s face and boobs, but she was no longer having it all her own way.    

With her opponent coming on to her at last, Cora was able to land some body punches of her own.  The punches were too few to tip the balance but hard enough to slow Zoe down.  Patiently Cora waited for another opening.  Zoe’s desire to hurt the blonde involved taking risks that a more prudent boxer would not.  It wasn’t long before she took one too many and Cora made her pay.  The blonde was able to block an incoming combination and anticipate where the redhead was going to move.  A left hook thudded into Zoe’s flank and the follow up flurry of punches forced her into a corner.  Distracted by the pain Zoe was briefly unable to defend herself as Cora launched a two-fisted assault on her belly.   Desperately the embattled model tried to push the merciless mechanic away and lunged forward and down.  Her teeth barely touched the blonde’s heaving breasts before latching on to the little scrap of cloth between her D-cups.  Thinking she was about to get bitten Cora sprang backwards, tearing the bra in the process and leaving herself wide open.  Zoe put everything she had left into a massive right haymaker that landed flush on Cora’s jaw and sent the blonde sprawling to the canvas.  

Cora’s head was fuzzy but her natural fighting instinct was in fine form.  It wasn’t just the force of the blow but being hit while off balance that had decked her.  The tearing of her bra was partly responsible for this so it was discarded as she rose to continue the fight topless.  She made it to her feet on five and noticed with grim satisfaction the dismay in her opponent’s eyes.  Zoe was hurt and looked exhausted.  Cora smiled at the confirmation of her original assessment.  

She was not only tougher but also fitter than her rival and now it was her turn to go on the offensive. She went after the model who immediately backed off.  It was no use.  Cora’s fists had done their work well and robbed the dancing boxer of her agile footwork.  Cora went after her and tried to work her foe into a corner.  Sensing the danger of getting trapped Zoe tried to get past her pursuer but failed to make it.  Cora rocked Zoe with a left to the belly right to the jaw combination that had the redhead reeling.  Desperate to avoid more punishment Zoe flung her arms around the blonde to tie her up in a clinch.    

With the girls hot sweaty bodies clamped together it became more of a wrestling match.  This suited Cora just fine.  She started to squeeze the redhead and push her forwards.  A feeling of satisfaction came over the blonde as she felt her enemy’s body weaken in her grip.  Frantically Zoe tried to struggle free.  Cora let her go after she had stopped writhing and unleashed her fists to explain why.  A solid left thudded into the exhausted model’s midriff making her gasp in pain as she leaned forward at the waist.  Timed to perfection a thunderous right hook met the side of Zoe’s jaw and sent the redhead crashing to the floor.  Pat started to count the wrecked redhead out.  Zoe staggered to her feet just in time to be saved by the bell.

Their little audience gave the girls a big cheer but Zoe didn’t appreciate it.  She was hurt and her desire to continue the fight was completely gone.   In contrast the beautiful blonde brawler was looking forward to knocking her rival out in the final round as she had promised.   Focussed on breathing deeply Cora was a truly awesome sight.  Tony seemed mesmerised by the gentle rise and fall of her magnificent breasts. Cora was delighted by the effect her glistening body was having on him.  She had no interest in the affect it was having on others.  

In the opposite corner the situation was quite the opposite.  Zoe wanted to call it quits and was trying to get Buster to agree.  Suddenly she realized why the champ was so distracted.  His eyes were elsewhere feasting hungrily on Cora fabulous frame.  His mind was an open book.  He was no longer interested in just switching rooms, he wanted to switch girlfriends.  The bell sounded for the third and final round.  Slowly Zoe’s pride and anger forced her wounded body up.  There was no chance of negotiating an honourable surrender, it would either be victory or go down fighting.  

Cora was concentrating on Zoe and was unconcerned with the champ’s admiration.  She was surprised how aggressively the redhead came out for the last round.  It was a welcomed surprise and Cora moved forward to meet her adversary.  Zoe tried to hit Cora with a double left jab to the face followed by and right hook to the body.  The blonde blocked the jab and wore the powerless hook as she moved in for the kill.  A vicious left to each of the redhead’s boobs sent her flying back into the ropes.  She stumbled as she bounced off clutching her tender tits, crying out from the pain.  Zoe got straightened up; the hard way.  Her mouth was still wide open when her gaping jaw met Cora’s right fist.  The blonde had set herself to put the full weight of her gorgeous body behind an uppercut that snapped Zoe’s mouth shut as it stretched the model back to her full height.  For a heartbeat she stood upright, lights out but the ropes preventing her from going backwards.  She only got a small bounce from them but it was enough to pitch Zoe’s rigid body forward in a swan dive to the canvas.  She lay there face down, spread eagled and unconscious while Pat went through the formality of countering her out.  

Tony didn’t bother waiting for it to end.  Highly aroused by the fight he came into the ring to hug his girlfriend and give her a twirl.  Cora thought it was rather rude to race off without thanking their hosts, but they understood and approved.  Tony scooped Cora up again and carried her to the bed she had battled for so fiercely. It didn’t take them long to decide it was definitely worth the effort.  
Battle for a bed
This is one of my older stories I have just found while going through some files.  It is a bit dated by its depiction of round girls but after a bit of tweaking I think it stacks up ok. 
Am I the only one disturbed by the unholy alliance between the do-gooder prudes and the porn industry?  SHOCK HORROR PROBE, you didn’t know there was an alliance?  You want evidence?  Read on and all will be revealed.
We all know about the do-gooders.  They spend a lot of time watching material they know in advance they are not going to like, just so they can complain about it and spoil the enjoyment of others.  I assume they get a buzz out of getting catfights deleted from You Tube.  As they polish their halos while basking in self-satisfaction I doubt if they ever give a moment’s thought to the long term consequences of their actions.
The catfights that have been deleted still exist.  Many have found a new home on porn sites.  Despite not being porn they are welcome there because they make excellent bait for attracting new customers.  If for example a teenage boy wants to watch girls in bikinis have a food fight he is forced to do so on a hard core porn site whether he wants to or not.  He has no option because the fights have been removed from his channel of choice by the self-proclaimed protectors of public decency.

Personally I don’t like porn although I have no problem with people of appropriate age watching it.  I only go there because Femfight Europe is one of my favourite catfight websites and they have numerous links to them.  On the 18th June their blog entry included links to three family friendly food fights.  Femfight Europe is a mature website that contains all aspects of female combat.  These include regulation boxing matches and the occasional film fight that may also feature on a porn site.  I don’t think the fight from The Ramrodder featured on the 31st March belongs on a porn site either, despite the second part of the fight being topless.  It’s a classic Western that used to be on Dailymotion.  As evidence I have included a link to the site so you can check it out for yourself.  I prefer to stay with the little window rather than crossing over completely.  Security issues.…

I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe that the support given by the do-gooders to the porn industry is entirely coincidental.  There are many examples of private actions going against publically expressed opinions in our society.  Who is to say that all the complainants are genuine?  It makes sense that sellers of pornography would complain about material on a more popular site only because they want exclusive rights to use that material.  There is no doubt that some people will complain just because they like complaining.  Why should their pleasure be allowed to trump the pleasure of others?  How about making them prove that they really were offended and are not being paid for their protests.  Prove they are not pawns of the porn industry.

Having catfights classified as pornography has implications far beyond the film industry.  It is at risk of becoming a taboo subject in art.  If environmentalists want to get noticed they could spice up their campaign to save the rain forest by producing a calendar.  Its title could be “There is a fight going on for the world’s rain forests, whose side are you on.”  After some introductions and necessary stripping for action May onwards would depict two girls in tiny bikinis fighting in the jungle.  The controversy this would stir up would be great publicity.  There would be plenty of space to put in relevant facts on each page.  I like the idea and will do some more work on it although I realise it will never happen.  One of the unfortunate consequences of having scantily clad catfighters classified as porn.


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