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CANGARA at Belfast, ME July, 2017 by haventon CANGARA at Belfast, ME July, 2017 :iconhaventon:haventon 1 0
Jungle Castaways 1 Journey to Disaster
Lady Daphne had never got on well with her mother.  Daphne was a Daddy’s girl.  Her father was the Earl of Shrewsbury and in the British Colonial Service. She had spent an exciting childhood travelling with her parents to the outposts of Empire.  At the age of fourteen all this changed. Worried that Daphne was becoming something of a wild child and wanting to further her education her parents packed off to boarding school in England.  
She was enrolled at Cheltenham Ladies College in Gloucestershire where she spent the next four years.  Daphne had always had a keen mind and a thirst for knowledge.  Both of these attributes flourished in the academic atmospheres of one of the few schools for girls that valued such things.  There was of course a period of adjustment.  A couple of bullies needed to be sorted out with her fists and unwanted discipline had to be endured. After rather a rocky first year it all became well worthwhile. She had made
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Vicious catfight by haventon
Mature content
Vicious catfight :iconhaventon:haventon 46 10
Mature content
Denise fights for a student :iconhaventon:haventon 9 8
Denise teaches different versions of WWII.
Denise was running a little late for her class and got there after the students.  She arrived just as class was about to start and found them arguing.  She wasn’t too bothered.  At least they were arguing about history.  Denise settled them down as threats of violence were being exchanged and got the story of how it all started.
Dillon had been telling his friends about his favourite President and war hero.  His glowing account had been interrupted by Jake who informed the class that John F Kennedy should have been court marshalled for incompetence.  While he got the class to agree that would have spoilt JFK’s chances of getting elected, his suggestion infuriated Dillon.  
Most of the class didn’t know enough about Kennedy to have an opinion one way or the other. They just agreed with the boy they liked the best.  Denise decided that the first step in settling the dispute was to give the class some background information.  
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Jungle Knife Fight  by haventon
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Jungle Knife Fight :iconhaventon:haventon 72 9
Jane and the Lost City by haventon Jane and the Lost City :iconhaventon:haventon 6 3
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Jane fights for a throne :iconhaventon:haventon 6 2
Pudding wrestling by haventon Pudding wrestling :iconhaventon:haventon 8 0
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Gatecrasher :iconhaventon:haventon 4 2
WDRTE Sanna by haventon WDRTE Sanna :iconhaventon:haventon 27 4 WDRTE Ayak by haventon WDRTE Ayak :iconhaventon:haventon 19 3 WDRTE catfight by haventon
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WDRTE catfight :iconhaventon:haventon 15 0
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
This movie was made by Hanner and released in 1970.  I would love to see it remade and released in 2020 as a 50th anniversary tribute to the original.  With the advances made in CGI during the last fifty years the end result would be truly spectacular.  The success of the Jurassic Park franchise shows that dinosaurs are still very popular.
It is well known that dinosaurs and people existed millions of years apart.  Making such a movie would defy logic if everybody cared about such details.  The undeniable evidence that millions of people don’t care is supplied by the success of Kong – Skull Island 2017.  The Producers don’t even try and put together a logical plot.  They don’t care that their movie doesn’t make sense and the pubic agree.  They go out to be entertained not educated.  
Skull Island is suddenly discovered in the South Pacific during the Viet Nam War.  This area was explored extensively during
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HMS New Zealand by haventon HMS New Zealand :iconhaventon:haventon 4 1
HMS New Zealand - Battlecruiser
According to a recent poll New Zealand is the second most peaceful country in the world.  I’m not sure why we came in behind Iceland but I am prepared to accept the result.  During the 20th Century things were different.  New Zealand participated in both World Wars and several other wars that resulted from them, such as Korea and Viet Nam.  
At the beginning of the century we even participated in a naval arms race, despite not having a navy.  These are very expensive races to join and looking back it seems illogical that we wanted to pay for a ship that in time of war would serve on the other side of the globe.  The New Zealand Government was not forced to do so.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time.  Looking back, it is very difficult to see why. There is more chance of the Pope converting to Islam, than of New Zealand doing the modern equivalent.  Pay for a nuclear-powered submarine to be built for the Royal Navy.  
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The Huntress whispered back - you dare? by DannnyRau
Mature content
The Huntress whispered back - you dare? :icondannnyrau:DannnyRau 6 1
Sneakin' Up From Behind Me, Detective? How Rude... by Pinup-Fantasies Sneakin' Up From Behind Me, Detective? How Rude... :iconpinup-fantasies:Pinup-Fantasies 25 1 Jewess Breaks Arm Of Female Hitler Youth For Win by drewhammond
Mature content
Jewess Breaks Arm Of Female Hitler Youth For Win :icondrewhammond:drewhammond 24 3
Custom Jungle Queen: Sheena 2 by billvolc Custom Jungle Queen: Sheena 2 :iconbillvolc:billvolc 15 0 Cavewoman Rampage Cover G by Amryl
Mature content
Cavewoman Rampage Cover G :iconamryl:Amryl 5 2
Why cant they just get along like us? (LS) by Cenafan12
Mature content
Why cant they just get along like us? (LS) :iconcenafan12:Cenafan12 99 6
Amazon by apocspost
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Amazon :iconapocspost:apocspost 74 16
Barbarian Princess By Nathanomir by Cityhunter77 Barbarian Princess By Nathanomir :iconcityhunter77:Cityhunter77 35 17 Teela vs Zanta 95 by conley1959
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Teela vs Zanta 95 :iconconley1959:conley1959 26 16
Teela vs Zanta 99 by conley1959
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Teela vs Zanta 99 :iconconley1959:conley1959 47 29
Flag Test by AFCombat
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Flag Test :iconafcombat:AFCombat 69 9
In the Works: Tribal Jungle by avs3d
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In the Works: Tribal Jungle :iconavs3d:avs3d 52 7
Meriem vs Lil - Nude Catfight by icejaw19
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Meriem vs Lil - Nude Catfight :iconicejaw19:icejaw19 39 11
The Soul Age by TyrannoNinja The Soul Age :icontyrannoninja:TyrannoNinja 66 9 Chiyoki Cave Girl Catfight CHY1 KJK by kjkilbourne
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Chiyoki Cave Girl Catfight CHY1 KJK :iconkjkilbourne:kjkilbourne 49 7
Shadows of Brimstone: Jess Cartwright (NSFW) by Maelora69
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Shadows of Brimstone: Jess Cartwright (NSFW) :iconmaelora69:Maelora69 245 18



Lady Daphne had never got on well with her mother.  Daphne was a Daddy’s girl.  Her father was the Earl of Shrewsbury and in the British Colonial Service. She had spent an exciting childhood travelling with her parents to the outposts of Empire.  At the age of fourteen all this changed. Worried that Daphne was becoming something of a wild child and wanting to further her education her parents packed off to boarding school in England.  

She was enrolled at Cheltenham Ladies College in Gloucestershire where she spent the next four years.  Daphne had always had a keen mind and a thirst for knowledge.  Both of these attributes flourished in the academic atmospheres of one of the few schools for girls that valued such things.  There was of course a period of adjustment.  A couple of bullies needed to be sorted out with her fists and unwanted discipline had to be endured. After rather a rocky first year it all became well worthwhile. She had made several really good friends that she remained in contact with.  

Daphne graduated as a cultured, stunningly beautiful young lady, with the world at her feet.  Mother was delighted, for a change, and immediately arranged meetings with a series of eligible young men.  Mother’s choice in men soon provoked a series of rows between them.  Daphne was determined to find her own man when she was ready.  She rejected suiters of good breeding and wealth just because they were idiots, something her mother never understood.

Daphne wanted to go to Singapore when her father was appointed Governor.  Reluctantly her mother went along on one condition.  If after two years Daphne had not found anyone, they would return to England.  The next two years passed happily but far too quickly for Daphne.  She enjoyed helping her father and getting her mother worried.  She did not however object when the Countess insisted, they return to England.  She had a cause to go to.  

Once there Daphne virtually ignored high society and joined the suffragettes.  Passionate about getting women the vote she soon became one of Emily Pankhurst’s bodyguards.  Mother did not approve as she saw no need for women to be bothered by politics.  When Daphne got arrested for assaulting a policeman during a demonstration mother was absolutely horrified. She decided it was time to get back to Singapore.  

The first part of the journey was pleasant enough.  They took a passenger liner to Calcutta.  It was while in India that Daphne realised that her mother was up to something.  The Countess was playing matchmaker, again.  The journey to Singapore would be completed on a luxurious steam powered yacht, the SY Imperial.  The son of the owner was on board and the Countess was determined that he was the man for Daphne.

Her daughter saw things very differently. She wanted a man that she could respect and fall in love with.  Daphne’s first impression of Herbert Hill-Willis was of a stupid ferret faced weedy little man.  From there her opinion of him dropped still further as Herbert tried to impress her with his family’s wealth.  Unfortunately, in such a small ship he was impossible to avoid and he had a lot of trouble in taking no for an answer.  

Five days into the nine-day voyage Daphne was standing by the rail on the front deck staring moodily out to sea.  She had finally managed to discourage Herbert by threatening to punch his face in, only to have the ship’s first officer try to flirt with her.  Lieutenant Rawlins had been keen on Daphne from the start of the voyage and had been waiting impatiently for Herbert to be dismissed.  Now at last he felt safe trying his luck without risking his job.  He was handsome, a perfect gentleman and so boring that Daphne was having trouble not yawning as he droned on about ships.  She was coming to the conclusion that the captain was the only interesting man on board when her mind was changed by the sudden appearance of a handsome young stranger

The man was wearing rather dirty overalls, unbuttoned almost to the waist.  This marked him as working class, but somehow the label just didn’t fit. He walked towards them with all the confidence of an aristocrat.  He was looking straight at Daphne who according to her class should have ignored such a bold approach.  Sensing her companion’s annoyance, she gave a gentle toss of her long dark hair and a welcoming smile.  For such a man to ignore him while approaching a titled lady, like he was her social equal was absolutely intolerable to Rawlins.  The obvious fact that she didn’t mind made it even worse.  

“Get back to work.  The crew are not permitted here,” the officer said angrily.  

“Settle down mate, I’m not staying.  I’ve just come to ask Daphne if she would like another bridge partner for tonight,” the man said cheerily.

The voice was calm and friendly, the smile warm and genuine.  The young handsome face had a rugged charm about it that went well with the graceful movement of his well-muscled frame. The lady was intrigued by the offer, the first officer was infuriated.    

“I am not your mate Taylor, I’m your superior officer.  And kindly address Lady Daphne in the appropriate manner,” Rawlins blustered.

“He just did.  If a man is playing bridge with me, I don’t expect him to use my title.  Shall we say seven o’clock in the main salon, um, Mister Taylor?” Daphne said as she tried not to laugh at how uncomfortable the officer looked.

“I’ll be there Daphne, and it’s Bill,” he said in reply.  

The Countess of Shrewsbury was horrified when she heard that one of the ship’s stockers was going to be their fourth at bridge that night.  She had to admit that he couldn’t possibly be a worst player than Herbert but was still far from happy. She was in the process of reprimanding her daughter when Bill walked in dressed in an expensive suit.  The Countess stopped in mid-sentence and for a few seconds just stared at him.  

“Oh my goodness.  Where has he been hiding,” she said abuzz with excitement as she noticed he was coming towards them.

“In the engine room.  He’s Bill Taylor our fourth for bridge tonight. Scrubs up pretty nice doesn’t he? Daphne said amused by her mother’s reaction.  

“That darling is quite possibly the supreme understatement of all time.  You failed to mention he is an absolute dreamboat,” she said ardently.

Daphne introduced them and all earlier objections were forgotten. Bill was from New Zealand that didn’t have the rigid class system of England.  Just as Daphne had assumed, he didn’t normally shovel coal for a living. Bill had won a scholarship to study law at Otago University and had graduated about a year ago.  Wanting to see more of the world before settling down Bill had travelled to London to see the sights and witness the Coronation of George V. While there he had run out of money and decided to work his passage home in stages as a stoker.  It was a dirty job but someone had to do it.

Captain Horatio Hastings arrived as Bill was speaking and did not recognise him at first.  He was rather shocked when he found out who he was but reserved judgement until they started playing cards. All three were soon delighted that Bill had replaced Herbert and not just because he was a much better player.  Bridge is a great leveller of social and financial status.  It also helped that Bill  was a very interesting person to talk to.  He had no problem with women working for a living and wanted to know if Daphne would be helping her father when she got back Singapore.  She hoped so as she found politics fascinating.  Bill understood this easily enough, but had a lot of trouble understanding why there was such resistance to women having the vote.  

Women had been voting in New Zealand for the last twenty years.  Bill was captivated by the way Daphne told of her adventures and asked if she had been hurt in the demonstration.  Bill had reservations about the tactics used but made no objections that had not already been raised inside the organisation. He found nothing amusing about the incident or strange that Daphne knew how to defend herself.  It was Herbert saying how ridiculous it was for women to vote or fight that had escalated an argument over bridge into a personal exchange of insults.  

It was a very pleasant evening and much to Herbert’s annoyance they played again the following night.  He was starting to feel unwanted in his own ship.  He sought solace in a bottle.  The four bridge players were looking forward to another evening when the captain had to call it off.  There was a storm brewing and he thought it best they head for shelter.    

Captain Horatio Hastings fought valiantly to save his ship, but it was not to be.  The storm drove the SY Imperial viciously onto some submerged rocks. The yacht clung there precariously for a few moments before another massive wave drove them clear, leaving a hole in the hull.  The crew did their best to plug the hole and the pumps tried to keep the water at bay.  Unfortunately, all they could do was delay the inevitable.  

The water started gaining on the pumps and eventually drowned them into silence.  It was time to abandon ship. The storm was growing weaker but it would still be a rough trip in the lifeboat. Horatio mustered his crew and got the lifeboat well stocked with provisions.  Rawlins had gone to get Herbert Hill-Willis but had found him drunk and refusing to leave his ship.  The boat was crowded but there was room for one more.  

Captain Hastings had already decided to go down with his ship.  Forty-five years in the Royal Navy had created standards that were hard to break.  Despite the owners’ son being a particularly unpleasant individual Horatio had no desire to take anyone with him. Leaving firm instructions with his lieutenant not to risk the lifeboat by waiting too long, Horatio set out to find the missing passenger.  Herbert was passed out in the ship’s bar.  Horatio rather enjoyed tipping a bucket of water over him, grabbing him by the collar and shaking him awake.  The little man agreed to come but insisted on bringing all the liquor he could carry.  By the time they got back on deck the lifeboat had gone.  

Horatio wasn’t surprised.  He had explained to Rawlins that his little personal boat could make it to the nearby coast of Sumatra.  There were no more thoughts of going down with the ship, especially when he discovered that others had left the lifeboat.

“What are you still doing here Charles,” Horiatis said in dismay to his sixteen year old American grandson. .

“I jumped out when I saw they were going to leave without you.  We can leave on your boat with Lady Daphne and Bill,” said Charles.

Horatio was about to ask where they had gone when they appeared, carrying a five-foot-long trunk.  He had explained to Daphne earlier that there was no room in the lifeboat for it.  There was even less room in the smaller boat. The captain’s experienced eye changed his mind.  The leather exterior of the trunk was now covered with oilskins and had a life preserver tied to each side.  It would float tethered to the boat and not get in the way.  Bill produced a length of rope as Daphne confirmed that was the plan.  

The captain’s boat was only small but there was enough room for the five of them plus their personal possessions.  There was no hope of reaching Singapore but the coast of Sumatra was within easy reach.  They would be there by morning.  They salvaged what they thought would be useful from the yacht and then pulled away in the boat to watch sadly as it slipped beneath the waves.  There was still too much wind for the said so Bill stayed on the oars.  

By dawn they were sailing along the deserted jungle clad coast of Sumatra.  A couple of hours earlier the wind had dropped sufficiently for Horatio to give Bill and the oars a rest.  As the morning sun lit the land the captain found they were approaching exactly what he was looking for.  A sandy cove bordered by a fresh water stream.  An ideal landing spot.  Horatio woke the others, all of whom were very pleased to be within sight of land.  

Horatio was confident they would easily be able to contact the Dutch authorities and be rescued.  Charles who preferred to be called Chuck, thought it was the start of a exciting adventure.  Daphne and Bill were relieved to be able to get away from Herbert who by this time was feeling seriously hung over and wanted somewhere to continue sleeping.  After they had landed the others realised, he was of no use to anyone in his current state.  He wasn’t interested in breakfast so they left him to it.  

After the boat had been hauled up onto the beach Chuck went exploring.  Daphne and Bill hauled in the trunk and unloaded the boat while Horatio got a  fire started.  Horatio was glad they had brought the trunk as the two oilskins would make excellent roofs for the little huts he planned to build.  Daphne assured him that there were also plenty of useful items inside.  Having unwrapped the trunk she opened it, but all the men could see was clothes.  She took offence at their obvious disappointment.

“It is bad enough being shipwrecked, but for it to happen without a change of clothes would be completely intolerable” she said indignantly as she dug underneath the clothing to retrieve a useful looking hatchet.  

Daphne used the hatchet to chop firewood as Horatio started to cook them all some breakfast.  They did not realise it at the time but the four of them were being closely observed by a voluptuous scantily clad blonde and an ape.  The blonde nodded with approval as Bill stripped off his shirt and started swinging the fireman’s axe to cut down a tree for shelter.  

“Oh yes big man, we are going to get on just fine.  When I get you alone, I will soon make you forget all about that overdressed wimp you came with,” the blonde said to herself as she strained to hear what was being said.  

The jungle girl was supremely confident that any man would find her irresistible.  Her outfit of tribal loincloth, knife belt, boar’s tusk necklace and scarf left little to the imagination.  The scarf was long, narrow and of leopard skin.  It went around her neck, crossed over her large breasts covering only the central region and was knotted at the back.  This was all the clothing the jungle girl required and she gave a little snort of contempt at the amount of clothing Daphne had brought with her.  

A smile crossed the blonde’s face as she gently caressed her spear and thought pleasant thoughts as to where she would like to stick it.  These thoughts were interrupted by the ape who was getting excited about something.  The jungle girl was straining to hear what was being said and shushed him without turning around.  The ape tried again, grabbing the blonde by the arm.  She responded by angrily pushing him away.  Making little whimpering sounds he tried again, this time grabbing the jungle girl’s scarf and tugging at it.  This untied the top which nearly came off as the girl turned, to find a teenage boy staring at her in all her bare breasted glory.  

“Hi and thank you,” Chuck stammered.
The blonde smiled as she took her top completely off to straighten it out before casually putting it back on.

“I am Tiggre, Queen of the jungle.  You may tell them about me but only tell the large man that he is the one that I want and what Tiggre wants Tiggre gets.  If you are a good boy and do what I ask, I will make a man out of you before you leave,” Tiggre promised.

With that remark the blonde walked off and left the stunned teenager a lot happier about being shipwrecked.  He ran down to the beach to tell the other castaways all about Tiggre.  They all thought he was exaggerating, especially when he started describing the size of her boobs.  This didn’t bother Chuck because as soon as he saw that bacon and eggs were available, he stopped arguing and started eating.  After breakfast was cleared away it was time to start building the shelters.  

Herbert had no interest in breakfast and woke just long enough to hear the part of Chuck’s story about breasts, before going back to sleep.  Horatio and Bill started building a shelter while the others looked on.  It was soon decided that Chuck should go back to exploring while Daphne unpacked her trunk.  She got Bill’s help to carry it across the stream at the edge of the little beach and put it behind some trees.  This would give her some privacy so she could get changed out of her wet dress.  Bill returned to help Horatio cut palm fronds.  They worked quietly for twenty minutes until the peace was shattered by the sounds of someone running through the jungle towards them.  He was in a hurry and it soon became obvious why.

“Look out, I’ve got a tiger after me,” cried out Chuck in panic.

He ran down the beach with the tiger gaining on him with every stride.  When it had closed to within range the big cat sprang only to shudder in mid-air as a high-powered hunting rifle roared from the surrounding trees.  The impetus of the leap carried the tiger on to the boy’s back but the bullet had hit a vital spot. The big cat was dead before they hit the ground.  Bill ran over to help Chuck get out from under the tiger’s body while Herbert’s eyes were drawn to the direction that the shot had come from.

He had been asleep behind a palm tree when the gun’s roar had woken him. From ground level the first thing he saw was the shooter’s boots.  They went half way to the knee, were of finely crafted leather, the right one had a sheathed knife strapped to it and they had tight fitting slacks tucked into them.  The tightness of the olive-green slacks showed off shapely feminine legs and nicely rounded hips to good advantage.  A smart man would have noticed that these lovely curves had danger signs on them.  There was a holstered pistol on the right hip, a sheathed curved knife on the left and she was carrying the rifle that had already introduced itself.  Herbert however was not that smart and was far more interested in her magnificent upper body.  It was clad in a fawn coloured silk shirt, the snugness of which emphasised the slimness of her waist while the deep narrow V showed off a glorious pair of full firm pleasure domes.  The whole effect was topped off by an Aussie bush hat that shaded a face that Herbert’s eyes barely glanced at.  They drifted back down to the cleavage.  Standing up gave Herbert a better view and he noticed with glee that the huntress wore nothing under her shirt to impede the enticing natural jiggle of her superb breasts as she approached.  He dimly remembered Chuck saying something about a gorgeous jungle girl.  Who else could it be?

“It is true what they say; that it is darkest before the dawn,” announced Herbert in a loud theatrical voice.  

“Cut off from civilisation and in mortal danger we are suddenly rescued by a breathtakingly beautiful safari guide.  Oh my goddess; prey tell me your name so that I may worship you,” he continued.

“It’s Daphne you idiot,” replied the huntress.   “Something you could have worked out for yourself it you had bothered to look at my face.”

Daphne was not amused and had planned to say more, but howls of laughter from Bill and Chuck distracted her.  

“Haven’t you two got anything to say on the situation, or are you just going to sit there and cackle,” she snapped.

The words, the angry tone of her voice and the ominous click clack of the rifle’s bolt combined to bring the laughter to an end.

“I’m sorry Daphne.  Thank you for saving my life and I think you look absolutely stunning,” Chuck answered with a sheepish grin.

“I agree with him. I love your outfit, the way you fill it to perfection and your weapons,” continued Bill. “Who have we declared war on?”
With his prompting and enthusiastic encouragement from Chuck and Horatio Daphne went through her armament.  The hunting rifle she carried was an English bolt-action custom-made Holland and Holland that fired the recently released .375 H&H cartridge.  The pistol was a German 7.63mm Mauser 1898 automatic sometimes known as a “Broomhandle”.  This she carried for personal protection and for hunting smaller game. The larger of her two knives was a kukri, the curved heavy bladed fighting knife of the Gurkhas.  Weighted mainly as a chopping weapon it could also be thrust effectively.  Used as a small machete it was useful for clearing undergrowth, chopping wood and opening coconuts.  The medium sized utility Bowie knife strapped to Daphne’s right boot was balanced by a sheathed sharpening steel in her left.

Bill had done some hunting with a Lee-Enfield .303 but had never used anything as powerful as Daphne rifle.  Horatio had his Webley .455 revolver with him but freely admitted it wouldn’t be much use for hunting.  He had done less hunting than Bill but knew more about guns as his family did a lot of shooting.  He had fired bigger and more powerful rifles, but only ones that were single shot or double barrelled.  He was impressed that such firepower could be contained in a medium calibre weapon with a four-round magazine.  Chuck was more interested in the pistol, especially when he heard it had a ten-round magazine  

He eagerly accepting the offer of a couple practice shots at a suitable target.  Daphne demonstrated how the wooden holster and gun fitted together to make an effective carbine.  She explained how this improved the accuracy and then handed it over to Chuck.  He put some shells on a piece of driftwood and happily blasted them away.  

Bill congratulated Chuck on his fine shooting and asked Daphne if she would let him try out the rifle for size.  She agreed and pointed out a suitable tree some distance away and nominated a branch for Bill to aim at.  The bullet blew it in half to Bill’s great satisfaction.  Daphne was also pleased as she now knew that if they had to separate either of her guns could be left in good hands.

The discussion about the weapons had left Herbert feeling very left out. He had been quietly fuming since Daphne’s put down and was trying to think of a way of getting back in favour.  It was obvious that she had chosen to dress in such a provocative manner purely for Bill’s benefit.  The way that Daphne had reacted to Chuck’s description of Tiggre both surprised and infuriated Herbert.  Bill obviously appreciated the effort and she enjoyed the attention and flirting playfully with him.  Herbert tried to swallow his pride and nearly choked on it.  He was getting sick of the talk about guns and decided to try and change the subject.    

“What else do you have in the trunk apart from clothes and weapons Daphne,” Herbert asked.  

“There are a few other things in there.  Binoculars, a camera, water bottle, a flint kit for starting fires and a few books,” Daphne replied.

Herbert gave a deep sigh of relief.  For the first time since landing something had gone right.  They had a camera with them which meant he was back in the game.  His claims to be an expert photographer were an exaggeration but not by so much that a novice like Daphne was likely to catch him out.  Daphne was reluctant at first but when Horatio, Bill and Chuck added their support she agreed to pose by the tiger.  She went with Herbert to get the camera thinking that all was well with him now that he was able to make a contribution.  Daphne didn’t realise that a sinister motive lurked behind her countryman’s actions.  Herbert had noticed enviously the way that Daphne and Bill looked at each other.  He was sure that if he could lull them into a false sense of security, he would be able to photograph them in a compromising situation.  Pretending that he was not one to hold a grudge he took a number of shots of Daphne and the dead tiger before including the others in phorographs.    

They didn’t spend long over the photo shoot and discussion moved on to what to do next.  With plenty of fresh water available the next priorities were food and shelter.  Daphne was keen to have a look around by herself and bring back something for dinner.  The tiger showed signs of being wounded so there was a good chance that hunting parties frequented the area.  Although she had plenty of hunting experience the privileged English lady knew nothing about building shelters. There had always been servants and bearers around to do that sort of thing while on safari.  Having checked that they planned to build two huts she was happy to leave that to Bill and Horatio.   Bill had the axe for heavy work and the hatchet would deal with the fronds that the huts would need for walls.  

Daphne planned to leave her rifle behind so the men could protect themselves against unwanted visitors.  The Mauser would give her all the protection she needed as well as providing dinner.  With its rapid rate of fire the young huntress was confident of success and had no fears for her own safety.  She had been brought up in British colonial Malaya and knew the jungle well.  Before she left however there was a dispute she had to settle.  What would they do with the dead tiger?

Daphne had no interest in keeping any part of it.  The thought of cutting off its head and mounting it on a wall was not an option. Her only concern was that the carcass was gone when she got back from hunting as the meat would attract unwanted scavengers.  Nobody had any objection to that but both Herbert and Chuck wanted the skin as a souvenir.  Horatio had no interest in the skin and Bill could think of more important things to worry about.  He walked over to where Daphne was standing.  He made a gesture towards to the trees at the edge of the beach.  

“Yes I know, we are being watched.  I’ll investigate on my way out,” Daphne said quietly.

“Do you want me to come with you,” suggested Bill.

“No most definitely not.  I’ve got a pretty good idea who she is and you’ve got far too much to do here,” answered Daphne firmly.

The way she said it sent a tingle of excitement through the young New Zealander.  There was a steely edge on her voice and her hands gripped her shirt at the waist as Daphne thrust her chest out to widen her cleavage.  Bill got the message loud and clear.  She hated the thought of him frolicking in the jungle with a voluptuous scantily clad blonde.  If it was a rival female that was watching she had better be careful.  Daphne had just declared her interest in Bill.  Forget the title, I am woman and I am dangerous.  Bill was about to tease her about this when Herbert and Chuck came over wanting Daphne to settle their dispute.  Since she had shot the tiger it was her property and they had agreed to let her decide who got the skin.

“Herbert, do you know how to skin a tiger,” Daphne asked.

His expression of dumbfounded amazement that anyone would ask him such a stupid question was quite comical and all the answer that the huntress required.

“How about you Chuck.  Got any experience with skinning animals,’ Daphne continued.

“Yes I have. Even did a cougar a while ago.  A tiger won’t be a problem if you loan me those,” he said as he gestured towards the Bowie knife and steel.

“That’s good enough for me it’s all yours.  Better get to it we don’t want the meat lying around for long,” she suggested.

Chuck thanked her for the skin and happily went to work.  Daphne ignored Herbert’s objections and told him to help Bill set up the camp while she was out hunting for dinner.  The Englishman started to sulk but when he realised that not only was he expected to work but take orders from a mere stoker, he got really upset.  Herbert started to protest and suggested that he should accompany Daphne into the jungle.  She wasn’t interested and had already gone by the time he had finished trading insults with Bill.

To be continued

Authors note
The card game my characters play is Auction Bridge not the modern game of Contract Bridge.  Contract developed from Auction and involves much more complicated bidding systems.  The card play in both games is the same.
Jungle Castaways 1 Journey to Disaster
This is part one of a three part story involving an English lady and her companions  getting shipwrecked.  It is set in 1912.  The island they are shipwrecked on is Sumatra which was then part of the Dutch East Indies.  It is now part of Indonesia.   

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Denise Miller was not looking forward to her confrontation with Cindy Taylor, but doing nothing was no longer an option.  The future of Christie Taylor, one of Demise’s most promising students hung in the balance.    Christie was Keith Taylor’s daughter from his first marriage.  She loved her little one-year old half-brother but soon found that love turned against her by his mother.  Cindy Taylor had been keeping Christie off school to look after her son.  Denise had tried phoning them to no avail.  Cindy never answered and Keith obviously had no control over her.  Denise got the truancy officer to call round.  What a complete waste of time that turned out to be.  All he could talk about the next day was how hot Cindy looked.  Never send a man to do a woman’s job thought Denise as she drove around to the Taylor’s home after school.    
Keith, a weedy little man was waiting nervously outside his house when she arrived.  He brightened up when he saw Denise while he had the opposite effect on her.  She was wearing a light summer dress with just a hint of cleavage.  His eyes never left Denise’s impressive chest as they walked towards the front door.  His words showed clearly where his priorities lay.  
“That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing but I bet you can’t wait to get it off.  It’s been so hot today,” Keith said as he took off his jacket and untied his tie.
He went on to suggest that there was no need for this to be an unfriendly visit.  Why not relax and have a drink with them?  He was sure Cindy had a spare bikini she could borrow.  Denise hated the idea of having to play nice but did not want to appear rude.  She politely refused the offer as she did not intend to stay any longer than necessary.  Keith was obviously frightened of his wife which meant he was part of the problem rather than part of the solution.  Christie and little Andy met them at the front door.  She spoke to Denise as Keith cuddled his son.
“Oh, Ms Miller you must not let Cindy see you.  She will go mad,” the frightened girl said.
“It’s your step mother I have come to see Christie.  Where is she,” Denise said forcefully.
“She is sunbathing by the pool.  Please don’t start any more arguments with her.  I’ll get punished,” Christie said as Denise stormed past.
Cindy was easy to find.  Stripped and oiled she was lying on her back, big beautiful bare breast thrust skywards.  The blonde was startled by Denise’s appearance but recovered quickly.  She got to her feet, took off her sunglasses, tucked them into her hat and tossed it aside.  Now down to just a tiny thong she advanced on Denise, muscles flexing, face glowing with hatred.  Denise stood her ground as Keith arrived and started to protest.  He wanted them to calm down. They both ignored him.
“What the fuck are you doing here,” Cindy snarled as she reached Denise.
“I’ve come to convince you to let Christie attend school instead of treating her like an unpaid nanny,” Denise said as her temper flared.
“You need to cool down bitch.  How about a nice refreshing swim,” snapped Cindy as she pushed Denise towards the pool.  
The beautiful young teacher staggered back a couple of steps but was able to recover her balance just on the edge of the pool.   Cindy charged after Denise, sending her left shoulder thudding into the teacher’s ample chest.  With a startled squeal the brunette was propelled backwards into the water.  Flailing helplessly, she landed with a huge splash.  Sputtering in fury Denise came to the surface and tried to stay calm as she reviewed her options.  
Cindy had given an evil laugh as she bumped Denise into the pool.  She had stopped laughing only to argue with Keith.  There was only one way that was going to end.  Keith was no match for her and was soon backpedalling as Cindy poked him in the chest.  She paused in her yelling only to deliver a vicious back handed slap to Christie who was trying to help her Dad.  Denise knew it was up to her to take the mad bitch down.  She took off her shoes, soaking wet dress and paused.  
“This is your last chance Mrs Taylor.  Agree that Christie comes back to school or I will be forced to get physical,” Denise said dramatically.
“If you want a fight come and get it bitch,” said Cindy who obviously liked the idea.  
“There is to be no violence.  I forbid it,” said Keith nervously.
“There is going to be violence and you will not interfere no matter what happens.  Understood,” Cindy said sternly.  
Keith reply was still born.  He simply stood and gasped in awe at the sight of Denise emerging from the water.  With her expensive bra cast aside she was stripped to just her thong.  Water streaming from her superb body Denise advanced on her rival who emitted a cry of glee as she came forward to meet her.  Cindy had her hands stretched out in front of her, eager to grab at hair.  Denise had other ideas.  She had decided to make sure Keith didn’t interfere by giving him something irresistible to watch.  A good old-fashioned tit fight.
Denise grabbed Cindy’s wrists and then rammed her magnificent breasts into those of the trophy wife.  Cindy took a backward step and then surged forwards once more.  Keith’s mouth dropped open and his eyes widen in disbelief at the struggle he was privileged to witness.  Two pairs of big beautiful bare breasts were doing battle.  The oiled pair and the wet pair were soon armed with hardened nipples, an inevitable response to the stimulation of thrust and counter thrust.    
Muscles strained as locked together they stumbled towards the grass.  Once there Denise shifted her grip to a side headlock and put on the pressure.  Cindy couldn’t break free so she took them to the ground by slamming her right heel into the back of Denise’s left knee.  They twisted in the air and Cindy was able to land on top.  Breaking the headlock, Cindy got her legs around the teacher’s waist and squeezed.  Denise grunted in pain and started to writhe.  Christie began cheering for her teacher.   After a fierce struggle Denise was able to wriggle free and get back on her feet.  
Cindy was up a few seconds later.  She was obviously enjoying the fight but was in no hurry to continue.  The girls circled each other warily with Cindy heaping abuse on her rival.  Demise got to hear how she had hated school and school teachers since she was a child.  She welcomed the opportunity to get revenge on them by beating up Denise.  She was glad they were fighting it out stripped as it meant that the teacher would not be able to run away.  Despite the taunts Denise said nothing.   If the stupid bitch wanted to waste energy on gloating part way through the fight that would be her downfall.  Denise concentrated on breathing hard and deep.  When suitably refreshed she attacked, with her fists.
Cindy came to meet her swinging wildly.  Several of the blonde’s punches landed on shoulders and head.  Denise ignored them as she concentred on putting as much weight as possible behind her fists.  Her left jabbed deep into each of her rival’s prime assets in turn followed by a devastating right to the belly that sent pain exploding through Cindy’s vitals.  Desperate to stop the barrage the blonde tried to clinch by draping her arms around Denise’s shoulders.  The brunette fought her off with an elbow to the mouth.  Denise grabbed Cindy’s hair and crotch and dumped her face first on to the ground.  Holding her down by the hair Denise smashed another punch into the small of her rival’s back.
Rolling her enemy over the gorgeous young teacher then pounced on her.  Cindy called out to Keith for help.  No chance of that happening.  He just stood there, the little head of his massive erection firmly in control.  To the accompaniment of squeals of delight from Christie, Denise lifted the blonde’s head off the ground by the hair.  She then smashed it down once more with a massive right to the jaw.  
Cindy lay unconscious on the ground.  Both breasts bruised and a trickle of blood from a split lip giving more evidence of the beating she had received.  Denise stood to receive Christie’s ecstatic congratulations.  Just as Denise had suspected she had suffered a lot of physical abuse from her step-mother when she wanted to go to school.  She enthusiastically hugged Denise, clearly delighted that her champion had won the fight.  
Keith was a different matter.  His wife used to be the most beautiful women he had ever met.  She was coming to but looked far from her best. Denise had taken her title, first visually and then even more decisively, physically.  He wanted Denise badly but knew it could never be.  Even a congratulatory hug was out of the question.  Denise’s cold contemptuous stare made that perfectly clear.  Her words backed up her expression.
“Thank you for not interfering.  Now take your wife inside and make sure she knows that if Christie is kept home again, we will be doing this all over again,” Denise said firmly.
Denise was feeling hot and sticky from the fight.  She dived back into the pool as Christie went to dry her clothes.  Denise had been surprised at how much she had enjoyed the fight and the hug from Christie when it was all over.  She had never been called a heroine before.  The fight sure beat the hell out of the usual dispute at PTA meetings.
Denise fights for a student
I have checked with the lady in question and she doesn't mind getting into a fight so here goes.  It is still the same character I have used in my Denise the history teacher stories.…
Denise was running a little late for her class and got there after the students.  She arrived just as class was about to start and found them arguing.  She wasn’t too bothered.  At least they were arguing about history.  Denise settled them down as threats of violence were being exchanged and got the story of how it all started.
Dillon had been telling his friends about his favourite President and war hero.  His glowing account had been interrupted by Jake who informed the class that John F Kennedy should have been court marshalled for incompetence.  While he got the class to agree that would have spoilt JFK’s chances of getting elected, his suggestion infuriated Dillon.  
Most of the class didn’t know enough about Kennedy to have an opinion one way or the other. They just agreed with the boy they liked the best.  Denise decided that the first step in settling the dispute was to give the class some background information.  Denise went to You tube and played them the song about the sinking of the PT 109.  Dillon was singing along with the chorus and seemed very happy that his argument was being made for him.  Jake was not impressed but kept his promise to not interrupt.  At the end of the clip Denise asked for his opinion.
link to the song in question
“I hope you all noticed the details of the actual sinking.  The PT 109 was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer twenty times its size because Kennedy didn’t see it coming and failed to get out of the way.  So much for being on the lookout for the enemy,” Jake said smugly.
Denise had to call for quiet as her classroom erupted.  She explained while that was true it would have been ridiculous to court martial Kennedy.  He had been on patrol with two other boats and the other skippers had not seen the destroyer either.  The fault lay with the US Navy who had failed to train their men to fight at night.  If the navy had attempted to Court Marshall anyone the news media would have been fully justified in attacking the navy for their inadequate training.  The media were all over the story of the miraculous rescue and JFK’s part in it.  He showed great courage and leadership and the navy was happy to leave it at that.  All countries need heroes in wartime as it’s good for morale. The navy got better at night fighting as the war went on and got more practice in how to use radar.  
Jake wasn’t too happy about this and maintained that high ranking officers had wanted JFK court martialled.  The only one that Denise could think of was General Douglas MacArthur.  He had a running feud with Admiral Chester Nimitz that went beyond the normal rivalry between army and navy.  They commanded different theatres and disagreed on how the war should be fought.   MacArthur wanted to invade Japan while Nimitz wanted to blockade and bomb them into submission.    
Denise explained that differences between countries on how a war is remembered are even bigger than different opinions within a country.  America gives preference to the War in the Pacific rather than the War against Japan.  This ignores fighting outside the Pacific that did not involve America.  All countries do this as these are the areas where the various national news media report from.  Later, when historians edit the news reports for posterity a much higher priority is given to incidents that the country in question is proud of.  For example, the British were only a junior partner by the end of the war and like to emphasise the year they fought alone.  This is an exaggeration as the British Dominions of Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand were also in the war.  
Keen to display his knowledge of the Second World War Jake voiced the opinion that New Zealand didn’t do much.  He told the class that America had to occupy the country to defend them against invasion because they couldn’t defend themselves. A lot of New Zealanders were ungrateful as not all of them appreciated the occupation.
Denise has a friend in New Zealand who prefers the global view of the war.  She was quick to point out that New Zealand had always assumed that the Royal Navy would protect them from invasion.  After the Japanese had sunk six major British warships and captured the naval base at Singapore they knew this was not going to happen.  Afraid they were about to be invaded New Zealand wanted its army back.  They were told no.  The New Zealand infantry division fighting in the North African desert would stay exactly where it was.  This infuriated the New Zealand Government and it was only a very sensible suggestion by the Americans that kept the peace.  A Marine Base would be set up in New Zealand.  The troops would be used to launch invasions of Pacific islands and defend the country if required.  Denise then asked for questions.
Karen asked if New Zealanders were grateful at being occupied.  Denise explained that most of them were as the Marines were friendly and did several valuable construction projects. There was however some friction between two groups in particular.  The local Maori did not appreciate good old boys from the South using the N word to describe them.  Any American doing so while ordering a Maori to get the back of the bus was likely to get his head punched in.  To make matters worse all the locals, of whatever race, would support the Maori in doing so.    
Dillon wanted to know what happened to the New Zealand division after Rommel was defeated and the desert war was over.  The division was transferred from the British 8th army to the American 5th army and invaded Italy in 1943.  The New Zealanders fought there until the war ended in 1945.   There were also New Zealanders fighting in the Royal Air Force.  These included fighter aces in the Battle of Britain and elite Mosquito bomber squadrons.  Denise suggested that if anyone wanted to know how good they were, they should Google Operation Jericho.
Jake wanted the names of the British ships so he could Google them.  He knew all about the Pacific War and was sure that the British were only involved at the end.  Denise was happy to oblige as it helped make her point.  The battleship HMS Prince of Wales, battlecruiser HMS Repulse, aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and three heavy cruisers were all sunk by the Japanese, but none of them were sunk in the Pacific.  They also lost several destroyers.  
Denise emphasised that the Second World War was really a collection of wars that were going on at the same time.  Germany declared war on America shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour but there was little cooperation between Germany and Japan.  The Germans immediately started unrestricted submarine warfare on American shipping but failed to get the Japanese to attack the Soviet Union from the east.  Japan had their own agenda and didn’t have the troops to spare.
The Japanese invasion of China started in 1933 and fighting was going on until 1945.  After the rapid and highly successful invasion of South East Asia the Japanese attacked Burma.  They drove the British back to the border with India.  The Japanese had recruited some of the Indian troops captured in Malaya and planned to declare India independent when they entered the country.  The British Empire struck back.  They attacked the Japanese and drove them back, but never felt any pride in getting themselves in such a horrible situation to start with.  The troops concerned were given so little publicity by the news media that they are best known as “The Forgotten Army.”
In Russia the Second World War is referred to as The Great Patriotic War.  As the name suggests they have their own version that promotes what was important to them.  Three months after Germany surrendered the Soviet Union declared war on Japan and immediately attacked their army in Manchuria.   The allies had wanted them to do so in order to keep the large Japanese army stationed there busy.  What took the allies by surprise was the overwhelming force used and how much territory was captured.  This campaign is rarely mentioned in the American version of the war although from a global point of view it is very important.  
Denise paused in her narrative to wonder how much of the Russian version of the Second World War to give her class.  She was aware that they thought that dropping the bomb on Japan was unnecessary.  It was done purely to intimidate the Russians.  In their view is was the threat of two simultaneous invasions, the Americans attacking Kyushu while the Russians invaded Hokkaido that forced the surrender.  Denise decided not to go there.  She didn’t know enough about the Russian point of view to argue their case and it was only a matter of opinion.  What she did instead was to ask her class if anyone knew why the Japanese surrendering before the Russians had achieved all their objectives was important to today’s world.  When nobody came up with anything Denise explained why there are two Koreas instead of only one.
“If the Soviet Union had not invaded Manchuria and Korea there would be no reason to partition Korea.  The Americans would have set up a government in Seoul to rule over the whole country.  If the Russians had not been stopped by the war ending when it did, they would have conquered all of Korea and set up a communist government to rule it,” Denise said firmly.
The class were not fully convinced although they had to admit that looking at the Second World War from a global perspective did make a difference.  There was just one last question to answer.  Karen wanted to know if the different versions of the war had any effect on the Cold War that followed.  Denise agreed that the different versions did have an effect.  A lack of appreciation for any other country’s contribution in winning the war helped push former allies apart.
Authors note.
Yes, I am from New Zealand.
Denise teaches different versions of WWII.
This is the fourth in my series of articles on Denise the history teacher.  In this she explores the differences between nations as to how a war is remembered.  The Second World War is the biggest most complicated war ever and it is only natural that opinions vary as to what is considered important.…

This is the link to the PT109 song which of course doesn't work in the story. 
Am I the only one disturbed by the unholy alliance between the do-gooder prudes and the porn industry?  SHOCK HORROR PROBE, you didn’t know there was an alliance?  You want evidence?  Read on and all will be revealed.
We all know about the do-gooders.  They spend a lot of time watching material they know in advance they are not going to like, just so they can complain about it and spoil the enjoyment of others.  I assume they get a buzz out of getting catfights deleted from You Tube.  As they polish their halos while basking in self-satisfaction I doubt if they ever give a moment’s thought to the long term consequences of their actions.
The catfights that have been deleted still exist.  Many have found a new home on porn sites.  Despite not being porn they are welcome there because they make excellent bait for attracting new customers.  If for example a teenage boy wants to watch girls in bikinis have a food fight he is forced to do so on a hard core porn site whether he wants to or not.  He has no option because the fights have been removed from his channel of choice by the self-proclaimed protectors of public decency.

Personally I don’t like porn although I have no problem with people of appropriate age watching it.  I only go there because Femfight Europe is one of my favourite catfight websites and they have numerous links to them.  On the 18th June their blog entry included links to three family friendly food fights.  Femfight Europe is a mature website that contains all aspects of female combat.  These include regulation boxing matches and the occasional film fight that may also feature on a porn site.  I don’t think the fight from The Ramrodder featured on the 31st March belongs on a porn site either, despite the second part of the fight being topless.  It’s a classic Western that used to be on Dailymotion.  As evidence I have included a link to the site so you can check it out for yourself.  I prefer to stay with the little window rather than crossing over completely.  Security issues.…

I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe that the support given by the do-gooders to the porn industry is entirely coincidental.  There are many examples of private actions going against publically expressed opinions in our society.  Who is to say that all the complainants are genuine?  It makes sense that sellers of pornography would complain about material on a more popular site only because they want exclusive rights to use that material.  There is no doubt that some people will complain just because they like complaining.  Why should their pleasure be allowed to trump the pleasure of others?  How about making them prove that they really were offended and are not being paid for their protests.  Prove they are not pawns of the porn industry.

Having catfights classified as pornography has implications far beyond the film industry.  It is at risk of becoming a taboo subject in art.  If environmentalists want to get noticed they could spice up their campaign to save the rain forest by producing a calendar.  Its title could be “There is a fight going on for the world’s rain forests, whose side are you on.”  After some introductions and necessary stripping for action May onwards would depict two girls in tiny bikinis fighting in the jungle.  The controversy this would stir up would be great publicity.  There would be plenty of space to put in relevant facts on each page.  I like the idea and will do some more work on it although I realise it will never happen.  One of the unfortunate consequences of having scantily clad catfighters classified as porn.


haventon's Profile Picture
Brian Spendelow
New Zealand
I have been a member before but got all messed up when I had to change my email address. I can't draw but I do write on a wide range of topics. My recent efforts include an article on military history, a recycling poem and a catfight story based on the Katy Perry music video Roar.


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