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Track 01: Slow Breather

By HaveConquest
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As always, for audio un-destroyed by flash you can find the mp3 downloads here via

Dropbox: [link]
Mediafire: [link]

I went ahead and Marathon'd out a new song / animation to de-stress. 16ish hours for the tune, then a few more for the cover animation.

I'll keep tabs on the track numbers on these, just like before, so people can tell a music upload when they see it hit the inbox.

Eventually after hitting a high enough number I might go back and remaster the tracks and albumize them for people to download as they please.

Anywho, enjoi!

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This is so excellent.
It sounds like I'm not the only one who misses the old stuff you had up here though :/
I've always loved the industrial sound that all of your songs have, and the fact that they're all very . . . haunting, I'd say :)

I'm curious, have you ever thought of putting up a SoundCloud account? I think a lot of your followers here on dA would love to have that as an option for listening to your music.

Please let me know if you'd consider it :)

Thank you for sharing your arts with the world~!
astro-juice's avatar
I just came back from a long time to listen to one of my favourite old tracks that you had up but it's gone! D:
Is it possible for downloads of your old pieces somewhere?
Ahalteke's avatar
I love this so much :heart: All of your old music is gone though! Good thing I have them all already :)
Undercurrent-32's avatar
A pity you deleted your old music too! I loved listening to them when painting, they are so inspiring and give me a flow everytime! Maybe you have them stored somewhere else? *pretty please*
LeakingInk's avatar
i love your music.
i've honestly a folder of your stuff on my desktop,
and i've been meaning to drop it on to my mp3.
i'll be adding this to it.
fucking fantastic. ♥
Undercurrent-32's avatar
I've had his music on my iPod too, but then I had to clean up my PC and now everythings gone. Since Have deleted his gallery, could you share what you saved with me? pretty pleaseeee? <3
LeakingInk's avatar
aha, sure! [:
do you have skype?
MarceloSperandio's avatar
Well man, I'm very honest when giving comments to you my friend, and I can tell, the animation and music together almost create a parallel universe.
Serious, the feeling you put in this is incredible. Amazing art.
HaveConquest's avatar
Your comments are always a good, read, thanks! : ]

And yah, the music / animation combo is really powerful heh, you can isolate moments from another world and share em in a visceral way.
killadroid's avatar
Whoa man...Upgrade in the quality department :).
LonelyOutsider's avatar
another great music, i'm always listening to them. I like them so much! =D

btw. i've been wondering, how do you make these sound tracks?
HaveConquest's avatar
Its all digital synths I design and execute in logic pro. : ]
GeoKorf's avatar
amazing music really
HaveConquest's avatar
GeoKorf's avatar
you welcome=3
Porkydoll's avatar
I'm glad to hear some more music from you, (I'd love to have that album please and thank you) and to find one that might become my second favourite <3 I can't wait to hear what else you've got planned out <3 Keep it up :hug:
HaveConquest's avatar
Glad to be making some again, does wonders to clear my head.

A collected album is a long ways away, but looking pretty likely, thanks!
Porkydoll's avatar
Oh I bet it does <3

I'm more than willing to wait for it, I have a feeling it'll become my 'Drawing to...' music.
Splatkin's avatar
nice work, do you use Soundcloud or anything similar? If not you should check it out, it's a pretty wizard way to upload and share your own music-
HaveConquest's avatar
I have a soundcloud account, but I'm not using it yet. x)

I need to get around to doing the mastering before I really try to spread my songs around more, my uploads here are pretty raw.
Splatkin's avatar
I see. I'm also trying to learn how to properly master, and even create a track. Just got a keyboard and mixcraft- if you know any good resources/tutorials for beginners that'd be really wizard too
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