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First thing I've drawn in.. over a month. 8U

A variation on Gauthildr.

Almost used to using lineart again, almost.


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This is cool! It always takes an extra thought to make a behind the character shot but- yeah it's cool!

And even having elements of her design pointing to her head is some nice posing in this composition.
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Beautiful lighting and shading :D
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Oooh I like this one. Seeing you work with lines is an interesting change.
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woah <3

Considering that this robot-woman looks like a battlemech, it still has this serene(?) mood going on. So nice :)
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She looks like she is straight out of a film or a dream. I don´t know if it is intented but I have the impression of mix between melting together with the background and being a clear, own Figure. Can´t really explain it
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Very reminiscent of Z.O.E and things of the like. Impressive :D
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I'm familiar with Z.O.E references being made, but I'm not too familiar with the game / anime spinoffs.

My mecchy parts influence mostly comes from the 90's anime tekkaman blade. : ]

Thanks tho!
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Hmm, Tekkaman Blade, I should look that up. I've heard good things of it. :D
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oh my. it's so clean and surreal at the same time! i do enjoy it. c: definitely looks like something out of an animated film.
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Thank you. : ]

ahhheh, if only I could animate this without it taking a decade in the process. ;_;
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love the crisp look and the precise lines! pure love :D
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Now there is a comment I dont hear often, ahah.

Thanks! It is a nice change of pace from messy speedpaints.
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It certainly is nice. :D
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