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Soul Crush

By HaveConquest
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Nibelung Valesti

Found this buried in dust on my hard drive, woops.

It is an old sketch I never could quite turn into a full blown painting, couldn't bear to subdue the motion of the rough.

Gave her some nifty colors this evening and am willing to call it done, heh.



Lenneth Valkyrie © Square
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This is made of win.
ArtsyAica's avatar
Dude the details in this is awesome! Especially the wings!
PuddingValkyrie's avatar
Sebizzi's avatar
This is so wonderful.
eyon's avatar
NEBALUNG VALESTI...which im sure i misspelled
Yoji00's avatar
I agree, it'd kind of sap the motion and energy to add a background.
Sorain26's avatar
Loving the colors, absolutely stunning.
TehREALShadowMan's avatar
It certainly looks like she's going in for a divine assault! :D This is really cool.
Pisces3Ferver's avatar
LoL. I Luved the VP: Lenneth and Silmeria!
I agree, the flow of this image is very cool! I especially am drawn to the look of the wings!
angelface888's avatar
Very eycatching! Love the wings and blue hues! :)
GracefulBurning's avatar
jeeezzzz this is awesome
jfriggin's avatar
About the most FAQAAHSEM wings in ever.
Birrueta's avatar
fucking AWSOME!
ZugaikotsuShogeki's avatar
A valkyrie Profile piece?

I love you.
HaveConquest's avatar

Certainly not my first one though. I see that your avatar is from the last lenneth painting I did, heh. : ]
goeatsomesoup's avatar
Oh ohh! I couldn't find the other paintings of Lenneth so I was wondering if you still had them available? If you do, I'd be the happiest guy in the world! VP Forever!
MonsieuRoberts's avatar
Heh, I posted this the day I found Valkyrie II and I've been using it everywhere since.
Ashealath's avatar
Oh, this is beautiful. I love the pose and perspective. Very lovely image. :D
llx-Ghost-xll's avatar
Tutorial, i beg you<3
RottoInk's avatar
I've always wanted to play these games and never gotten around to it. I'll have to check 'em out just to see what this is all about, haha. Great job
HaveConquest's avatar
Buahahahaha : ]

They're pretty fun, and feature a lot more intelligent writing than the usual Japanese rpg fare.
RottoInk's avatar
Right on, man. I'm sold. I'll go get after them here in the near future
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