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Queen Suzu Concept Sketches

By HaveConquest
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Here are the first five concept sketches I've made for my ongoing process to learn 3d, taking one character and bumping up the complexity of the design according to what I felt ready to attempt to model at the time of drawing.

The end result wound up being that of a royal-archangelish- bunny-girl of some sort.. thusly to be named--

Queen Suzu the 5th.

All hail.

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THe first few look like OZ avatars <3
GeoKorf's avatar
cool designs! without filter :)
LyoNaka's avatar
I lol'd so hard...
TheEitan's avatar
Hey, man.
I'm not on dA much anymore but I just wanted to say that I saw your 3D shenanigans and you're stupidly good for a beginner, good luck!
Dr-Aim's avatar
hehe, it's like a pokemon queen, somewhat, with her evolutions... I think I like the fourth more, but the second and third are really cute.
kalemefendisi1's avatar
I suggest you take a tiny look here if you want and like swishy swooshy lines [link]
HaveConquest's avatar

thanks! I will definitely try this out. : ]
killadroid's avatar
End result?
Are you finished with Suzu? D:

I really like the last sketch though, I can't wait to see the model :)
HaveConquest's avatar
No, no, we'll be seeing a lot more of suzu in the future, gotta learn sculpting and animation as well ya know.

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These are amazing pieces. It kind of looks like an evolution for some sort of pocket monster creature (no offence), or what this young queen might look like as she grows older and older, with child on left and adult on right.
HaveConquest's avatar
Ahah, yar. Come to think of it, the later evolutions of pokemon tend to follow that "older and grown" up trend. hm.
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Suzuruuu tuturu.
HaveConquest's avatar

That works too.
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As previously mentioned I also prefer the fourth. The last one have just too much details... Also the fifth one seems a lot heavier then it's other versions in which they seems to be light and nimble...
HaveConquest's avatar
as a drawing, I think I also prefer the 4th. But the 5th provided a few things I needed to change / wanted to try for the modeling afterwards.
Luckeux's avatar
Oh? Well then I look forward to see what it will end up to look like!
greensad's avatar
the fourth is my favourite although there all fantastic
elixer-dream's avatar
I like the fourth one
Themasknevercomesoff's avatar
I like how she went from small and shy looking to a badass mage girl.

All hail Suzu!
HaveConquest's avatar
One must grow up fast when they must inherit the throne of their forefathers!
Yunimori's avatar
All hail Queen Suzu, guardian deity of the Rabbit Warrens of Leloish!

No, really, she's lovely. I wish you luck in modelling her. :3
HaveConquest's avatar
Thanks! : ]

Will need the luck, too, for I seem to like to make things more difficult for myself by composing these things with more and more swishy lines. x ]
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