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Puppet Revival Doodles pt 1

By HaveConquest
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In the end these characters and their story is something I want to come back to, gonna shake up the comic format though.. likely large panels & flash or just do video like I did here [link] -

Namely, I just want to be able to put everything to music - big crazy megamixes that encompass the story of each chapter. : ]

I'd be bringing out the harder electronic music style for this - (heres a new music sketch) [link]

colored high-on-concept-low-on-detail type arts w/ blocky character shapes, and it'd update reaaaal slow..

but, it'd be good, no?

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Oh gosh, the music is just perfect! I can't wait to see everything come together, step by step.
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u have sweet value vision ;3
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I was intrigued by your initial build of Puppet back when it was a comic.
It's good to see that you're trying to give the property another go. :)
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Oh boy 8D oh boy 8D Oh boy 8D I'm excited to see these come back. Your composition is always just brilliant, as is proved yet again here.
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Buahaha, thankee.

Expect lots of new concept spam in your inbox soon! : D
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Yay! : D I love art spam! Especially the concept kind.
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I missed this series. Very glad to see more from it, great work.
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Thanks Rotto, : ' ]

Sometimes you forget how much you enjoyed working on a project till you come back to it one day, then its all, man, why did I ever stop?
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I do that all the time. I may actually finish my tattoo sketchbook this year if I ever find a steady place to live. 6 years in the making because I've got the attention span of a gnat.
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hmmm, I really love this kind of stuff from you HC. Just the way you're able to bring such a high colored detail with simple strokes is amazing itself. But I'd love to see you get back into comics again, and as long as you like it I'm sure it'll be good to us as well haha.
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I realized a looooong time ago that you can either spend 80 hours detailing every pizel on your canvas.. or you could spend 8 minutes suggesting that detail and get on with life. \o/

Time and place for everything, but this approach helps with comics so much. And thanks! : ] I feel like I have a lot to say with this piece so, heh, heres to hoping I can keep with it.
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