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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack...

So much drawing to catch up with,

on it.  e_e

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Georgeous. I adore your style...
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Wow this is amazing!
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This is incredible!
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Welcome back mate, your art looks great as always!
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immediate reaction: wow, that is beautiful. Instant favorite. 
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Good to see you and your crazy textures again!

speaking of which, a lot of those shapes in the background have little black lines around them (some have light areas as well). How did you get that affect? O: I've seen something similar before and couldn't figure it out. I tried doing strokes around selections of brush marks, but those looked a little too jagged compared to other examples I found.
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Those're bits of lineart that remained in the piece by the end, only they've been colored and overlayed / gone through the whole finishing process with the rest of the piece.  I don't have the unmerged version of what the BG lines look  like, but they of the same consistency as this snippet from the character - dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12…

Even though in the BG a lot of textures were used liberally, it started with a base flat tone filled in to snugly fit the shape of the lines, so when the lines are colored in later you can treat them like edges of light and dark paint streaks to help bring out the shape from the BG, or in the case of the character, blend them more into the painting to move away from the outline cartoon look.

Thin edges with high contrast, at this for web resolution, react super strongly to different sharpen filters, loooooots of ways to use the results. : ]
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That's very interesting. o: I wouldn't have thought to do it that way. It initially strikes me as something that would take a long time, but with more amorphous background shapes, getting them perfect would be less of a hassle. That makes a lot more sense though as to the look. definitely more than just a brush setting.

I might have to tinker with this. Thanks! :la:
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Stunning palette! Welcome baaack~
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Gawjuss work, beautiful contrast as usual. : ]

Good to see you again HC :heart:
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And you Styx, ty : ]

Had such a long drought where the ol drawing magic just wasn't working and the RL schedule too crazy demanding to work my way around it, feeling past that and ready to paint a million things again.  With time, phew.  
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I understand whole-heartedly. I'm in the process of adjustment as well, lots of RL have left an impact; trying to maintain the online realm/drawing for myself has been a juggling act. 

If your ever up for it (and no worries if not, honestly), I'd love to hit you up on skype if you use it and bump heads with ya. I've lost my aim information since we've last spoke because I haven't been online for so long. x) 
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That's gorgeous~ *_____*

And welcome back!
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