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One thousand primitives.

By HaveConquest
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First image in a series to come, to go back and re-train basic painting mechanics.

For the most part, these are done freehand at a middling size, you can see a shot of the original canvas here to get a good feel for it - [link]

In the end I found my emphasis to be more about putting together shapes with fewer and fewer brushstrokes, as I came to enjoy creating textured planes quite a lot. Creating super precise angles tended to increase the painting time for individual shapes by an unreasonable amount, so after I had a good feeling for the precise shape of each primitive I switched over to exploring the rendering of the general mass. : ]

About 18 hours, photoshop cs3

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Hello, please where do you find good references? :)
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so did this study improve your shading?
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Good golly, it must have taken forever to find all those references! :0 But this is very motivational! :D Gotta kick my butt into gear 8D
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So.. there's like, about 700 items ? So, 18h -> 1080min / 700 Items..

1,50min/items ? ihateyousomuch
RaymondLuk's avatar
actually, it's 1000 items, so 1.08 min/item
SlaaneshBeBe's avatar
good idea, very inspiring
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Reminds me of when i used to draw pages full of eyes.
Ooo I suddenly feel inspired now.
dark-shadow-light's avatar
Haha! This should be made into a long poster XD
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this is madness
Nebelstern's avatar
...holy shiat... o_O
KittyEaredFreak's avatar
*transfixed by the glorious shiny*
Argentum-Mane's avatar
Good gods, are you dedicated as hell. That to-do list of yours is terrifying in scope and scale!
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Its just very condensed practice to be done in a few months, rather than spreading it out in bits and pieces over the course of a few years. Its pretty ridiculous how much you can get done forgoing a few other things from your day. : ]
Argentum-Mane's avatar
Yeah, I really need to start whipping myself into shape, too... >.>

So, what's all this training for? I've seen a few pieces in your gallery about this project, but there's not actually a lot of information. Fill me in? :3
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You're gonna have to wait and see. ; ]
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i'm going back to basics too, though i'm not as dedicated as you are. I always end up failing at the depth of things, so they end up beeing different in size . and then i start doodling.. blobs n hands and strings and... steampunk spider robots... :D
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you leave me speechless!..absolutely stunning!!!! :iconloveloveplz:
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I always love how you created textured planes, and now you bring on this :D Very awesome...
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I'm really loving this. I find myself looking at each shape individually. The strokes and how they make the shape. The different angles... Damn.
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Well eff Haveconquest, you have to be so cool.
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this is actually the most beautiful thing in my messages right now......it's astounding and actually makes me smile to look at it.
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This is really cool. :)
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incredible. i loved everything about this study.
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