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Big file! Keep clicking till your screen stretches- heh. Didnt feel like squashing this one down, as getting close into the flow of the texture is half the point 'ere.

This is a piece commissioned by ~gungriffon-geona , whom I've worked with before and has some really awesome character designs! I tend to get a bit carried away with them~ : ]

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I can't quite describe the noise I just made, but it was one of exasperation and enjoyment. Great work, as always.
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holy mother of...
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Spider queen?
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Whoa ... this is amazing. People misuse the word "epic" a lot these days, but it applies to this image.

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I even like to work in the terrain people might deem epic- I like that sense of scale and intensity.  But there is such a thing as epic for epics sake and that tends not to be my cup of tea.
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Such a pretty clash of colours, especially love the bright red next to the dark blue :3
I also really like the sharp grungy brush strokes, especially the whites.
Is it done with a particular brush?
Only improve my I can suggest is working on the bottom right, it's very blurry compared to the rest so looks a bit out of olace. Maybe if you just continue the dark blue down or just add a little detail?
Overall though awesome job! :D
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Hiya, and thanks~!

I do have a brushpack you can find here-  [ haveconquest.deviantart.com/ar… ] , and while I did use a lot of large texture swath type brushes nothing here is really the product of only one- I tend to mix and match both the brush shape and the eraser shape when working with these so the end result is unique each time.

And alas, if only I had time for infinite detail!  Sometimes blurry corners stay blurry, cheers. : ]
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Oh thank you very much!! :D

Yeah I know that..I always end up submitting a piece then realise I missed a spot :')
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you sir have got my watch!!
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I hope to fill your inbox with many works in the future, thanks!
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gfhcgf this looks amazing. *____* Love the colours used <3
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*^* thanye!

Getting the color mix on this right was actually the hardest part!  Tends to be that way when the colors lean towards shifting gradients less contained in individual shapes (i.e balancing thematically blue and red halves of a canvas VS choosing colors for a pair of blue shorts and a red tank-top)
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Wow @@ Well, it turned out great! : D
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I'm not 100% sure what's going on here, but....wow. This almost looks real. You really captured the essence and scale of the subjects. I don't know how you're not on the cover of every art magazine in the country by now..!
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Thanks Big O!

Whos to say when and where that kindo  thing might happen, for now I'm happy improving my craft while I work on all the other projects I have going behind the scenes.. :]

This lady is a sorto firefighter bot that works on fire-outbreaks and explodin' generators and whatnot, I imagined sort of a immediate damage control response over a neat and tidy one, and the results got pretty big. x)
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That's an awesome concept. Really good work. I understand you wanna be sneaky and keep yourself on the down-low for now, but one day you'll be famous and renowned! I just know it. *bro hug*
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