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Haveconquest's brush pack II

By HaveConquest
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Download it here: [link] (mediafire link)

Ever since I took down the old one people have been poking me to re-upload my brush pack.

But! that one was old, so, here's a new one!

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Wow! These are so cool! You work so well with them and your style. :D Incredible and thank you for sharing with everyone on dA~ :heart:
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I'll have to look into seeing if these can be converted so I can use them on gimp. :eager:
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Awesome stuff! :dance:
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yo wtf, there are two pics in this that arent you album that i want to favorite and adore. not cool.
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Oh! Sweet - I've got to take a look at it. By the way, how do you go about creating them? I mess around with some of the brushes in PS, changing their dynamics. This is pretty different, you're using a lot of noise and very unique patterns to make brushes.
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You're the best :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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wow!they're wonderful!!!
i really love your style of arts especially the water color edges and the contrast><
and of course, your works are always beautiful.
Thank you for your generous sharing~
i wonder if you would make a tutorial regarding how to use the brushes effectively XD

looking forward to your next works.
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Hey, thanks for this!!
SockWizard's avatar
You are
cool dood.
That is all.
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every time you make something like this it's like it's raining christmas outside.

i've been doodling in photoshop more and this will probably be uber helpful.
thank you hc <3

also this february i will finally be cosplaying as belle at megacon!!!
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8D -will demand pictures-

Hope they help!
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Which is hilarious, I think you are psychic or something....because I was just about to ask you to reupload them.

Since I got an upgrade to my photoshop and deleted the old brushes. I missed yours, they really are quite useful...Hopefully this will be the push I need to finish that picture.
HaveConquest's avatar

Good luck. : ]
LyoNaka's avatar
XD of course....miss ya! See you on IM sometime?
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This is awesome!
Is there anyway to put this on PaintTool SAI?
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there's a folder in sai that allows you to make your own brushes. perhaps if you open the file to do so in photoshop, stamp a brush on there and use it in sai it may work. there's a variety of tuts for sai brushes on dA.
didn't mean to be nosy but i hope i was at least helpful. .-.
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Unless there is some workaround I'm unaware of, these wont work with sai.
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FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
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YEAH! thank you so much! gonna have fun with these babies, heheh :XD:
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Whew they look absolutely awesome and pro, I love your art.
But do you know if there is any tutorial for me how to use your brushes? = ) Or If it's possible for Paint tool sai?
Sorry if i'm dumb : C
HaveConquest's avatar
You'd need to load them into photoshop, if you have it. Pretty sure sai wouldn't know what to do with a .abr config file.
Liieszz's avatar
Thanks alot for telling me = )
Allright, then i need PS hehe.
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