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'nother speedpaint.

Looking forward to pso2! Though, its anybodies guess as to how long it'll be between the japanese and a localized release. : x

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This looks amazing~! The lighting is fantastic~! (Also kind of laughing over the guess of 12 months for localization in the comments below... 8 years is a tad longer than that XD)

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less than 12 months :3
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Ahh, the slinky hair. :O
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Very nice, my curiosity of any related pictures lead me here - where you on the beta?
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Yah, played CBT a bit. I'll probably come back to it again when open beta hits. : ]
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Nice... what is your IGN just in case... I would like to partner up. :D
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Very beautiful! I love the style in it! Glad i searched for PSO2 :P just to see what I would find on DA
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W00t FOcaseal FTW I have been working on mine in Phantasy star portable 2 for over a year now and she's coming along great. I cannot wait for PSO2 so I can bring her to life in a bigger badder game
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Awesome speedpaint. Hopefully we get an official English release!
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freaking love this series
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GO FOs! Awsome pic! Love the lighting off the fire. Cant wait tll PSO2 as well.
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heck yeah, I'm really looking forward to the PSO2 RAmarl. The 3rd person shooter controls for rangers are like a pipe dream come true for rangers.
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Gorgeous work as always :)
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Your crisp edges are always so beautiful!
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put it in the PSA group? :D
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Wups, slipped my mind, heh.
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Awesome :3 And I'm looking forward to play PSO 2 as well :)
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It'd be fun to assemble a good group from DA to play with, on release.
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I'd be joining gladly, at least as long they don't charge 10 bucks a month. Kept me from playing any Phantasy Star related game online :/
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Excellent piece ! I'm also awaiting the release of PSO2, I have quite the few good memories from PSO, such an excellent game. A bit of a shame that PSU never became that popular stateside.
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It is sad, yar.

Hopefully they'll get it right with 2 here, can't wait to go hunting with old friends again. : ]
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Whats the time on this sucker?
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Couple hours. : >
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