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Daily speed 01

By HaveConquest
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Don't have a lot of time for really in depth paintings / personal drawings at the moment..

..but I wanted to keep in touch with my techniques, so back to the daily speed paints it is!

They may not happen every day, per say, but should pop up a few times each week.

Painted in photoshop cs3, about 1.2 hrs


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This is so dynamic, vivid, that's what i've always loved in your work, it look.. suspended.
Anyway, Thanks for the motivation !
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So Abstract, and EPIC!!! You should be featured in a future release of whichever game; like Silent Hill . . . Maybe.

All in all, your work is A-mazing!
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Ahah, thanks~ : ]

Maybe I'll do some game concept work sometime, we'll have to see how things turn out.
Ayumi-Wolf-Dragon's avatar
Yay! -- I will definitely check them out once you get to it.
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Your artwork is always so different, the abstract textures you create for your brushes are what I really love about your work and it never fails to inspire me to start drawing myself, so I thank you. Keep up the good work.
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Most digital artists forgo an essential part to just about any traditional painting, and that's to consider the texture of the paint / brush stroke itself. Helps make things a bit more tactile and vivid in some cases, and I wish others would experiment with it more.

Thanks to you too!
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whoa dude, looks almost 3d! :wow:
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Too busy taking in the awesomeness of the lineas and the altogether effect to think about what is on the picture... looks too cool to think about it XD
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That's the way I usually do speedpaints, har. Much more about the composition, atmosphere, or rhythm of the image than anything else.
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Hard to make out at first but when I stopped and took a better look I realized this was kinda awesome.
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Makin ya work for the arts, muahahaha.

thanks. : ]
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