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Color Palette Builder

By HaveConquest
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Here is a spread of colors I built to help me visualize the color ranges I tend to use...  in a way that clicks with the mentality of picking and blending paints together on the canvas rather than picking from an infinitely fiddly gradient display.

I use it to create individual color palettes like these - dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12…

Which gives me a pretty complete sense of building shapes with the selected tones and also gives me a place to balance them against each other before investing Xteen hours in the painting itself- without resorting to balancing every color to generic monotones in the shadows or highlights later on to tie things together (which is a huge symptom of painting from greyscale, ergh).

So here it is!  Anyone may use freely, no need to credit me with it or anything, etc.  Staring at a blank canvas can be the most paralyzing part of the process, this is pretty much my way around that and I'm happy to share~

Enjoy, : ]

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those diamond things are both beautiful and genius. o:
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Holy crap you're alive
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Pretty awesome color palette. Hopefully it helps some people.