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Applejack's Bedroom (The Cutie Pox)

Applejack's Bedroom at night, taken from a screenshot from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, season 2 episode 6- The Cutie Pox

Family Appreciation Day version:

(note that the SVG is the same for both The Cutie Pox and Family Appreciation Day. In Inkscape, hide and reveal Floor/Wall/Ceiling sub-layers to switch between different room elements)
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if my imagine wasn't weird enough i could imagine someone with the time and money possibly making this into a real life room.With the right type of bedroom this could became realistic
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Now that would be awesome.
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Oh door, you so silly.
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Great job on this
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I'm not sure why you felt the need to make two versions of this, but alright :D


Well done.

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It was partly to poke fun at DHX. One episode, AJ's door is hinged on the left and swings out. Next episode her room appears in, her door is hinged on the right and opens in.
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