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Catch all the news and updates on all things related to the Havai Region.
*Please refrain from submitting your Fakemon to this group.
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Fri Dec 11, 2015, 12:00 AM by zerudez:iconzerudez:
Welcome to the Havai Express, where you will receive the latest news and updates regarding the Havai Region and Fakemon . This is like a way of bringing back Fakemon Fridays but just under a different name. Hope you like what's in store for this month!

The Vice Trio

A devilish trio of Pokémon  have been roaming the Havai region and twisting the minds of many people, making them perform evil acts such as theft, becoming greedy, and being envious of each other. Who are these evil Pokémon?

The Vice Trio

They are the Vice Trio with each member capable of making humans full of greed, envy, and arrogance.


Known to be the leader of the Vice Trio. Cyfervain, the Pride Pokémon, is known to radiate pridefuleness onto humans and Pokémon.


Known as the Greed Pokémon, Covetrance
fills the mind of humans with greed and lust.


This Pokémon of Envy alters the minds of humans as well as Pokémon and making them full of envy and jealousy.

The Vice Trio have a new Ability called Black Vice. It raises the power of all Dark-type moves but weakens the power of all Fairy-type moves.


Sedavlin gets new forms according to the season! As you may have guessed, their form names are named after the season. So here are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Forms! Which is your favorite?



Meet Verdivine! A vine emerging from its palm wraps around its forearm for some extra defense to block off harshful hits. It unwraps the vine and uses it to whip its foes or swing from place to place. Verdivine evolves from Ribivine when Traded.


Jabbit is the evolved form of Laponchi. It trains everyday working on its punching and jabbing moves that will surely knockout its foe. No matter the weather, it will train all day and night if it wants to.


Rumblare is the final stage of Laponchi. All of its training has paid off as it now reaches its final stage. With its powerful arms, it is able to break through heavy barriers and even dent some heavy steel.


Finally some new Mega Evolutions are here! Spice up your battles
with these new Mega Pokémon! Which Mega will you go for?

Mega Warshrike

Warshrike is able to Mega Evolve into Mega Warshrike using the Warshrikite. Now having claws in its wings, it is able to deliver more powerful attacks on its enemies and strike hard blows with its talons. Its body is built for high speed.

Mega Rumblare

Rumblare can Mega Evolve into Mega Rumblare using the Rumblarite. It can deliver mega punches that may surely knock out any foe. Also with its tough exterior, it may be difficult to lay a scratch on this beast. With a great attack and defense stat this beast seems undefeatable, when used right of course.

Mega Inferacoon

Inferacoon is able to Mega Evolve into Mega Inferacoon using the Inferacoonite. Its high burning fire attacks can badly scorch its enemies.

Hope you've enjoyed this month's Havai Express. Stay tuned for future updates!

What to expect in the next update:
• Gym leaders
• New Fakemon and evolutions
• New Mega Evolutions
• Legendaries

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