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Nao Yasumori Stamp 2.

Second Nao stamp, this time featuring her darker side. Contemplating how much one's life sucks will force that to the surface, yes. Everything said on the previous stamp applies here, too.

One more, then I'll give Nao-chan a break. Swear. ;)

Nao Yasumori is (c) Shiki, please don't sue.
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fuck man i felt so sorry for her!!! she had a good life when she found a perfect family, FUCK! I don't really wanna blame the Shiki's, i blame that doctor and the humans, they were crazy as fuck!
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this is pretty =3 i wonder how you make stamps..i should google.
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You DL templates and play around in Photoshop. :)
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=3 neat I will remember that.