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Jean Cadwallader's Birth Plan
Jean cadwallader's Birth Plan
A 100% Natural Vaginal Delivery so expect to hear a lot of a LOUD Yelling and Curse Words when she has a contaction LOUD Panting and breathing before each push and a lot of LOUD SCREAMING during each push.
 2. A home birth in her bedroom.
 3. A long labor and childbirth around say thirty to forty-eight hours.
4. Each one of the births will be while wearing maternity lingerie and maternity costumes (because it looks sexy)
5. Birth positions for each birth (Btw all births will be filmed and posted on Jean Cadwallader's youtube channel a couple of days after she gives birth):
Birth One: Liying on the bed in the basic child birth position on the bed (legs spread, knees bent, and back at the perfect angle on the bed)

while wearing a Maternity Sailor Moon Costume.

Birth Two: On all fours
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Jean The Otaku Chapter One
Chapter One
It was another early spring morning in Parkland, Washington a nice sunny morning with temps in the high fifties which was not too hot but also not too cold so that  you won't have to put on a coat just to go outside and check the mail in other words just your basic early march morning.
This morning starts in the bedroom of Jean Akers a half Japanese quarter Native American and quarter scottish girl who was just sleeping off the raiment's of another night which she spent playing video games untill around three in the morning (Street Fighter V, Overwatch, Sly Cooper, Shovel Knight, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Midway Arcade Treasures along other video games).
Jean along with two sisters are sleeping on a blanket that looks like Usagi Tuskino's blanket which is covered with chibi body plush dolls from shows such as Sailor Moon, Kill La Kill, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Lucky Star and other anime. Suddenly the alarm clock which is connected to Jean's smart phone rang
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Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly
Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly order form
Number of bellies that you want to order: Six
Numbers of babies in each belly: (1) Triplets (2) Triplets (3) Quadruplets (4) Quintuplets (5) Sepuplets (6) Sepuplets
Genders of babies in each belly: (1) three girls (2) two girls, one boy (3) four girls (4) three girls, two boys
(5) three girls three boys (6) four girls two boys
Shape of your bellies or bellies when it becomes full term (Ball shape, Bowling Ball Shape, Barrel Shape, or Carrying Low):
(1) bowling Ball Shape

(2) Ball shape like in the photo below

(3) ball Shape

(4) ball shape

(5) bowling ball shape

(6) ball shape

Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly countdown timer info:
Length of pregnancie
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OC Profile 6
Name: Jean Cadwallader

Date of Birth: August 23rd, 1982
Age: Thirty five years old
Gender: Female
Hometown: Parkland, Washington
Nationaly: Cacusin, one quarter Native American, and one fifth Scottish
Hair: Red, long straight 
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8" 36D-28-38 Legs: Twenty-Eight inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Oldest sister
Hobbies: Anime, Wrestling, writing fan fiction (Jean Akers is one of her favorite Fan Fiction writers), Making TV shows, Rugby, Cosplay, making anime music videos, football baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, Skateboarding, anything 1980's and 1990's, Horror, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Classic Movies, Movies, Reading books and manga, TV, drawing, art, cartoons, co-making create-a-wrestler shows with her sister Jean Akers, british and japanese culture,  peforming rock gutair covers, peforming drum covers, peforming vocal covers, playing video games

and everything else.
Sexual Or
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 1 0
OC Profile one
Name:Jean Akers

Age:Twenty two Years old
Home Town:Parkland, Washington
Nationaly:Half Japanese, Half American, One Fifth Native American, and One Fifth Scottish
Hair:Black,long straight sometimes in twin ponytails
Skin Color:Japanese
38C-26-38 Legs:Thirty One inches
Weight:110 Pounds
Siblings:Two girls:Jo-ann Cadwallader Sixteen years old and Jun Cadwallader Seventeen years old
Hobbies:Anime, wrestling, cosplay

cartoons, sports, movies, manga, reading, soccer, hockey, skateboarding, making anime music videos, writing fan fiction,  
photography, basketball, football, baseball, rugby, sci-fi, comic books, tv, making create-a-wrestler shows, british culture and everything else.
Sexual OrationBucktoothi-Sexual (Jean likes both guys and girls)
Fetishes:Cute japanese guys and girls, girls wearing one piece swimsuits, maids and butlers, bishonen and bishojo anime cha
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 2 0
Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly instructions
Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a cadwallader pretend pregnant belly here are some steps to better enjoy your cadwallader pretend pregnant belly.
1. Make sure that you shave your belly
2. Take your cadwallader pretend pregnant belly out of the box.
3. Peel the plastic off the back of your belly    
4. Put your cadwallader pretend pregnant belly on your belly then place the shoulder straps on your shoulders then fasten the velcro strap around your lower back.
5. Then after you put your cadwallader pretend pregnant belly on you go to either your cell phone, tablet, or computer and go to the site where you ordered your belly or bellies then log in then go to pregnancy count down timer then if you ordered more than one belly you choose the pregnancy that you want to start then click start pregnancy then a prompt will show up saying “Are you sure that you want to start this pregnancy?” then you click yes.” Then the pregnancy starts if you only orde
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 6 0
Jean The Otaku Trailer
Jean The Otaku Trailer
Song used: Ghetto Love by Spinnerette
Hi I'm Jean Akers just your basic twenty one year old  japanese nerd girl and otaku living in Parkland, Washington then go to scenes of Jean playing video games, reading manga, watching anime and cosplaying. with my husband Dean who is straight but likes to dress in drag as a girl and my maid and driver Asuko.
Also I am a bit bi-curious jean "What's wrong with playing for the other team like a vistor". And I also like and respect pregnant women so after taking a experimental pill called Pregato not only did i get jean " A CUTE SEXY BIG BALL SHAPE FULL TERM PREGNANT BELLY". for the duration of my pregnancy but it also protects my babies from both the dangers of caffeine and injury so i can drink soda jean "Sugar and caffeine two of my favorite things". Jo-Ann Cadwallader "You drink so much soda dieto Coca-Cola should by running thru your veins." And also play contact sports during my pregnancy then go to a scene of jean w
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 5 1
Jean The Otaku TV Show Idea
Tv Show Idea
Jean The Otaku
Based on a story idea by Jason Akers
Network: The CW
Night: Friday nights at 8:00 p.m.
Studios: Sony Television Studios and Warner Brothers Television
Story: Jean Akers is a twenty one year old Japanese girl who like to play video games, watch tv and anime, read manga and comic books, watch and play sports, and watch movies. Who lives in parkland, Washington with her husband Dean who is straight but likes to dress in drag as a girl and her japanese maid and driver Asuko.
Jean likes and respects pregnant women so after jean takes this pill called "Pregato" which not only gives jean a large ball shaped pregnant belly but also protects the babies (Jean is pregnant with twins) from the dangers of caffeine and injury so jean can drink soda and play sports while she is pregnant.
The twenty-six episode first season chronicles Jean Akers twin pregnancy which leads up to the first season finale in which jean gives birth at anime expo.
Promotional Consideration/Market
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 4 0
Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly FAQ'S
Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly FAQ
How does the baby or babies move in my belly?
With motors in their bodies.
Does the baby or babies move in the belly like in a real pregnancy?
Yes the baby or babies do move around and kick in the belly as unexpecting in a real pregnancy.
How does the baby or babies receive the info from the website?
With mini computers also in their bodies thru a cell phone type signal.
How much weight is added to my waist line when my belly or bellies become full term?
It depends on the size of the belly or bellies you ordered:small(40 pounds), Medium(60 pounds), Large(80 pounds), Extra Large(90 pounds), or 2XL(120 pounds) and also depends on how many babies you ordered.
How many inches are added to my waist line when my belly or bellies become full term>
It also depends on the size of the belly or bellies you ordered:Small(20-30 inches),Medium(30-40 inches), Large(50-60 inches), Extra Large (70-80), or 2XL (80-90). Also expect a extra forty to ninety inches
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 6 2
Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly Order Form
Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly order form
Number of bellies you want to order:Eight
Number of babies in each belly:(1)Twins (2)Triplets (3)Quadruplets (4)Quintuplets (5)Quintuplets (6)Triplets (7)Quintuplets (8) Sepluets
Genders of babies Per Belly:(1)girls (2)two girls, one boy (3)two girls, two boys (4)three girls, two boys (5)three girls,two boys (6)three girls (7)three girls, two boys (8) Four Girls, Two Boys
Size of belly or bellies when your belly becomes full term (Small (40 pounds), Medium (60 pounds), Large (80 pounds), Extra Large (100 pounds), or 2XL(120 pounds):(1)large (2)XL (3)large (4)large (5)large (6)XL (7)XL (8) XL
Shape of your belly or bellies when it becomes full term (Bowling Ball Shape, Ball Shape, Barrel Shape, or Carring Low):(1) ball shape (like in the photo below)

(2)ball shaped like this (see photo below)

then carring low when it drops (like in the photo below)
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 6 0
Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly Order Form
Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly order form
Number of bellies you want to order:
Number of babies in each belly (inches added to your waist line when you belly or bellies become full term) Single (30 Inches), Twins (40 Inches), Triplets(60 Inches), Quadruplets(80 Inches), Quintuplets(90 Inches), Sepuets (100 Inches):
Genders of babies:
Size of belly or bellies when your belly becomes full term (Weight in pounds added to your waist line when your belly or bellies become full term:(Small (40 Pounds), Medium (60 Pounds) Large (80 Pounds), Extra Large (100 Pounds), or 2XL (120 Pounds):
Shape of your belly or bellies when it becomes full term (Bowling Ball Shape, Ball Shape, Barrel Shape, or Carring Low):
Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly countdown timer info:
Length of pregnancies per belly (Nine weeks=nine month up to thirty weeks=three years or Nine months up to Thirty-Six months:
What type of food does your babies crave and at what time of the day:
When does your pregnancy become ful
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 13 0
Jason Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly Idea
Jason Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant belly idea
Each Cadwallader pretend pregnant belly which for the cost of $39.95 is a pretend pregnant belly in which you can choose from
one of the following:
Number of babies per belly:Single, Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets, or Septuplets.
Type of belly shape when your pregnancy becomes full term:Bowling Ball Shape, Ball Shape, Barrel Shape, or Carring Low
And size of your belly when it becomes full term:Small (40 pounds), Medium(60 pounds), Large (80 pounds),Extra Large(100 Pounds), or 2XL (120 Pounds)
Each cadwallader pretend pregnant belly is made of 100% american made medical silicone and also have both clear shoulder straps and a clear velcro belt so you can
put your cadwallader pretend pregnant belly on your shoulders and back and is already filled with up to 120 lbs. of water so it feels like a real pregnant belly, life sized
baby dolls that when your belly drops switch to the childbirth postion (bodies pointed down heads facing the
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 6 2
OC Proifle 5

Name: Jaye Akers
Gender: Female
Age:Sixteen years old
Hometown: Spanaway, Washington
Nationally: Half Native American, Half Causatin
Hair: Brown, short straight
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’10” 38D-25-28
Weight: 140 Pounds
 Sister to Kaytln Cadwallader
Hobbies: Music, video games, TV, movies, sports, wrestling, cartoons, comic books, skateboarding, fmx, motorcross, motorsports,football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, action, horror, sci-fi, comedy, writing fan fiction, creating create a wrestler shows, playing guitar, Rock And Roll, and everthing else.
Sexual Oration: Transgendered Male To Female (post-op), Bi-Sexual
Fetishes: Cross-dressers, cute Japanese girls, cute nerd girls, cute girl cosplayers, cute girls wearing one piece swimsuits, pregnant women, maids, bishojo anime characters, cute girl athletes, British girls, girls wearing pj’s, cute girls wearing 1980’s workout clothes, cute girl cosplayers, girls wearing l
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 1 1
OC Profile 4

Name: Elizabeth Cadwallader
Age: Thirty Years Old
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Nationally: Casutin
Hair: Brown, Long Straight
Skin Color: White
Height: 5’10” 38D-22-31 Legs:34 Inches
Weight: 115 Pounds
Hobbies: Writing books, mysteries, sci-fi, movies, horror, crime stories, anime, comic books, sports, soccer, wrestling, cosplay, cartoons, movies, manga, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, skateboarding, writing fan fiction, and everything else
Sexual oration: Stright
Fetishes: Black Guys, and White Guys
:iconhaurko01:Haurko01 1 0
Mature content
OC Profile 3 :iconhaurko01:Haurko01 1 0
Mature content
OC Profile 2 :iconhaurko01:Haurko01 1 0


Bowsette x Boosette :18+ yuri: by Axsens
Mature content
Bowsette x Boosette :18+ yuri: :iconaxsens:Axsens 194 0
Detective Pikachu by Banzchan Detective Pikachu :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 52 0
FEMME FORCE Unleashed Volume 3
Place: Bridgeport, CT
Date: November 16, 2018
Free Youtube Match:
Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs Jamie Fey
Result TBD
Main Card Matches:
1. Jordynne Grace vs Marti Belle
Result TBD
2. The Killer BAEs ( Laura James & Heather Monroe ) vs Sisters War ( Veronika & Kerstin Krieg )
Result TBD
3. Paradise Lost ( Dust & Melanie Cruise ) ( w/ Rosemary ) vs Twisted Sisterz ( Holidead & Thunder Rosa )
Result TBD
4. "The Keltic Killer" Logan Macbain vs Su Yung
Casket Match
Result TBD
5. The Kimber Bombs ( Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee ) vs Ruthless Ambition ( Maria Manic & Penelope Ford ) (c)
Tag Team Match for the FEMME FORCE Tag Team Championship
Result TBD

6. Kobra Moon ( w/ Daga ) vs Nicole Savoy (c)
2 out of 3 Falls Match for the FEMME FORCE Diamond Division Championship
Result TBD
7. Lady Dragon vs Clarissa Classy vs Mayu Iwatani (c)
Triple Threat Match for the FEMME FORCE Internet Championship
Result TBD
:iconbranded-curse:Branded-Curse 2 2
Karen Gillian Pregnant Morph 001 by DaisukeEndouII Karen Gillian Pregnant Morph 001 :icondaisukeendouii:DaisukeEndouII 19 0 Preggo Morph + Story 002 by DaisukeEndouII Preggo Morph + Story 002 :icondaisukeendouii:DaisukeEndouII 34 3 Preggo Morph + Story 001 by DaisukeEndouII
Mature content
Preggo Morph + Story 001 :icondaisukeendouii:DaisukeEndouII 113 13
Pregnant Morph 040 by DaisukeEndouII Pregnant Morph 040 :icondaisukeendouii:DaisukeEndouII 25 0 Pregnant Morph 039 by DaisukeEndouII Pregnant Morph 039 :icondaisukeendouii:DaisukeEndouII 25 0 Comm - Totally spies new suits by dlobo777 Comm - Totally spies new suits :icondlobo777:dlobo777 146 7 Playtime by mrudowski Playtime :iconmrudowski:mrudowski 180 14 Street Fighter girls morning training by mrudowski Street Fighter girls morning training :iconmrudowski:mrudowski 74 5 KARIN KANZAKI by zipskyblue KARIN KANZAKI :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 133 9 Uraraka by A-Psycho-Banana Uraraka :icona-psycho-banana:A-Psycho-Banana 72 5 [Fan Art] Kyoka Jiro by Makkioko [Fan Art] Kyoka Jiro :iconmakkioko:Makkioko 38 6 Uraraka by esmoc Uraraka :iconesmoc:esmoc 42 1 Bree - Pregnant and Posing by Broadwell
Mature content
Bree - Pregnant and Posing :iconbroadwell:Broadwell 61 6


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Jason Akers
United States
Current Residence: Parkland,Washington
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: All Types Of Music
Favourite cartoon character: Momoko Kusangi, Shin (Shin-Chan), Ed (Cowboy Bebop), Haruhi, and lots of other cartoons
Personal Quote: "And now for something complety different".
One of my costume ideas is to be pretend pregnant but my current lack of funds means that i can't get my costume in time for halloween if you could be so kind as to get me anything from my pretend pregnant wishlist i would be so happy.

Btw. the reason that i prefer a slicone pretend pregnant belly is because i want to look as close to a pregnant woman as i can be and i also don't like to do the cliche pillow and athletic tape trick.…
  • Listening to: Swamped by Lunaca Coil
  • Reading: Amanda
  • Watching: Hockey Night in Canada HNIC - Old Theme/New Intro
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  • Eating: Peanut butter cookies
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