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Sonic.EXE Wallpaper

My toughest drawing yet. Every last exe on there. You may use this, but must give credit.
Dark Exe, (original) Modern Exe, Plush Exe, Boom.Exe and boss form, and Original Sonic3 Exe is by Sir JC The Hyena
Anti-Sonic.dll Exe is by :iconsheygrell:
And Sonic"."SatAM Exe is by yours truly.
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1600x960px 171.89 KB
Nintendo 3DS
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Dec 31, 2014, 8:57:09 AM
© 2014 - 2021 HauntedEXE12
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Is Sonic.exe Satan And The Devil And 666
MM1010sm64bloopers's avatar
A wild Sonic.exe appeared!
What will MM1010 do?
BAG - POKEBALLS - Pokeball bullet- Great Ball 
MM1010 used Pokeball bullet- Great Ball !
... ... ...
Gotcha! Sonic.exe was caught!
MM1010sm64bloopers's avatar
1 favourite for this = 1 yo mama for sonic.exe XD
MM1010sm64bloopers's avatar
Although, I have to go to school tomorrow. What about you sonic.exe? Do you have to go to school tomorrow?
ASKSONICEXE666's avatar
Like how fucking sexy I look in each of my forms?
DeadMaster1317's avatar
You need to add in his Version 3 design now. >3
SheyGrell's avatar
I gotta say, this is some really epic work :D You went all-out for this, didn't you?
HauntedEXE12's avatar
yes, :) I did. Thanks and btw I working on a surprise for you and I'll send it to you on skype
SheyGrell's avatar
I just gotta say again that your work was incredible on what you showed me :meownod: 
this is the coolest sonic.EXE picture i have ever seen!
SonicAndTailsfan64's avatar
this is way out of line, that's unhealthy
HauntedEXE12's avatar
so is pointlessly hating on artwork
SonicAndTailsfan64's avatar
listen, i don't hate your artwork, i really do, just don't like the idea of just sonic.exe art
HauntedEXE12's avatar
I'm just practicing for possible future prodjects, and I won't JUST draw him, I'll draw other characters in stuff like vs. art and other stuff. And I'm already thinking of future stories "that don't have Exe in them".
SonicAndTailsfan64's avatar
well here's my future advice, (in which you won't take), if you want it to be better, just.....just kill sonic.exe, in the most brutal and violent way, in mean seriously, who still likes sonic.exe other than you??
HauntedEXE12's avatar
Listen up dude!!! I'm already having a really bad start to the year as it is, I don't need to put up with your "kill it with fire" crap. You can't tell me what to do! If I want to draw Sonic.exe, I'll draw Sonic.exe. If I want to kill Sonic.exe, I'll kill him.  You are a good writer and drawer. Why must you waste your time bombing other's art, instead of making more good art and stories.
SonicAndTailsfan64's avatar
oh whoop-dee-doo, you're not the only one with a bad start of 2015, my mother has to have an operation in a couple months cause she has Pre-cancer and i was falsely called an art thief by a troll!
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Dude if you dont like exe then there is no need to bash just avoid the art then to racefan
HauntedEXE12's avatar
Well I'm sorry for your mother. But try having many of your valuables broken, your old friends at school treat you like garbage, loosing you're motivation to play music that enjoyed doing, and having the one person that made you feel better be way too busy to even send message to you.
DeadMaster1317's avatar
Which is Anti-Sonic.dll Exe?
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