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Welcome to the Dark...

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Welcome to the group! Everyone is welcome to post any kind of DARK, gothic, creepy, scary, horror, and or gory art they want!

Fan art of any kind is also welcome - as long as it is dark in some way! the definition of dark is not rigid or strictly here either. it can be light and humorous "dark" as well.

We also LOVE Tim Burton here so you are welcome to post ANYTHING Tim Burton related or inspired!

Also anything Halloween related is welcome as well!

If folders get full please message me directly (owner), as i don't come here very often.


The ONLY Rules!

- Please upload to the appropriate gallery folder. If you aren't sure which, feel free to ask. There is also an "other folder" if you're not sure.

- have fun!

- don't be afraid of the dark ;)


also feel free to check out my etsy shop! I make zodiac, new age, wiccan, pagan, and gothic jewelry, charms etc.

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Gallery Folders

Pipp Petals - I Just Want to be Normal by Crowmere
3D_Lovercomehere_R.C.200-60_+.16.04.2021 by AliceGothic
Somewhere not here by mylittledeadbunny
Sketch Commission 22. by ArtwithKA
Dark Drawings and Illustrations 2
Other 2
Tsaesci - Snake queen by Varagka
The Perfect Evening by TheGodofCities1967
Commission Baths by velsdy
Office Suit YCH [OPEN] by velsdy
Fan art 2
Syan Lin, Genshin Impact by Koto51
Yeah No Sorry by ARTIST-SRF
What Once Was Mine Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Go the Distance Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Digital Art 2
Dark poetry and writing 2
Horror and Gore 2
Throne by SNBX
Alyosha by yesiknowyoucan
Twinkles by Dont-Trust-Dolls
Tension by SNBX
Halloween 2
Myers by Sass-Haunted

Mature Content

Solano (Halloween Special) by VictorModa
Onyx witch hat pendant by Curionomicon
The haunted mansion by MaliciaRoseNoire
tim burton 2
Pop Figure Bookmark - Emily by InkArtWriter
Wednesday Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Ihtiriekko by RUUMIX
Another Jack and Sally Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Avatars and group promotion 2
Stamps and icons 2
3Deye_17.02.2021 by AliceGothic
Fan Art, Bands, and Movies
Mayhem: Freezing Moon by kavart
Thegrimreapergif_+.28.02.2021 by AliceGothic
Tim Burton
Edward In The Snow by FloppsyProduction
Digital Art Photomanipulation.

Mature Content

Racing Queens (2021) by Kiriya
Dark Drawings and Illustrations
forgetting who you are by mrmission
Stamps and Icons
I A. A M.z.g. T._gifending2020 by AliceGothic
Avatars and Group Promotion
satanicbannergif2020 by AliceGothic
Horror and Gore
Finished YCH by Akiyamy
Portrait_R.C.-200-60_+.13.04.2021 by AliceGothic
fiadurs pavilion by basrungar
other 3
Boo! She's Watching You! by SolaSista94
other 4
Goth Girl Struggles No. 12 by SolaSista94


Frankenweenie by cristell15 Frankenweenie :iconcristell15:cristell15 15 0 Corpse bride worm by cristell15 Corpse bride worm :iconcristell15:cristell15 6 2 Pinky monster by cristell15 Pinky monster :iconcristell15:cristell15 6 0 Baby Cthulhu by cristell15 Baby Cthulhu :iconcristell15:cristell15 13 3 Baby Hippogriff by cristell15 Baby Hippogriff :iconcristell15:cristell15 7 2 Pixie by cristell15 Pixie :iconcristell15:cristell15 6 0 Sky Deer by cristell15 Sky Deer :iconcristell15:cristell15 13 0 Cheshire by cristell15 Cheshire :iconcristell15:cristell15 11 0 Cemetery by cristell15 Cemetery :iconcristell15:cristell15 17 0 Cemetery by cristell15 Cemetery :iconcristell15:cristell15 13 2 Calcifer by cristell15 Calcifer :iconcristell15:cristell15 22 0 Fujur by cristell15 Fujur :iconcristell15:cristell15 13 3 Pan's Labyrinth by cristell15 Pan's Labyrinth :iconcristell15:cristell15 19 0 Kitsune by cristell15 Kitsune :iconcristell15:cristell15 34 4 Stitch by cristell15 Stitch :iconcristell15:cristell15 40 3 Goat by cristell15 Goat :iconcristell15:cristell15 17 3




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We are a group of DARK ARTISTS. ALL Dark Artist and Dark Art Lovers are welcome.
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Mar 8, 2011


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Art Creation

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hey guys more folders were full so i added more! always message me if they are full and let me know. i don't come in here that often so i don't know usually. so yeah anything wrong, just message me directly! :) thank you!
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