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About Megan EXE:

Megan's Theme Song:

This magenta hedgehog with blood red eyes is Megan EXE, the oldest daughter to Sonic.EXE and Amy Rose. Others have called her May or Meg. Megan was born on October 22, in the universe called the EXE Zone (Only in the story “Beauty in the Breakdown”). Megan is only known for being a breed of a EXE and Mobion in her world. She’s a caring, always ready to act, and never gives up. She can be cocky, curious and sometimes excitable when going on new adventures.
Her Abilities is to fly and can burst flames from her hands and shot the fire out of them. Her only weapon is her mother’s hammer, but She believes she doesn’t need it even though she always carries it round. She’s mostly with her friends or other people from different universe. Go say hi to her, she always loves to meet new people!!…

Icons Of Megan:
PC - Megan EXE - Icon by Artcat101 Halloween Megan Icon by HauntedByTheLight Megan EXE Icon by HauntedByTheLight Megan Cutie Icon *Gift* by Forever-Amy-EXE
Megan Cutie Sprite *Gift* by Forever-Amy-EXE Commission (Megan) by IIAmethystSkyII Icon for HauntedByTheLight [Commission] by xWreathOfRoses creepy icon for  HauntedByTheLight by Patty-Chickens Commission : Megan Icon by BrownieAlexia

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Team, Family and Friend, Also My Other Accounts


Team Executable




Family and Friends

Mother - :iconforever-amy-exe:
Father - :iconsonic-e-x-e:
Friends - :iconjeallybeanhedgehog::iconlovely-girl-10::icondianethewicked::iconmitsukiwazhere::icontheamazinggman::iconjcsstudio::iconlexielou04::iconthemercenary04::iconswifttheseviper::iconangelasaphirerose::iconminaliajaebixtsuki::iconsoaranddash::iconsnowmanstorm::iconkiryuthefox:
Friends in Real Life - :iconcraftiewhitefeather::icon23rddevil::iconwarriorforest:



My Other Accounts/Visitors:

:iconsonicmerchandisefan: - For only Sonic Merchandise pictures.
:iconmanickatie2: - My very old account!
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My List of Stuff That Needs to Get Done.

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Best Character


Manic Is Best Character

Isn't He Great!!! Kiryu agrees with me!! lol

Teh Manics Stamp by RoseOfTheNight4444 Manic Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons Manic fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie


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About Grimoire EXE:

Grimoire's Theme Song:

This bluish/purple hedgehog is Grimoire EXE, the youngest son to Sonic.EXE and Amy Rose. His family and friends calls him by his nickname 'Grim'. Grimoire was born on Septeber 6, in the universe called the EXE Zone (Only in the story “Beauty in the Breakdown”). He is 2 years younger than Megan EXE (His Sister). Unlike his sister, he is a full EXE like his father. One of his abilities is that he can teleport to any place he wants to be. Grimoire can also use Reality Powers to control anything that he wants it to be, like creating things that aren't there, destroy it when his bored with it, and he could remake it if he wants it back. Of course he can't use his power very long because it will start to hurt him and soon will drain him of his lifespan little by little. He sometimes likes to be left alone or messing with people's minds or hanging out with his friends. You can mostly find him in the EXE castle or looking around the forest…

Icons Of Grimoire:
Comm2.2:. HauntedByTheLight by MaidenOfTheBells Grimoire EXE Icon by HauntedByTheLight Commission (Grimoire EXE) by IIAmethystSkyII Grim Cutie Icon *Gift* by Forever-Amy-EXE Grim Cutie Sprite *Gift* by Forever-Amy-EXE

Stories Writen By Me

Beauty in the Breakdown

*Warning: This story is a AU base off from the creepypasta story, "Sonic.EXE".*
English, Rated M, Romance/Adventure/Fantasy Published: September 24th, 2013
Link to the story on : Beauty in the Breakdown
Link to the story on : Beauty in the Breakdown

You can read the story on DA too!

Chapter 1 - Stay In My Memory
Chapter 2 - Counting Stars
Chapter 3 - Last Resort
Chapter 4 - Safe and Go Back To Sleep
Chapter 5 - Welcome to the Show
Chapter 6 - Psychopathy
Chapter 7 - Wonderland of Disbelieving
Chapter 8 - It’s Hard to Believe
Chapter 9 - Journey Escapes
Chapter 10 - Broken Angel
Chapter 11 - Not out yet...

Do you believe you know the Beauty in the Breakdown? Take the quiz!
Click Here to take the Quiz


Morning Is Mocking Me

English, Rated T, Romance/Horror/Fantasy, Fiction
Published: July 12th, 2015

Story on DeviantArt - Morning Is Mocking Me
Story on WritersCafe - Morning Is Mocking Me


Newest Youtube Video:


First Live Stream: "Friday the 13th"

Hey Haunted Here, I'm doing my ever first Live Stream with InsaneMinion and Invu4urazombie on my first run of Friday the 13th Game. Wish me luck!!!!! Once in a while I'll update this with new videos I post on Youtube. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to check out my Youtube channel for more videos.



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