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Simple Foot Guards

Here are my simple foot guards, I need to make new ones because these ones are pretty well worn xD and the next pair won't have a seam on the bottom so they will be more sturdy.
I actually prefer these over the complex ones, they are easier to make and also crazy comfy (especially these that are made of deer skin hehe) I'll for sure be offering these for sale :]

foot guards, and image is mine, please don't sneak into my house and steal them.
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i would wear those.
Are these for sale?? I don't understand this website. Everything is funky..
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This actually looks cool as it leaves your pads and heels free while protecting the arch. I would just worry about the possibility of getting debris inside when wearing these in the woods.
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How much are they :O
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nice job your foot guards.
The concept would deserves a much deeper study...
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I have been hoping to buy these for a while but you never said anything about how to purchase them or if they were even available to buy yet. Would it be wrong of me to make a pair similar to this, but more my style? I do not want to take credit for work that is not mine but I thought if I changed it up enough it would be okay. This is a marvelous idea and they look beautiful.
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Sweetheart, I didn't have anything against your "warning" (a lot of artists just copy/paste the same one regardless of their artwork and what does and doesn't apply.) until you started hiding the comments that pointed out designs similar to yours. That was very immature. You can't hide the fact that you didn't invent the base design, all anybody has to do is run a google search for "ankle support" "ankle brace" or "ankle guard" or if they're really lazy, just add a wider bottom strap to a pair of leather spats.

I'm not saying these didn't take skill to make, or that the fact that it's been done before lowers your own work in any way. Just that you're being overprotective of something you have no right to.
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*sigh* I know hiding the comments was immature, I only did that this morning because i panicked and i was late for class and couldn't respond back to them.
I am aware that they are very similar to ankle braces and spats. In honestly I was really quite insulted by what Hearts-Are-Cold had posted because I already know that anyone can make anything they see on the internet, but blatantly stating that in a rather harsh way or telling an artist that they don't own something that they do own is really quite rude. In all honesty I have not ever seen anyone make a pair of leather foot guards like these, there are similar things, yes, but I have not seen any that are the same. If someone had made the exact same thing then I'd be more then happy to credit them.

In a different case ~Fedini posted that she had actually drawn a race of heres about 3 years ago wearing what are pretty much exactly foot guards just without the lacing on them. I feel horribly bad that I had not seen them earlier (I only checked the leatherworks section to see if anyone had made any before posting) So I have sent her a note about this.

I just personally think that an artist being outwardly, and frankly kind of rudely, commented on about not having any right to something that nobody else has made yet isn't ok. Even if it is similar to other accessories that are widespread. Now, like Fedini, if anyone had actually linked me to someone who had previously made them or historically made them exactly then I would be more then happy to credit them and remove my claim of ownership on the foot guard design. But rather I felt more like I was being attacked by someone who seemed like they were encouraging/threatening the taking of my idea without crediting me which I don't think is fair.
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I'm sorry if my comments came out as sounding harsh, that was not my intention. From a standpoint of who owns the design, whether anyone else has made it out of rawhide or not before doesn't matter, as the original pattern is already well known.

It sounds like you're a little too sensitive to the idea of ownership, (Please don't take offense, a lot of people are, especially around here.) you had no reason to feel bad about Fedini's art, and no reason to apologize. There are things that are just too generic to for it to apply. Here's a link that might help you in the future: [link]
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I understand what you mean, and I tend to be for the reasons of my work being taken before without my permission. And the Video helps me understand this better, I changed the credits tag to suit it better.
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I used the time machine and stole your design. [link] : P

I LOVE it! very well done!
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You don't own footguards. You didn't come up with the idea of footguards. If people want to make them, or even if they wanna make ones like these, there's not really anything you can do about it, unless you've patented the design.
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I think it's just a generic warning she puts on all her deviations, it just doesn't really apply in this instance.
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Very cute too ^_^
Can you make these with just a seam at the top, and the tye at the heel only? they look usefull for me too! but the tie would get in the way!
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like have the lacing and the back seam switched? yeah that could be done :]
Yes, perfect, but with no seam on top if you can! Size um? Lol shall I measure my foot and how much? I'm in NZ and have no clue about postage from anywhere but Africa and Australia!
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hmm well they would have to have a seam either on the top or bottom to be physically possible, but either could work x)
and you can note me if your interested and we can get it all figured!
I have no idea what postage to new zealand would cost but i can check it out.
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It reminds me what we can see on some gladiators ^^
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Wow, these look awesome! Wish I had a pair! Fantastic work!
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These are completely awesome! I would love a pair!
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There is only one problem, it doesn't cover the toes, so it doesn't protect against stubbing one's toe!
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