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The wrong Damsel returns

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Damn, he kisses her so well!
LONEWOLF45622's avatar
YUS! ive wondered when you would draw them again XD
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Intensely passionate, yet loving.
this one is very good I like how he's touching her like that and also how she is kissing him, when it was the year 2013 I was on a other site on deviantart called "vixendra" before it was called "aniusia483" when I saw this red female dragon called Anna and another red female dragon, that was then I saw one of your art work of "the wrong damsel" in the featured collection part and I got hooked in your artwork you did and saved my favourite ones on my memory sticks and every time I go on my laptop when I don't have a signal I go on my memory sticks and look at them and they give me good daydreams of adventure and fantasy when I'm sad in reality, also thanks for this good one you put on you site I like very much. from Lewis Stevens
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thank you i am glad you like my work
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
I would so love to have her! You draw so many Gorgeous girls! X3
hattonslayden's avatar
;) thank you very much
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Anytime pal, keep up the great work!
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might be the wrong one. but damn I love his choice of picking women ;) he eh.
but really now. those two are very adorable together
really like the both character posture that you have drew there and
thumb up on that amazing color work that you have accomplish there.
hattonslayden's avatar
:D and thank you very much
dragon-man13's avatar
you're very welcome my good friend
Wanderer619's avatar
I love this couple <3
Wanderer619's avatar
Oh, I'd so save that damsel over the true damsel... What? That damsel can go home safely now.
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