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Dail Doe: Bathing Minotaur

Everyone needs to get "clean" every so often.  but for some, they need a little help.

a nice 11 page COMIC for your on to the next 100k pages ;)

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In the thumbnail, she looks like how you might model an anthro Ivysaur.

hattonslayden's avatar

:XD: one day i should make a comic with an Ivysaur

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One of the things i love about your erotic interspecies artworks and comics is you are unlike some furry artists who go extreme as you don't stoop low for torture, snuff, scat, rape and all that distasteful stuff as not all furry artists are like that.
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thank you very much
Wanderer619's avatar
Love these two <3
torochief's avatar
My favorite kind of help! Especially with a hunky Minotaur, especially if it's a male Minotaur ;-) ( my cup of tea! )
NeoExillier's avatar
This water tho! 
Look likes is poisoned, or the sky is all purple XD
hattonslayden's avatar
Shh don't tell anyone.....its actually koolaid Kool-aid Man Oh Yeah! 
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