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Our good friend & Colorist @XjkappaX John Alvarez Did some digtial help on these figures.Angry Viking Press has been working VERY LONG and hard to get our figures Produced. And now that Tim Seeley's Cassie from Hack/Slash, and the origonal 1940's Blue Beetle is up for Pre-orders @BigBadToyStore Here…

If these two do well then Angry Viking Press toys are around the corner!  

Both Figures are in Pre-order stage, so you won't be charaged until the toys are ready to ship!

Help get the word out!



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SoulStormHNS Featured By Owner May 29, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Screamb (F2U) weee neeeed sum NAE (WhiteMantis OC) Fan Arts!!
Blazcowitz Featured By Owner May 20, 2019
Hi Hatton. I'm sorry to say but I've had to cancel my patreon. I held out as long as I could but things have changed so unfortunately I've had to let it go.
hattonslayden Featured By Owner May 21, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
no problem man.  like i always say.  take care of yourself first ;)
JohnSpartan1982 Featured By Owner May 20, 2019

I'm working on a story series that is an elseworlds Batman story.

It's called "Batman and The Cat-woman" which is set in an alternate 1993 Gotham, there seems to be some scientists who created experiments for opening up dimensions and stuff as it brings out a beautiful blue-dark furred humanoid anthro cat-woman named Salana from her dimension to our world, she lives in a warehouse outside the city that leads to underground tunnels to the city as she would rob some places at night for food even stuff plus makes a costume of her own to fight crime and stuff. Batman while on his way chasing criminals crashes by the warehouse where Salana lives, injured by the accident she brings him in her home to heal him especially sees that he is Bruce Wayne. He is weirded out by her odd cat-like appearance at first as some think she is a "monster" but she is a person who is different and has a sweet personality and a heart of gold, they began a friendship and even team up to fight crime in Gotham even help other people to make her win the hearts of everyone in the city. Even eventually fall in love with each other despite they are two very different people who eventually overcome their differences to fall for each other especially her moving to his mansion to live there even in the batcave for a new home. Even seeing other people from her dimension in the city like good ones to bad ones even later on having a family.

Basically it's influenced by the 1987 to 1990 cult fantasy drama crime series Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman only the genders are reversed as i remembered watching the series with my mother when i was 5 to 8 and i was totally in love with Linda at the time and thought Ron did a charismatic performance as Vincent. Bruce/Batman is basically a male Catherine Chadler and Salana aka The Cat-woman is basically a female Vincent the beast man whom is one of the two inspirations for the Salana character in personality with all. For her appearance, i was inspired by the literal cat-woman version of Selina Kyle from one of my fave Batman TAS episodes Tyger Tyger only her fur is blue-black instead of yellow as yellow makes that one look too much like Cheetah instead of her own and and is a beautiful humanoid anthro cat-person from another dimension/universe with special skills and abilities. Cheetah does star in this fanfiction story series of mine being called Minerax (similar to Barbara Minerva) as she is another literal cat-woman like Salana.

It combines action, crime, fantasy and romance in one and i am also inspired by the amazing sci-fi/fantasy artworks of your artwork, Gargoyles the series, Wolf Children (excellent Japanese animated fantasy drama about a human woman and a wolf man who fall in love and produce 2 hybrid kids she must raise), Alien Nation (movies and series), Ninja Turtles (comics the old show the 1990 film and the reboot shows), besides the 80s Beauty and the Beast series and more.

Afterall Xenos (extraterrestrial folk and magical creature folk), furries (animal humanoid people), mutants and cyborgs/androids are people who are different and that's one of the main things is never judge a book by it's cover which is one of the themes of my story even when some of her people enter Gotham's dimension some good who want equal rights to live in the world as much as any different person would.

I mean i have nothing against Catherine/Vincent, Mr Peanutbutter and Diane on Bojack Horseman, Skips/Mona in Regular Show, Shape of Water, Hana and her wolf-man husband in Wolf Children, Eliza and Goliath and more as they are nice couples but i feel there should be more human male X furry/xeno female couples. As in like your artworks, Kyle and Charolette on Bojack Horseman, Margot's parents in Regular Show, Warcraft etc as i'm glad nowadays we are getting human male X furry/xeno female in the mainstream outside the internet artworks/fanfictions/stories.

And my story being similar to the 80s Beauty and the Beast show won't end in tragedy like what happened to Catherine but rather Bruce won't die and neither will Salina as both will live and be happily ever after even having their family

Frank2Wolf Featured By Owner Edited May 30, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
What are you going to call your story?
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