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Cabin in the Woods-fan art

By hatthecat123
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Been doing lots of course work recently so this was my break.
The cabin in the woods was an insanely good film and I totally recommend it since it tributes every half decent slasher movie ever and is generally epic.
Also this is just the right ratio for computer backgrounds for all you interested.
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Esitaro3670's avatar
imagine if the movie ending was something like that, it would be the most epic thing ever in the world
Toonwatcher's avatar
Uh, yeah, I wouldn't go anywhere near that unicorn if I were them.
Enshohma's avatar
So...the killer unicorn was in they're side this entire time?

Kind of funny to think that maybe it was a sympathizer to the surviving sacrifices, like it was his race that ruled the world previously, before the Ancient Ones screwed them over too. That's just my silly theory.
hatthecat123's avatar
I'm glad to find out you find this so thought provoking...Unicorns are just so cool, when I saw it in the movie I was like "Ah! OMG there be a unicorn!"
Enshohma's avatar
I just saw the movie for the very first time last Friday night, and there were a lot of tidbits (and plot holes) that did provoke my interest. Along with a related DeviantART search in turn. Although I'm not a horror fan, I did enjoy the film a lot, and fell in love with several of the 'Soldiers of Nightmares'.

The Dismemberment Goblins are too damn adorable. And of course, I'm a HUGE fan of Godzilla-style giant monsters, so characters like The Giant Snake, The Kraken (Octopus), The Angry Molesting Tree, and the barely seen 'Bikini Giantess' were all greatly appreciated.

But back to the subject of Unicorns; yes, they're awesome.

And we need to see more of them in films, beyond gag cameos and fantasy background filler. I can only imagine your excitement when the Unicorn showed out of no where and murdered a guy, complete with 'magical harp music' underscoring the brief scene.
hatthecat123's avatar
"Bikini Giantess" ?!? I feel like I need to rewatch it now (oh well I'm sure I'll man up to it somehow)...
The last unicorn is a great film about unicorns, it's one of my favorite animated movies of all time even though I was traumatized by it as a child.
Enshohma's avatar
She's actually a VERY minor background character, only really seen in the DVD extras. And as you can tell from the name, she's supposed to be a homage to Nancy Flower Archer - the title heroine of "Attack of the 50ft Woman" (1958).

I have "The Last Unicorn" on DVD, along with a DVD-R recording back when it was aired near weekly on the than awesome early days of Showtime Beyond. It's a great animated movie, despite some very minuscule flaws I have with it.

And I'm guessing the movie traumatized you because of some of the unlikely character drama and a bittersweet (though triumphant) ending? Or was the Red Bull too scary for you at a young age?
hatthecat123's avatar
It was the harpy and the bitterness of molly grue
MadnessAbe's avatar
That unicorn serves as a reminder to not make fun of My Little Pony. And that scene was bloody hilarious.
GeishaKitsune's avatar
^^ That freaken unicorn. Great work, they should have taken your advice and ridden that horned bastard to safety.
Love it, love the shapes over definition and the blood trail.
Darkauthor81's avatar
And then the unicorn killed them both.... I want to see a horror movie where the monster is a unicorn!!!
hatthecat123's avatar
that would be so cool!
If only I had buckets full of money!
ashren's avatar
I love this! The colours and style are brilliant :D
hatthecat123's avatar
thank you so much
pasztorgergo's avatar
It's magical!
God...that movie is...AMAZING.
hatthecat123's avatar
I know! It was so great!
pasztorgergo's avatar
It was ... ah ... so not like other horror movies I watched.
The plot was so great!
And the effects ... wonderful
nickzilla617's avatar
lol tyrannosaurus rex
KitschySpookyKitty's avatar
XD I love this! It really was an insanely good movie :) The Unicorn made me confused and laugh :icondafuqplz:
hatthecat123's avatar
i felt like crying with happiness when i saw the unicorn
and thank you :)
Dustiniz117's avatar
The Unicorn is supposed to ride on Silver Moonbeams and shoot Rainbows out of it's ass....but other than that, NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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