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Hair Edit + DL

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oh my god previews aren't my thing at all
I tried doing something more original but eeh
Welp this is a hair edit I made just a few minutes ago and I like it :"D
If this breaks a rule please tell me and I'll take the dl down
by the way you can use this hair in any type of base

✨◦ ------------------------------------- ◦ ✨

Bullet; Yellow Credits List:
-Hair: KISS - CM3D2 - CM3D2dl - Smol-Hooman
-Base: (not included) Sour - cutiebxt - PrincessExelia - Liveschannel

✨◦ ------------------------------------- ◦ ✨

Bullet; Yellow  Rules:
- Editing is allowed
- Taking parts is allowed as long you credit the original modeler
- Redistributing an edit is allowed
- Do not redistribute the original model without alterations
- No R-18, slander, excessive violence, or commercial use
- Never Claim this part as your own
-Credit me and the people named in the credits
- Have fun nwn

✨◦ ------------------------------------- ◦ ✨

-Pose: Crystallyna
-MME: DropShadow
-Softwares used: MikuMikuDance, PMXEditor, BeFunky
© 2018 - 2021 HatsuneDKaname
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Beautiful, thanks a lot, i really love your work !! ♥

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May I also please use this to make a vrchat avatar? Thanks and pls respond Hatsune! <3

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Awesome, thanks! God Bless!

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I'm so using this to assemble the frontal bangs of my self model, the more I look for ones close to what I need, the less they look like they would work.

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dl soo cute thX!!!!

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Looks like Emiru Aisaki from Hugtto PreCure.

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I love your MMD works and you><

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Thank you for using it!
Your model is really cute! nwn
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So cute <3 

May i know who made the bangs? ^^;
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Thanks <3
The bangs are from here:  [MMD] Big Front Hair Pack DL *UPDATED* by cutiebxt
The ripper is cutiebxt and the developers is KISS nwn
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Oh, thank you for the response! ^u^
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can chu send me the base pls
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Sure, the original base was made by Sour, edited and re-distributed by PrincessExelia, and I used LivesChannel's textures. The original base page seems to have been taken down but I found the base here (it's the Miku base) [MMD] Sour base pack! [DL+]
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