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Just passing through! ᕕ༼✿•̀︿•́

All you need to know about me is that I make 3D models for the animation software called MikuMikuDance/MMD in my free time ✩°。⋆⸜(ू。•ω•。)

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If something isn't for download, don't ask for it! (*゚ー゚)=○)゚O゚

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Not taking requests right now! o(・_・)

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I don't do commissions! ಠ_ಠ

Favourite Visual Artist
Ehh.. i think that i don't have one
Favourite Movies
Movies of the Studio Ghibli, Wolf Childrens, The girl who leapt through time, Summer Wars...
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Fox Stevenson, Avicci, Reol, BTS, etc
Favourite Books
The Harry Potter saga
Favourite Writers
J.K.Rowling, AndreaFerrari and other ones that i can't remember now
Favourite Games
A lot: Persona5, Horizon Zero Dawn, TheLastOfUs, MomodoraUnderTheMoonlight..
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC and PlayStation4
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Sleep xd

Questions I get a lot

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ᕕ༼✿•̀︿•́༽ᕗ ε=(ノ゚д゚)ノ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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If something isn't for download, don't ask for it! (*゚ー゚)=○)゚O゚)

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Not taking requests right now! o(・_・)9

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I don't do commissions! ノಠ_ಠノ

Merry christmas everyone! I hope you are safe and happy wherever you are! (>°u°)>♡•°~
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My dad just finished Chainsaw Man and he's making a whole ass bible on one character help
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Little tips for Genshin players that want to challenge the 1.6 abyss! If you're gonna do the abyss, Sucrose + Anemo Traveler are amazing this time, along with: Beidou = her counters are great for the geo enemies AND the Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunter, paired with other elemental supports she's great Fischl = paired with Beidou and another support (like Xiangling for overcharge or Xingqiu/Barbara) is a really good option Xingqiu = He's good with everyone, pair him with Chongyun/Kaeya/HuTao/Xiangling/Lisa and you have a really good team, plus he can heal and his swords actually make the damage you receive a bit more tolerable Chongyun (if you dont have him, Kaeya can do the job, Rosaria too) = even if he is level 60 he obliterates the heralds's shields, give him lots of energy recharge and you're good to go Diona = shield + healing + energy recharge + cryo for reactions, best combination Amber = yes, Amber is great in this rotation, pair her Q with Sucrose's skills and add a cryo or a electro reaction and you might just be able to clear the floor (at least floor 11) in seconds Lisa = if you dont have Beidou or Fischl, her Q is the best option if paired with Anemo Traveler and Sucrose (basically drop her ult, use Sucrose's or Anemo MC's ult and then use their skills) My teams for floor 12 were: Hu Tao - Xingqiu - Sucrose - Diona - Zhongli - Chongyun - Jean - Beidou Aaand for floor 11: Beidou - Sucrose - Fischl - Diona - Zhongli - Jean - Chongyun - Hu Tao You need a healer and a shield in both floors and levels, as well as cryo and hydro for the electro and hydro heralds. Try not to use physical in floor 11, use elemental reactions for them and for the heralds cryo and hydro try using permafreeze (constantly freezing the enemies), for the heralds save the ults of your cryo and hydro characters for when their shields are up. For floor 12, the Hydro Herald paired with the Cryo Mage if you get hit a lot IS HELL, as well as the Electro Herald with the Hydro Mage, you get interrupted all the time so go for the mages. Dont RUN around the stage, in order to move around JUMP, you'll lose less stamina this way since dodging is needed I think that's all(?) I find the abyss to be stressful but also super fun and challenging, hope this helps anyone! ♡
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Thank you so much! nwn

Thanks for the fav <3 I admire your work a bunch, so it's awesome when you like my stuff UwU

Probs really random but it like really flatters me whenever I see you favorite my stuff??? You're just like super talented and I admire your works aaa so I'm happy to see you seem to enjoy mine too! ;U; sorry if this is a weird comment --