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My Bio

Thank you kindly for dropping by; what little I offer is yours to peruse. You may call me "Understudy," alright? I'm a self-taught whiteboard artist (though I dabble in pencil and digital coloring), and have rebooted this site to present art to friend and stranger alike.

Q: Hat... pins? I don't see any hats.

A: A fair point! Regrettably, as much as I like historical headgear (which yes, was usually held to the hair with pins), I neither own such hats nor find them easy to draw. Perhaps I can remedy this problem someday...

Q: I found some, uh, weird art? Doesn't look like your usual style.

A: Oh, was it made in MS Paint? Yes, it's mine - dated by a decade or so. I used to draw quite a bit, but starting high school decayed my aspirations, and life beyond graduation did not favor my brand of artistry much better: my tools of choice - the classic #2 pencil and paper - were much too slow to keep up with my current surroundings, and I'd met many, many artists my age that far outranked me in skill. And so I admitted defeat.

All that changed, the summer of 2019. While running errands for a curandero my family knew, the healer had me write schedules on some whiteboards he had purchased. Chisel marker in hand, I set to work - and I had an epiphany. The quick, stark lines, the ease at which marks could be erased, how suddenly professional everything looked... I was enamored from the start. So I began to draw again - but only for my own eyes at first. But my family soon found out, then my friends, and then the relations beyond them...

Eventually, drawing became a conversation piece (albeit on a one-by-one basis, as I showed pictures on my phone). And when my new artist neighbor asked if I had a gallery, my thoughts turned to my long-forsaken profile here, and the promotional emails gathered in my inbox over the years... So here we are.

Q: Okay, cool. Now describe yourself in 10 TV Tropes.

A: Ten?! Well, alright. I shall try what I can.

~ Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette - Zigzagged: My skin is indeed very pale, and my hair a dark brown - the visible veins under my eyes don't help either. I try to offset that appearance with concealer and colorful, modestly girly clothes... and to their credit, I have been described as cute before! But then my awkward personality and inclination toward quiet brings it right around to creepy again. Ah well.

~ Big Ol' Eyebrows: A straightforward trope. I get them from my father.

~ Curtains Match the Window - Downplayed: My eyes are a lighter brown, so not a precise match. I do, however, have central heterochromia (maple syrup brown, almost hazel, dirty olive green), which I am more than a little pleased with.

~ One of the Boys: All of my real-life friends, the ones who have proven true again and again, are male. This has been true from my childhood.

~ Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: Dresses, long hair, bare face, no heels, unafraid of the dirt, boisterous laughter, corny puns, construction work, shonen manga, video games.

~ Shrinking Violet - Zigzagged: I was very shy as a child, and circumstances in my school days exacerbated that anxiety to the point of mild to moderate gynophobia (social phobia of women). I hope I have grown out of it for the most part - and my closest friends would tell you just how bold and goofy I can be at points - but know that if you are female and young, and I hesitate to speak to you at times, that it is not your fault at all. Please do not blame yourself.

~ Big Brother Worship - Downplayed: My elder brother is my best friend. Close in age, we took on school, work, our many moves, and social life together. He is intelligent, cool-headed, so selfless and empathetic, and desires to become a gentleman (I would argue he is nearly there already). But I also know his flaws, his shortcomings. Even so, I would not trade him for the world.

~ Older Than They Look: At twenty-one, a memorable incident had someone mistake me for a twelve-year-old. These days? Just try and send me undercover as a high school freshman.

~ Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness - Downplayed: I apologize in advance - I can be excessively verbose on paper, over text, and practically any written medium when I get nervous.

~ Screams Like a Little Girl - Inverted: I cannot scream to save my life. If something startles me, the best you'll get is a raspy "RAAAAAUUUGHH," so... Perhaps the inverse would be "Yells like a Dude"?

I am not inclined much to socialize on this platform given my real-life, adult responsibilities, but I won't stop you from sending me commentary, questions, or outdated memes. A good day to you all. ^_^

Favourite Visual Artist
I love the work Hergé does! His Tintin comics are lovely.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
[Romdraculas Firenze] (Gypsy Jazz) and [The Longest Johns] (Folk, but their specialty is sea shanty covers!)
Favourite Games
The fondest memory [LittleBigPlanet] and current favorite [Minecraft]!
Tools of the Trade
Whiteboard, dry-erase markers, felt.
Other Interests
I listen to video game OSTs, and hope to curate a playlist sometime...


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Hey all - I'm sorry to disappoint you, I really am; but this account has been forsaken and is run by a bot instead. Please do not bother replying back to it. More information can be found here:

Again, I'm sorry - please know your kindness and gratitude is still appreciated, alright?

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As are you! I'm so happy to see you going so strongly with your art direction - and that you're finally laying the groundwork for your story, too! ^_^

Ah yes, they are most certainly helpful, I agree! There's a reason why phobias are defined as irrational fears, after all. I assure you that this encounter was most certainly unintentional - had I known the spider was there, I would have stayed far away!


(It's just- they're just so fast... O_O;;)

The realm of insects is quite the diverse one; it's no wonder mid-20th century filmmakers used giant versions of them as monsters in their movies. Thank you kindly for the comment!

Spring Cleaning.PNG (Colored)

It's been so long since I've been back here, and it's to all this wonderful art? You astound yet again, dear. While your style and facial expressions are as cute as ever, the detail I really appreciate is that subtle body language that indicates Cody and Elisa are not a couple - namely, that as close as they are, he is facing away from her. Well done! And, ah, thank you for all the favorites recently. I'd best catch up myself. ^_^

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Hey all, just a warning if you're here to thank this fellow - this account has since been forsaken and taken over by a bot, so please feel free to walk away and say no more. More information can be found here:

I apologize for all this. Please know that your gratefulness is not unappreciated!