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Thank you kindly for dropping by; what little I offer is yours to peruse. "Hattie" will do - or Bea, if you prefer names. I'm a self-taught whiteboard artist (though I dabble in pencil and digital coloring), and have rebooted this site to present art to friend and stranger alike.

Q: Hat... pins? I don't see any hats.

A: A fair point! Regrettably, as much as I like historical headgear (which yes, was usually held to the hair with pins), I neither own such hats nor find them easy to draw. Perhaps I can remedy this problem someday...

Q: I found some, uh, weird art? Doesn't look like your usual style.

A: Oh, was it made in MS Paint? Yes, it's mine - dated by a decade or so. I used to draw quite a bit, but starting high school decayed my aspirations, and life beyond graduation did not favor my brand of artistry much better: my tools of choice - the classic #2 pencil and paper - were much too slow to keep up with my current surroundings, and I'd met many, many artists my age that far outranked me in skill. And so I admitted defeat.

All that changed, the summer of 2019. While running errands for a curandero my family knew, the healer had me write schedules on some whiteboards he had purchased. Chisel marker in hand, I set to work - and I had an epiphany. The quick, stark lines, the ease at which marks could be erased, how suddenly professional everything looked... I was enamored from the start. So I began to draw again - but only for my own eyes at first. But my family soon found out, then my friends, and then the relations beyond them...

Eventually, drawing became a conversation piece (albeit on a one-by-one basis, as I showed pictures on my phone). And when my new artist neighbor asked if I had a gallery, my thoughts turned to my long-forsaken profile here, and the promotional emails gathered in my inbox over the years... So here we are.

Q: Okay, cool. Now describe yourself in 10 TV Tropes.

A: Ten?! Well, alright. I shall try what I can.

~ Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette - Zigzagged: My skin is indeed very pale, and my hair a dark brown - the visible veins under my eyes don't help either. I try to offset that appearance with concealer and colorful, modestly girly clothes... and to their credit, I have been described as cute before! But then my awkward personality and inclination toward quiet brings it right around to creepy again. Ah well.

~ Big Ol' Eyebrows: A straightforward trope. I get them from my father.

~ Curtains Match the Window - Downplayed: My eyes are a lighter brown, so not a precise match. I do, however, have central heterochromia (maple syrup brown, almost hazel, dirty olive green), which I am more than a little pleased with.

~ One of the Boys: All of my real-life friends, the ones who have proven true again and again, are male. This has been true from my childhood.

~ Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: Dresses, long hair, bare face, no heels, unafraid of the dirt, boisterous laughter, corny puns, construction work, shonen manga, video games.

~ Shrinking Violet - Zigzagged: I was very shy as a child, and circumstances in my school days exacerbated that anxiety to the point of mild to moderate gynophobia (social phobia of women). I hope I have grown out of it for the most part - and my closest friends would tell you just how bold and goofy I can be at points - but know that if you are female and young, and I hesitate to speak to you at times, that it is not your fault at all. Please do not blame yourself.

~ Big Brother Worship - Downplayed: My elder brother is my best friend. Close in age, we took on school, work, our many moves, and social life together. He is intelligent, cool-headed, so selfless and empathetic, and desires to become a gentleman (I would argue he is nearly there already). But I also know his flaws, his shortcomings. Even so, I would not trade him for the world.

~ Older Than They Look: At twenty-one, a memorable incident had someone mistake me for a twelve-year-old. These days? Just try and send me undercover as a high school freshman.

~ Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness - Downplayed: I apologize in advance - I can be excessively verbose on paper, over text, and practically any written medium when I get nervous.

~ Screams Like a Little Girl - Inverted: I cannot scream to save my life. If something startles me, the best you'll get is a raspy "RAAAAAUUUGHH," so... Perhaps the inverse would be "Yells like a Dude"?

I am not inclined much to socialize on this platform given my real-life, adult responsibilities, but I won't stop you from sending me commentary, questions, or outdated memes. A good day to you all. ^_^

Favourite Visual Artist
I love the work Hergé does! His Tintin comics are lovely.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
[Romdraculas Firenze] (Gypsy Jazz) and [The Longest Johns] (Folk, but their specialty is sea shanty covers!)
Favourite Games
The fondest memory [LittleBigPlanet] and current favorite [Minecraft]!
Tools of the Trade
Whiteboard, dry-erase markers, felt.
Other Interests
I listen to video game OSTs, and hope to curate a playlist sometime...
Well, there's been a bit of a plot twist today - my family got cleared to rent a new apartment we've been scouting since last month, so we're moving! Sorry about the delay, folks.
A promise is a promise. It is with finality and relief that I've retired my Pinterest account... but not without publishing all the pins I swore to upload for the wonderful artists met here. I may be gone on that front, but their art shall live on.
Well, this is a surprise. Thanks for the 50 llamas, everyone! Shout-out to arthurpopular for number fifty. ^_^

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