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I uploaded 2 pics today,and you can see more pics at my website!
plz visit XD

thank you for giving premium member ship,I enjoyed it!
and thank you for your comments and messages!

I'm looking forward to TES5 Skyrim.
Dragon shout seems very coooool!!
I upload a pic, and make folder "old works" to set pics ever drawn.
I thought about delete old works,but your comments got me cheer,so I make folder and keep them.
thank you for look my pics!
I should use more folder so "2011" or "fantasy",but I can't find what necessary for my gallery;
I uploaded one new pic today.
Sir Aurora,sorcery knight imaged from "sleeping beauty".
I'd make dress with frills and frills!
I hope you like it XD

I am thinking of using print of dAs,
but it's hard to understand notice about print...
I'm sorry not to be dA long time!
Thank you for your message,specially happy birthday message and ask my safe at earthquake!

My families forgot my birthday ;; so your messages very pleased me!
thx XD

and I thank you for your notes about earthquake.
I'm living in safe area,but many friends are damaged and many people are shocked by it.
but people is getting cheerful little by little!

so,I haven't uploaded any pics on dA.
I'll upload some pics soon, I remake my websites for the present.
and my tumblr is here.I upload some scribbling on this blog.
here,you'll find my recent pics.Looking them,I'll be happy.

I'm sorry not for reply individually.
thx a lot !XD
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sorry not to come long time.
I'm busy now....

it's cold today and yesterday and tomorrow....orz
how is it in your city?

I have a question...
post art category.
what should I post?;
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today I update two pic and a scrap.

I catch cold ...
headache gagagagagagagagaga OTL
I go to bed OTL

take care about yout health.
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header and hooter.... ????OTL
dA has many function I don't know!
for ex, "42 messages" on top of page.
I think this is comment log from viewers, but I can't understand can I remove all of I watched comment...I mention if I remove all, all comment will be deleted.
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hello,nice to meet you!
I'm Hatori Kyoka.

I join dA today.please be friends.

I don't know about dA well,please teach me.

I'll try to make good pictures.
please support me!
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