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The Great Divide: Prophecy Poem :iconhathor422:hathor422 0 0
Burn the Brain
Let me get ahold of some mild altering shit.
That ooh-wee, that dank, that makes me cut some back-flips.
Put into my hands some fire that makes me stand up and shout.
Something I can’t out down until the embers burn out.
Give me something I’ll crave for all of my days,
And set out on foot to seek it out, day or night, without a doubt.
Feed to me the fuel that makes my mind drool.
So sweet is this ambrosia, that it always draws me closer.
Build my brain up with your intricate tales.
Provoke my thoughts with your mind altering plots.
Put into my hands some fire that makes me stand up and shout.
A book I can’t put down, until the last page is out.
Give me the knowledge I crave, that’ll help me make it through my days.
Like a desert, I’ll thirst for it.  My hunger is enormous.
Let the search be never ending, my journey not complete.
Let the circle stay unbroken, cause my intellect always eats.
Constantly I shall evolve, be better than the next day before.
:iconhathor422:hathor422 4 0
Make me bleed
Make me feel pain
Run me through a gauntlet of emotions
Just so long as I feel something
Hurt me bad
Make me cry
Let me feel my heart break
Just so long as I'd know it was good for something
Break me down
Make me lose sight of all hope
Let me see my world shatter
As foundations crumble to dust
Just so I'd know I had something to loose
But if you need something harder
If you're up for more of a challenge
One more suggestion
:iconhathor422:hathor422 1 0
Mature content
Satisfied :iconhathor422:hathor422 0 0
Looking Back
Yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows will fade,
Until one day in the back of our brains,
They’ll all be, ‘do you remember those days?’
Its and bits and pieces of memories
Get jumbled like a blender on high speed.
And then the motor stops, and the concoction comes to a halt,
Bringing the drought of clarity, which our conscious desperately seeks.
Leaps and strides are taken in bounds
Down a road called Memory Lane.
Recalling tears of joy, or heartaches and pains,
As if the long ago wasn’t that far away.
“Daddy, daddy, please, I want to fly higher.”
“Mama I want to grow up to be just like you.”
“Hey grandma, it’s me.  I miss you so much, and I love you as much as the world.”
Or how about, “You remember that time cuz, when we all went out?”
“Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about.”
Or that broke down first car, that made you feel like a star,
Because it was a ride, that you could call
:iconhathor422:hathor422 0 0
What's A Name?
What’s a name?
A moniker
A label
A form of identification
Stamped on a life from the moment of birth
It becomes a singular definition of self
What’s a name?
A name is a trigger
A shot to the brain
Invoking images of happy moments spent with the ones you love
Or injecting venom into your heart at the thought of a hated foe
A name is a weight wrapped around your throat
A tidy little box that’s shoved right down our guts
Driven by the need to define
The insistence to prove that everything can fit on a neat little line
Why must I be put in a box?
Why do people need labels?
Why black when skin is brown?
Why white when skin is beige?
Why must I be gay if I’m not happy?
Why must she be bi if there’s only one her?
A moniker
A label
A form of identification
A name is both a blessing and a curse
It’s up to the owner to decide how they will let a name define
:iconhathor422:hathor422 1 1
Mature content
Big Fish Little Fish :iconhathor422:hathor422 1 0
Fear Not This Love?
I know not if it is fear or cowardice that binds my tongue.
Are they not both one in the same, equally crushing, suffocating?
My silence condemns me to love from afar,
But it also protects me from rejection’s cruel barbs.
Is it cautious to fear or am I a coward for not facing those fears.
Am I noble to suffer in silence, or a glutton for punishment?
Is love unspoken unrequited because it is unspoken, or because it is unreturned?
How can it be returned if the possibility of it is never approached?
Are my own hang-ups, the ropes that circle my throat?
The deprecating image of self, the deconstruction of possibilities?
Am I my own worst enemy, denying myself the prospect of more?
:iconhathor422:hathor422 0 2
The words are lodged in my throat.
Claws dug into flesh, fighting to remain as they are,
While I cough and choke trying to expel them.
How can three little words cause so much turmoil within?
Sleep delivers dreams,
Infinite possibilities
Images that taunt me with the what if,
But only if I can say it.
My thoughts aren’t safe.
They cut swiftly and deep,
Taunting me with the feelings I denied to be true,
Slapping me with the realization
That to me, I will never be worthy of you.
I’d gladly swallow more than I should
If I could reach into me with mechanics and machine
And pull the words out to present them to you.
But still they remain…
Stuck, refusing to be said,
Giving neither an inch, nor inkling that they are there are all.
How can three little word cause so much turmoil within?
:iconhathor422:hathor422 0 0
Redemption Rejected by hathor422
Mature content
Redemption Rejected :iconhathor422:hathor422 2 1
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Bloodlines Issue 0 Script :iconhathor422:hathor422 0 0


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So, my latest deviations are some of my poetry.  Younger me never saw herself as a poet. I wasn’t even that big of a poetry fan until I had to read Langston Hughes for a class assignment when I was in the seventh grade.

Here was this man whose words tapped into the black experience in America so eloquently.  With Dream Deferred, I was hooked.   From Mr. Hughes I moved onto Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou.  Those three authors cemented my love of poetry, but still I never saw myself as capable of writing something as beautiful as the works that they created.

My Africa was the first poem that I ever wrote.  I remember starting it one day while I was at work.  I was eighteen years old and working at my first job at a Black and Decker Warehouse in Fort Mill, S.C. 

To this day I still have no idea why the first line popped into my head, but there I was, standing in my pod filling orders and ‘Four hundred years ago in Africa’s land’, just ran through my brain.  I wrote that poem on the back of an envelope standing in a pod while I was supposed to be pulling tools for an order.

Writing poetry is an entirely different process than writing a novel, short story, or comic script.  Poetry can’t be outlined or planned, it just comes to me.  Sometimes I go months without feeling like writing a poem.  Some days the words fill my head so full that my fingers can barely keep up with my thoughts.  Poetry is funny like that to me.


hathor422's Profile Picture
Artist | Literature
United States
I'm the author of Crimson Dawn, the first book in the DarkLife Saga. Most of my works are paranormal romances or urban fantasies, but I am working on my first collection of poetry and short stories.

I also draw here and there, and do tattoos when I have the time. I myself have over 30.

I'm a long-time comic collector and have recently begun to try my hand at writing them. I'm adapting my novel, UnBound, and an earlier work titled, Ecomancers. If anyone needs a writer get in contact with me. For now I need the experience and exposure and welcome all projects.



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