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Merry Christmas 2011

:santa::holly: Merry Christmas, DeviantArt!!! :holly::santa:

If any of you were curious, this is why I haven't been streaming lately. I was working my butt off on this and I didn't want to give away the surprise :giggle:
I just wanted to draw something for a few of my many friends here on dA. I'm sorry that I couldn't add even more of my friend's horses in here, but time is short and I have to make the most of it while I'm on Christmas break. I want to wish all of my friends a merry Christmas, though. I hope it's wonderful, and that you all get what you want :tighthug:

Seen here are all people who have been great friends and inspirations! Listed in order from left to right, and keep in mind that these horses are in no particular order. Just what worked best with their colors and poses ;)

:iconrosela: with Xanthus
:icondaneart: with Ram
:iconsealle: with Gloria
:iconcrazysparkles06: with Blackbird
:iconblackglassbutterfly: with Dusty
and :iconmamat06: with Ma Ajmala

Have a Merry Christmas!!! :iconsantalaplz: And for those with horses featured in this pic, look out for another gift, this is only stage one ;)

Xanthus: [link]
Ram: [link]
Gloria: [link]
Blackbird: [link]
Dusty: [link]
Ma Ajmala: [link]

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ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
very pretty. great job. Merry Christmas
Hathien603's avatar
Thank you! I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well :aww::holly:
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
YOur very welcome/ Yes it was good thank you :hug:
Ixtiramm's avatar
Wonderful piece :heart:
Hathien603's avatar
BaliroAdmin's avatar
this looks really great love, thank you for includinf my Ram, I appreciate it a lot! <3

Merry christmas, sugarbones ^^
Hathien603's avatar
You're very welcome! He was fun to draw :D Merry Christmas to you as well!
BlackGlassButterfly's avatar
I love it! I love it so much! <3 Not sure if you've read my mind, but I've always wanted to see one of my horses in your digital style. ;) I'm so ecstatic you chose Dusty! My precious baby. <3 He's got some wonderful company he's running with.
This is gorgeous, so freakin' gorgeous! Thank you! :heart:
Hathien603's avatar
Yay! So happy you like it! :la: Dusty actually turned out my favorite! I had fun pinning his ears back since I figured he wouldn't be too happy about running in a group with other stallions :giggle: You're welcome, BGB, and Merry Christmas! :santa:
Soiea's avatar
This is soo pretty, you did so well with everyone's character, they all fit so nicely together ^^
Hathien603's avatar
Thank you so much! One of the challenges was definitely fitting all the characters together, so I'm glad you think I succeeded :hug:
Soiea's avatar
You're very welcome! :3
I always find it so hard to get the composition right when there's a lot of horses hehe :3
BVicius's avatar
o____o; :iconsuperglompplz:

This is amazing!! They all look so good and fit into the scene so perfectly. I love Ajmala's collect gait, it fits her perfectly. She loves the snow to much to rush in it. :aww:

Absolutely wonderfully epic gift love. :tighthug: Thank you hath, this is so amazing. :heart:

Ahh!!:glomp: :love:
Hathien603's avatar
:dance:Thank you, Mama!! I thought Ajmala would be more reserved since she's such a little sweetheart ;) You're more than welcome, Mama, thanks for being a great friend :love:
sealle's avatar

Gloria looks stunning and YOU ARE JUST SO AMAZING!.

Shes so chunky and happy and everyone elses looks amazing too!!! so much happy for me right now! :glomp:

love you Hath!!!!! :heart:
Hathien603's avatar
Yayyy :dummy: Glad you like it, dear! It's the least I could do after you made me such a lovely new mare. Not to mention you're such an inspiration and great friend! Gloria was super fun to draw, I love my stock ponies :love:
sealle's avatar
:heart: You are amazing!
SilmesDragonStable's avatar
they look all so cute ^^
Hathien603's avatar
Thanks, Silmes! :aww:
Fillyfalls's avatar
Ahh this looks amazing, I love their poses ~
Hathien603's avatar
Rosela-Kitsuna's avatar
I adore it! :hug: You sneaky little thing! I especially like the little traditional blue/crystal gem around his neck. :heart: My only thing/amused complaint about Xanthus is that his marking seems to be traveling a little higher when it's a sock XD

Now where's your pony? D: Your horse should be hiding somwhere in here! :giggle: I love the way you did the snow, the little puffs of breath coming from all the horses and the falling snow.
Hathien603's avatar
:mwahaha: Glad I could keep it sneaky! And glad you like his little gem necklace, that's his to keep now! ^^
Doh, and sorry about Xanthus' sock :doh: I was reffing it from a pic of him that was at an odd angle and it looked like it was just under his knee. I'll try to go back and fix that tonight :)
I just didn't have the concentration (or the room lol) to do one of my ponies. I draw my ponies all the time, anyways, so I'd rather give others' some love :love: So happy you like, Rose! Merry Christmas :holly:
Crazy-Sparkles's avatar
Ooo! This one is even BETTER! I don't know how I didn't see this one first! :giggle: Blackbird looks sexy without his fancy-shmancy turnout too! :la: Again, I'm so happy to see him getting some love!

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