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Christmas Gifts 2011

:santa::holly: Merry Christmas, DeviantArt!!! :holly::santa:

Here's the second installment of my Christmas gifts! I wanted to do more than just a flat colored picture, so I decided to give everyone's ponies something to wear! :dummy:
Keep in mind these are pretty vague designs and you all are more than welcome to modify by adding details :)

:star: Download to see the details of your gifts :star:

Also, if anyone wants a full body picture of their horse by their self note me and I will gladly upload it :)

So here's whatcha get:

:iconrosela: with Xanthus
Xanthus gets an authentic, traditional akhal-teke bridle with gold, crimson, turquoise accents and a decorative neck wrap. He also gets the neck jewels that he's wearing (light blue on a silver chain) :)

:icondaneart: with Ram
Ram receives a cable beaded arabian halter decorated with turquoise and silver spacers.

:iconsealle: with Gloria
Gloria receives a heavy-duty leather halter with gold accents and her barn name "Gloria" etched into the gold plate.

:iconcrazysparkles06: with Blackbird
Blackbird receives a red, black and grey plaid turn-out blanket that is waterproof. It also features his name on the rump.

:iconblackglassbutterfly: with Dusty
Dusty receives a blue, black and grey plaid turn-out blanket that is waterproof. It also features his name and stable name on the rump.

and :iconmamat06: with Ma Ajmala
Ma Ajmala receives an authentic andalusian show halter with crimson and cream accents. The leadrope attaches to the noseband instead of the chinstrap to give the horse free movement.

Xanthus: [link]
Ram: [link]
Gloria: [link]
Blackbird: [link]
Dusty: [link]
Ma Ajmala: [link]

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that looks awesome one him XD
thank you! <3
Hathien603's avatar
You're welcome, Dane! :heart: Merry Christmas :holly:
BlackGlassButterfly's avatar
This is wonderful! Thank you!! :D Dusty looks SO handsome! <3 Such a great gift!! He's going to wear it FOREVAR! :heart:
Thank you dearest! :tighthug:
Hathien603's avatar
FOREVAR! :mwahaha: Glad you like it, dear! :hug:
BVicius's avatar
:faint: zomg! The halter is amazing and the perfect color for ajmala. Thank you so much my love this is just awesome. :glomp: :love: Thank you again you have made my morning! :heart:
Hathien603's avatar
Yay! I'm so happy you like her new halter :aww: I thought an andalusian-style show halter would fit nicely with a Nordanner :) You're very welcome, hun, Merry Christmas! :santa:
sealle's avatar
AND THE HALTER!!! i shall have to draw her wearing it!! :heart: so amazing!

thanks so much Hath this has made my day!
Hathien603's avatar
Yusss! Every stock pony needs a good leather halter ^^ You're welcome, Frankie, I'm so happy you like it :hug: Merry Christmas! :holly:
sealle's avatar
:heart: Love it!

(yes i am only just getting through my inbox) *flees*
MissDudette's avatar
tack and bolankets! :D
Rosela-Kitsuna's avatar
My gosh :love: This must have taken forever for you to do! :glomp: I love the way you did the plaid waterproof blankets for Dusty and Blackbird, absolutely gorgeous! I love how all the horses are practically dancing as they run, even that crazy showing-off andalusian! How did you ever find the time to do all this? :icondancingplz:
Hathien603's avatar
Oh goodness, it most certainly did :faint: Thanks for appreciating the time I put into it :aww: I pretty much just ignored my mom for a whole day and night to get this done :lol: Also! Here's the link I reffed Xanthus' new bridle from in case you would like to see how it's made: [link] I just thought it was such a pretty design!
Also, also! If you want a stand-alone pic of Xanthus just let me know :)
Rosela-Kitsuna's avatar
I don't need one, I like seeing him hanging around with all of the other horses!
Crazy-Sparkles's avatar
Oh my goodness! Plaid is definitely Blackbird's color! I'm so happy to see him getting some love from someone! :glomp: The poor guy has been neglected for such a long time! :(

I would love to see him uploaded by himself! :la: Just one thing, and I apologize for nitpicking... but it's just "Wing" instead of "Wings". It should be an easy fix if you'd like to just delete that "S" but if not, that's fine too! :giggle: I think we all get excited and make silly little mistakes sometimes, so no worries! Again, I love him in that plaid! It goes so well with his coal-colored coat! :aww: However, I imagine it wouldn't stay very pristine for long! ;P He'd get turned out in that once, and by the time you went to bring him in it would be filthy and tattered! :lmao: But that's just horses for ya! Teehee.

I'm honored to have Blackbird pictured with such prominent and famous OC's! :love: Maybe I should offer him for stud? It's so tempting... his babies would be sooo cyooot! :dummy:

Thanks again sweetie! This is the perfect compliment to getting my senior status today! :huggle:
Hathien603's avatar
Yayyyy :dummy: I'm so happy you like your blanket! I love me some plaid, so I couldn't resist :lol:
Haha! You know what I did? I sat there and marked in my brain that it was wing and not wings, and I still managed to type it out that way :roll: I'll go in and fix that tonight ^^ For his stand-alone pic would you like him to be with or without his blanket? I'll upload it as soon as I figure out.
You should offer Blackbird for stud! What pretty babies he'd make :aww: and I'm sure he'd have lots of ladies waiting at his stall door lol!
You're very welcome, and congrats on the senior status, that's awesome! Merry Christmas, Sparkles :holly:
Crazy-Sparkles's avatar
Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too hon! :rudolph: Uhhh, I guess without the blanket :) That way we can see ALL of his sexiness! :giggle:
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Ram looks adorable :D
I love little drawings like these!!
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