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Should i.... quit doing art? I mean no one even looks at them anymore. No comments no favs nothing. I have 300+ Watchers and every deviation I post gets at least 0-4 Comments and 2-10 favourites. Even though I like doing art but feed back would be nice.... im Just Losing the movatiation to do it... And none of my “Friends” looks at them or talk to me even though they know what I’m going though right now... it’s reallu upsetting.... and when I do talk with them it’s always me saying”Hey!” Or “ Heya how are you?” I’m always the one talking first not them.... so how I can call them  friends.... they don’t even check on me.... I’m just really scared...
And in real life... I’m slowly losing my only best friend. I’m. alone....
it isn’t fair.... am I.... really that....disgraceful?, Annoying?, an Abomination...?
i don’t know what to do... I can’t even shed any tears.... my heart is just empty....
gunna be mostly on hitus this week.
Quarterly save me

The puals arent bad... theyve changed lives.... some in bad ways but mostly goods ways...
the video may be old but.... this almost brought me to tears
Honestly.... i think my mental health is getting worse... and im starting to see things and my anxiety is getting worse.
im still thinking im being watched...
when i stopped near my room my mic looked like a lil boy but when i blinked it was just my mic.
im freaking out and keep telling myself is fake, not real but.... my mind just doesn't believe it and sometimes im just afraid just to rest my eyes. the only things that makes me laugh or smile and forget is watching vlogs n other crap ( Logang paul dude he's hilarious. And 
Brian Barczyk the lil snakes are cute <3,try guys come on their soooo cool! and funny! i love watching their vids, and markliper hes funny and its funny when he fails XD)
srsly .... i dunno what to do
Deleting this later



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