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Soarin X Braeburn

This is one of my favourite pictures that I've ever drew. :love:

I think it's because of the shading, and the fact that SoarBurn is my MLP yaoi OTP.
And it's so cute~ :squee:

So ja. I need to draw more MLP shipping, because it's what single bronies like me enjoy doing.


Artwork -c- :iconhaterthepony:
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Someone needs to invent a new word for "insanely, absolutely, utterly undeniably cute" :D
BlitzenReindeer's avatar
I so adore this ship.
Nightous's avatar
gets out tg gun* I'm know wut to do =-= *shoots Braeburn and turns him to mare* ship complete 8>
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I think I got diabeetus Meow :3 too fucking cute oh my god my heart is warming Heart 
Barrfind's avatar
Sweet. :3 You drew amazing. :D
Aww, they're so cute.
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
Is it alright if I pictured these two as step-siblings? Cuz that's my head cannon.
HaterThePony's avatar
I guess its fine if its your head cannon, but then again, that also makes the ship alright because theyre still not properly related so its not incest :D
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
Alriiiiight.:D I can imagine the scene of one of them holding the other, who get injured.:)
HaterThePony's avatar
In my head Soarin's the injured one ^^
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
And Braeburn carries him out of battle..:) I always wanted to see Braeburn doing something heroic, like getting his injured brother in arms away from the enemy.
HaterThePony's avatar
That's an awesome idea, I may just doodle it up, just gotta think of the enemy... Shadowbolts? That sounds cool!!
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
Yep.^^ Just show it to me when you're done.:D
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IDK why I actually like this pairing.. though I'm a boy

meh. I guess it's the same that I like MLP

oh, and I'm really liking the pose :giggle:
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Im a girl, and love loads of the mareXmare shipping, so its not too bad i dont think... :3

As for the pose, thanks, I found a base once ( [link] ), its used quite a bit.... but i desided to put my own little twist to it, so I drew it from memory, and this happened... :3
Pencil-Pony's avatar
Holy Chrysalis!
This is EPIC, marvelous and 20% Hotter!
Ahaha~..oh sorry for my YaoiGasm ^//w//^
HaterThePony's avatar
Heh thank you ^^; Im glad you like it, YaoiGasm all you want~ ¦3
equinoxEmpowered's avatar
Awww, that's so utterly adorable <3
HaterThePony's avatar
Thanks, glad you think so!!:D
EagleSpartan888's avatar
Too adorable! I love everything about it! It's just too cute!!!

Nice work!!!
HaterThePony's avatar
Thanks very much!! ^^
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