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I Believe in Ghosts
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Published: September 15, 2011
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Now before all you people who hate the fact that I don't believe in god start bawwwing at me, let me just tell you this: I believe in ghosts because I've seen them. End of story.
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PhoenixtdmHobbyist Digital Artist
i also know ghosts exist i have also seen a bear spirit before
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I live in a haunted house, the ghosts and other creatures and I live in harmony actually and they make me feel safer when I’m alone. ^_^
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I have way too many stories to not believe their real, lol. 
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Mirria1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Stuff goes missing in my room, I empty the entire room and find nothing, 5 years later it suddenly reappears where I last had it before it disappeared, or I find it in the strangest place like in the coat closet in the garage.
I drop a DS pen on the floor in front of my bed, reach down to pick it up, don't see it, look all over the floor and never finds it.
Ghost did it. End of story.
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RainbowStrikedProfessional General Artist
There are ghosts in my house, actually. I don't believe ghosts can kill people and stuff like that, but they do in fact exist.
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Fearlesswolf22Hobbyist General Artist
Ghosts can't but Demons can. I have heard of bad things happening when people try summoning them or people just play with Ouija boards for fun or seeing if they work. (Movies aren't accurate, I didn't hear it from a movie.)
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Breaking-AliceStudent Filmographer
I saw a pink, fluffy, unicorn. End of story.
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Dragon-BoiHobbyist Digital Artist
Every once in a while in my house I'll either see a transparent woman for a split second or hear someone call my name when no one does.
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I always believed in ghosts/spirits and I have had a few ghost experiences and so did my mum.
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CaptinShadyMcButtsHobbyist Digital Artist
I saw an orb once.
Since I didn't know what is was I was quite scared.
Now, not so much.
The lighthouse in my town is haunted with nice ghosts :3 Along with an inn.
The lighthuse offers tours at night.
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FunnelVortexHobbyist Writer
Hell yes!
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teddykersHobbyist Artist
I believe in them.

When I was little I would usually see one by my closet but I haven't seen them for a year or 2.
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The-Dorito-ButlerHobbyist Filmographer
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I have never seen a ghost and I don't think I would want to because if I saw one I would probably just stare at it and not be able to say anything or run away as fast as I could without looking where i'm going.
shadowsfluff's avatar
I might do better if I were with a group. I get nervous waayyy to easy and people with me help me feel better. Like I will get really nervous if no like 9 year olds are going on a ride because I really hate being scared and younger kids help me on those types of rides :3
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ArenaDeborahProfessional Digital Artist
 I see ghosts since I was a child until today yesterday night a ghost 
gave me a hint in the face :D (Big Grin) 
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I actually DO believe in them. No lie.
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unusualKittenHobbyist Digital Artist
I've lived with ghosts for 4 years, so I believe in every little creepy thing I saw those two do
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SolarTreesStudent Artist
Do you believe in fairy's?
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unusualKittenHobbyist Digital Artist
SolarTrees's avatar
SolarTreesStudent Artist
Me too <3
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unusualKittenHobbyist Digital Artist
I saw a red and orange fairy once when I was little. It was my birthday and I saw them flying in the sky, leaving a red and orange streak in the sky
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SolarTreesStudent Artist
Nice, I saw I was sitting in the middle of the forest, and I heard a sound, so I looked up and saw a purple streak.
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