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American Stereotypes 2

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Since there are so many wrong stereotypes for Americans. :iconheaddeskplz:
This reminds me of a conversation I had with someone. Upon learning I was from the US, they said that my argument was invalid because I was stupid. They then went on to say that Canadians were better because they burned down the White House... :iconwthplz:
Want a stereotype stamp? Comment in the forum on my page.

Final Edit: If you don't like America for a stupid reason... then don't comment on here. I don't want to hear it. Because, in case you haven't noticed by now, this stamp is against that stuff. :roll:
I never knew there was so much hate for Americans, even if you've never met us or come to the US. :disbelief:
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WOW ryujinomega092095 I was only telling you the problems japan has and how they are are fans of western culture and what do you do............BLOCK ME! I wasn't even being rude or anything lol Chili Anime Emoji (Hahahaha) [V5]

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Fun fact: not only is japan the largest foreign holder of US debt but most of japan's debt is domestic, meaning that unlike the USA japan doesn't owe debt to any other country. That means they're better than America.

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You now Japan has a bit of problems look at the stuff your not allowed to do there! I can you a fact that a lot Japanese citizens are huge fans of western culture look it up

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True, but they make better products, so I don't care.

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I agree America's debt is a huge problem, and will likely not go away anytime soon, but we are also a huge drive in the world economy. If America tanks everywhere else in the world is gonna hurt badly too.

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I can't argue with that. In fact, I don't really hate America as much as I let on. I'm just angry at my mom's ex boyfriend for bullying me back when he was still allowed to live in her house. In other words I became a weeaboo out of spite.

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I can understand that. My current husband, who I met on this site, use to look down on most American's, and our government overall. That is until I made him move his happy ass over here. Now he's just as bad as the rest of us, and I even converted him to capitalisms. He looked down on the States for silly reasons, and it seem many others fall into that group. I found your argument far better thought out than most at least, as I agree our government over spends, and the bill is going to come due someday.

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I know right? Nonetheless, as much as I like japan there are still a few elements of Japanese culture I don't like such as hentai and the moe/Lolita bandwagon. There's also a lot of garbage anime in Japan too. Stuff like that gives Japanese culture nuts like me a bad name. Overall however, japan is still my favorite foreign country in spite of that. I especially love how creative they are when it comes to making monsters, whether it's monster of the week tv shows, giant monster movies like Godzilla, monster focused video games like Pokemon, pokemon, Digimon or monster Hunter or even the various yokai of Japanese mythology. Of course, I don't claim to know everything about Japan and I won't deny that the bombing of Hiroshima was necessary. But still, we're all entitled to our own interests am I right?

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I've read many manga's in my day but have to admit I don't totally get their sense of humor, most of the time, so as far as comedy comics go I stay with those from the West. All cultures have their high points and low points. Japan is definitely unique and admirable place, and I have to admit I'd love to visit Tokyo before I kick the bucket.

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Good to know. By the way here's a few links I'd like to show you. You'd swear these are from a parody of Japanese monster movies.




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Makes me feel a little less silly about some of the bad American horror movies I enjoy :P That's some pretty creative shit though!

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yeah i don't know why some people think Americans are like this

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I'm american and I can't confirm this unfortunately. 
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im a chubby rude annoying american!
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You should add not all Aseans are poor
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But racism affected America and turned it into a sjw hellhole
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When i get older i wanna move away from america to japan -~-
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I hate being judged. My self-esteem is low enough. Now that I know people say this type of Shit. I have Anorexia so this makes everything worse because I don't wanna get fat and i feel awful about that.
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Not all Americans are fat... But I heard obesity is a problem in America. It even affects me sadly...
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as an american, i can say that this is sometimes its true (im not really that loud, and actually i've been told i could stand to gain some weight but dear lord some people won't shut up) there is a lot of problems with the country right now, that we should fix. (our education system would be a dang good start..)
even in the small town in kentucky i live in is not safe from how loud it is. but sometimes it can be quiet, like everywhere else. i think.
no country anywhere is perfect.
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as an American I can confirm that this stereotype is actually true 
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