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A Cheshire Cat

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This thing took me, what? 7 hours to do? Ughh. I can't believe I wasted an entire Saturday on this...

I'm pretty sure a good 2-3 hours were wasted on that damn tree. D<

This is probably the last of my mini Alice series, unless I can think of a simple one to do later on. (I've been doing these all day today so I'm getting a little sick of it)

Which other movie should I try? =3

Alice Mini-Series:
Down the Rabbit Hole - [link]
Drink Me - [link]
Painting the Roses Red - [link]

Art © Me, *hatenaki-yume
Alice in Wonderland © Disney
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I love the smile on the Cheshire Cat. I think you did a great job overall.
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A gorgous peice that really shows the innocence that alice was loosing. Well done!
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"I've seen cats without a smile, but a smile without a cat. . .? The most curious thing I've ever seen!"
I love Alice in wonderland, and the Cheshire Cat. :D i love all your Alice works actually. :giggle:
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:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3: I`ve featured this in my latest journal [link] if you would like it removed just let me know :)
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I think that you should try Beauty and the Beast...the ballroom scene might be hard, but I think you could make it look so cute! :) Or do something people don't know much about...like the Black Cauldron.

You do great work.
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Hehe thank you~ You know, I actually don't think I've ever seen The Black Cauldron. I don't remember anything about it so I may have never watched it...

Hmm. Ballroom scene. I think I need to figure out how to draw the Beast first. I'm not too worried about Belle, to be honest.. just Beast. I'm not too good with animal characters without hours of trial and error. =A=
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Practice makes perfect. ;)

The Black Cauldron is kinda dark for Disney, so it doesn't get remembered much. It's based off a book by the same name. The girl in it is really cute, but I can't remember her name. If you get the chance, you really should rent it. :)
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Elonwy or something like that. The movie is being released on DVD this year so maybe I'll pick it up when the time comes. =3

Aghhhhhh.. I'm falling so behind with the Disney DVD releases!! ;_;
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I know what you mean...but they are so expensive when they come out! I wish I could just buy them all, but I would rather try to find them online cheaper than buy them new for $30...
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I just faved all four Alice pieces; they're so adorable! :heart:
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great job!!!!!! its really cute
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Aw...It's such a cute design! :XD:
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ive always wanted to draw the cheshire cat but was never able to do so successfully. hahaaha good job on this one!!
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Aw, thank you! At first this wasn't successful, either. Whenever I tried to draw eyes on the sketch it came out looking beyond creepy. Like, BEYOND creepy. Then in Photoshop I just smacked some random strokes on it (even though I was okay about it just having a mouth) and it came out looking good at the last minute. I think it helps that I didn't really follow the original character design, since if I drew fingers and made the bottom half of his face pink it would go back to looking insanely creepy. You should totally try it again. I think your style totally fits with Alice. =D
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Awesome Mari. (:

You ever wanna do an art trade?
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Sure, just as long as you don't ask for something with legitimate proportions. <_<
Lime-Martini's avatar
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=___= Don't you want an art trade? (What do you think I'm talking about?)
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o_o I meant the part about the proportions thingy.
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I'm basically saying that whatever you ask for will be drawn as some sort of chibi because I fail at drawing normally proportioned people.
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Ahhh I see. o3o; I'll have to find something of you to draw first.
I deal with a lot of furries.
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